the young man's body, which Ling Feng had never felt in any other Ascenders before.
Moreover, that insignia had never been seen before.
Since it could be activated by star energy, it proved that it was not forged!
The Chief said softly,
“That's enough, I believe now that you have awakened at a brand-new level.
So, tell me, why do you want to see the commander?”
Tianyang opened his eyes and said very seriously,
“I want to join Night Walker Corps.”
Ling Feng said straightforwardly,
“No problem, we welcome every Ascender to join Night Walker.
Later, I will let the deputy complete your admission procedures.
In 48 hours, you will receive a notice.”
“No, sir.
I hope to become a member of Night Walker now.
And have all the rights of Ascenders.
For example, the status of a citizen.”
Ling Feng's face turned cold,
“I can deliver what you said.
But the procedures take time!”
Tianyang didn't back down,

“Maybe this new level, Avenger, can shorten the time.
If Night Walker can't do it, the Storm Corps, the Iron Wall City Guards, or the Primates of War Church might be able to.”
Ling Feng narrowed his eyes, his pupils flashing sharply,
“Soldier, are you threatening me?”
Tian gritted his teeth and faced the pressure,
“I'm just stating a fact, sir.
A brand-new level, complete rank information, and an ability matrix.
With these, Night Walker can apply for more financial appropriations.”
“Compared to those things, what I'm asking for is nothing.”
Ling Feng didn’t react.
Tian stood silent, staring in Ling’s eyes.
The atmosphere in the diagnostic center was oppressive.
After a few breaths, Ling Feng said,
“Why? Why do you want these things so urgently?”
Tian clenched his fists, a hint of hatred flickered in his eyes, “I have my reasons, sir.”
Ling Feng gave in,
“Okay, now you are a member of Night Walker and have all relevant rights as an Ascender.
I promise you that.”
Tianyang saluted,
“Thank you, sir!”

Ling Feng nodded,
“Later I will give you specific tasks.
Take a rest now.
Oh, about the new level, don't disclose it.
It's better to cover up the insignia on your hand.”
After leaving the diagnostic center, Ling Feng glanced back at the young man in the door.
“A brand-new level.
If this news gets out, it will cause a stir among the Golden Court and the Four Great Churches.
You underestimate your own value.
You could have made more demands…”
It has been a thousand years since the appearance of the first Ascender, and nine levels have been born within that millennium.
Countless examples have shown that there are restrictions between levels.
Due to resource issues, each fortress city focused on nurturing different levels.
Therefore, the diplomatic priorities and strategic layout of the fortress are often adjusted according to the Ascender levels they possess.
Once a new level appears, it will cause a huge impact on the existing structure.
There have been several precedents in history where the emergence of a new level caused a reshuffle in the world order.
Now, the tenth level had appeared.
Through research and observation of their job levels and ability diagrams, it can be determined what levels it restrains.
If used properly, Ascenders who awaken the new level become a deterrent force.
It will be an important negotiating capital in the fortress's diplomacy.
However, Tian had only recently awakened, and this young seedling urgently needs protection and nurturing in order to develop into a towering figure!
Upon returning to the office, Ling Feng sent an encrypted message to his superiors, and then arranged a meeting with those who have had contact with Tian to issue a gag order.
The fewer who know about the new level, the better.
Ling Feng especially does not want the Church of the Warlord to get involved with the young man, as they have a great interest in the various mysteries within Ascenders and the Inverse Universe.

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