e told you eight hundred times, call me Uncle Kaidi.
Don't be rude, or your mom will beat you.
Hey, why did your hair turn white? What's with the eye patch? Don't tell me you lost an eye after going to the Inverse Universe?”

Tianyang shrugged, 

“It doesn't matter.
The higher-ups have already arranged for me to have an electronic eye surgery.
I'll have it installed in a few days.”

Kaidi sighed, 

“That's what you say, but seeing you like this, Nanfei would be sad.”

Tianyang smiled, 

“No worries.
I've prepared a surprise for her this time.
She'll be happy.”

“I hope so.” Kaidi looked towards the direction of the kitchen, and sure enough, the kitchen door opened, and a figure emerged.
“Nanfei is here.
Make some effort yourself.”

Tianyang looked over and saw his mother.
She had tied up her long hair and had a sweaty face.
She was dressed plainly, carrying a garbage bag, indicating she had just finished cleaning the kitchen.

Tianyang was about to go over when suddenly a black-haired hand reached out and grabbed Nanfei.

The muscular man with only a tactical vest on his body grinned,

“Miss, want to have a drink with me?”

Nanfei's face changed, and she replied coldly, 

“Please show some respect.
I'm not here to accompany you drinking.
Let go of me.”

The man laughed, 

“Then will you accompany me to bed?”

As laughter died down, a glint of silver flashed in the corner of his eye.
Then a dagger plunged into the big man's other hand, pinning his broad palm to the table!

A faint light fell from his silver-gray hair, as star energy glowed through his skin, shining dimly in the dark bar.

Anger spewed from the boy's eye; his voice cold as ice, 

“She said LET GO!”

Behind the bar, a glass shattered on the ground, exploding into tiny fragments.

It happened too fast, and Kaidi didn't even know when the young man had moved over, especially since the gate and the table were at least ten meters apart.

Kaidi couldn't see his movements.

“Damn it, my hand!” the big man screamed, releasing Nanfei and reaching for his gun holster at his waist.

“Stop it, Tieshan!” His companion, a thin man, stood up and looked cautiously at Tianyang, speaking with utmost respect, 

“Respected Ascender, please forgive my companion's rudeness.
I'm willing to apologize for his recklessness and offer compensation to this lady.”

The man named Tieshan finally saw the scattered glow on Tianyang's body and couldn't help but shudder.


No matter how weak the Ascender was, they were not something an ordinary like him could handle, especially without heavy weapons at hand.

If his companion hadn't stopped him just now, maybe that dagger may have been in his heart.

Tianyang snorted, withdrawing his dagger, and pointed to the door, 

“Forget apologies and such.
Get out, and you're not welcome here anymore!”

After all, it was Kaidi's bar, and Tianyang didn't want to make things too difficult and affect his business.

The thin man nodded a number of times, helping his companion leave dejectedly.

“Tianyang, are you an Ascender now? Wait, why is your hair white? And wha—EYE PATCH!” Nanfei exclaimed, repeating the questions Kaidi had asked earlier.
But this time, for some reason, the young man felt a uneasy.

Looking at his worried mother, Tianyang muttered, “Mom, let me explain…”

At the gate, Kaidi chuckled: “Even as an Ascender, still afraid of your mom, you little brat.”

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