Hmmm I was expecting things to turn out a little differently. Instead of having Jet introduce me then everything else pan out as usual.

Now here we are sitting in a cafeteria with Sunny praising Jet. Then getting down to business.

Are there more people like us among Awakened?

Sunny asked

No. Theres not they can be counted on one hand.

Hmmm everything is proceeding smoothly.

Though it is interesting to see Sunnys with a readable face considering how hes portrayed in the novel.

Yeah. I want to go to the academy.

Yes now to get closer to all of the main characters, for my survival. Though it may seem stupid sticking around with them its the best way to get stronger.

Thus ensuring my survival until I become one of the strongest people in the world. Hell the reader or author is usually stronger than the main cast.

Who knows I might even get a system wait, I already got one maybe a OP power like infinity and other cheese ass power ups. Though I hate them, when Im in the world they seem pretty convenient.

”Me two. ”


On our way to the academy those two were pretty quiet. Though I guess I was also pretty used to talking.

”Since were all from the outskirts , Ill give you three pieces of advice. Whether you listen to me or not is your business. ”

”First: once you
e registered in the Academy, theyll offer you psychological counselling again. There will also be a valuable reward for sharing your experiences in the Nightmare and the details of your Appraisal. Youll be able to receive a soul shard or maybe several of them.

We both frowned though only Sunny said something. I was just lamenting on the little I would receive if I told them everything.

”Are you trying to convince me to visit a psychiatrist again? ”


Jet shook her head.

”No. Im telling you to refuse. ”

Sunny raised his eyebrows

”Why? ”

e to green to understand, but in the Dream Realm, Nightmare Creatures are not the only danger. Once you grow powerful enough, humans will become an equal threat. The less they know about your Aspect, the better. ”

I frowned even further.

Man now The Novels Extra is sounding pretty good at least they get a year or two to prepare.

”The easiest way to defeat a powerful Awakened is to use their Flaw. Thats why young fools in the Academy are encouraged in various ways to share the details of their Aspects. Im not saying the government will leak your information, but once two people know a secret, its no longer a secret. And theres a lot of people working for the government. ”

”Thank you, Master Jet. ”

”Thanks Master Jet. ”

She nodded.

”Second: there will be a lot of courses to choose from. All types of combat training, deep dives into Nightmare Creature categories and vulnerabilities, basics of various types of sorcery, artifact study and so on. ”

”Disregard all that. ”

”What? ”

”Wait wouldn it be better to learn how to use a weapon? ”

”Its different from city kids, who learn all sorts of useful things in school and from their tutors. But we don have that advantage, do we? How long do yo think it takes to wield and master a weapon? While its more than four weeks. What was the biggest threat to your life during the nightmare?

”The cold. ”

”The Ascended I faced. ”

Jet smiled

”Smart. You only know how to survive in the city. But the Dream Realm is mostly made of wilderness. Do you know how to make a fire? How to procure food? No. Fighting Monsters is important, but itll be useless if you die of hunger or exposure to the elements. Trust me. Ive learned that the hard way. And don expect things to be easy, just because last time the environment wasn out to get you do you think it will the same as last time? If you then you might die without surviving a single day. ”

We both nodded though for different reasons I nodded because I forgot the dangers the Dream Realm holds and thought all I needed was power. After that I was lost in thought for some time.

”This is as far as I go, Ive already notified them. Someone will come fetch you in a while. ”

Sunny finally asked.

”Whats the third advice? ”

”Remember: no one can survive in the Dream Realm alone. Thats not an option, thats a fact. Try to get along with your peers, even if they don treat you well. It might save your life. ”

She suddenly smiled and pated both of us on our shoulders.

”Youve done well to survive up until now. Make sure to keep yourselves alive in the future, too. ”

”Master Jet thanks for everything and the advice I mean it. ”

I said though it was genuine because she reminded me what I truly needed to focus on.

e welcome. ”

Just like that and she was gone.


This place looks amazing only a few places Ive seen in anime can match this place, though considering its an academy and not a city its even more impressive. Though I am freezing since its starting to snow though it does add to the beauty of this place.

On my right was a girl I had read about all to well someone who was a monster in combat. Though her appearance would fool most people since she looks like a princess if anything tall, slender older than me by a year or two with her mesmerising silver hair and grey eyes.

Hmm should I start up a conversation or not?

”Sunless by the way Im Multiply nice to meet and I hope we can be friends and survive. ”

I said as I gave him my hand waiting for a handshake. He looked at me before shaking my hand.

”Same. ”

He said before walking forward following Nephis.

Hmmm I wonder is it because of how I look or is it my eyes since he was staring a bit?

”Hey wait up. ”

I said while running up to Sunny with a smile.

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