et the other person know he was approaching him.
He wanted to see his natural expression.

When he had asked why he puts on such a serious expression, he answered by saying that he looked this way even when no one was around.
Seeing him waiting for someone with a big physique and a serious expression seemed like an interesting sight in its own way.
Aelock walked gently, feeling the pebbles through his smooth leather shoes.

The tall body reflected in the dim light was clearly visible.
The distance quickly narrowed, and now only a single tree with countless small leaves stood between them.
He was muttering to himself.
When he imagined him talking to himself with such a serious face, he almost felt like smiling.
Aelock couldn’t stand it any longer, so he hurriedly went around the tree to reveal himself.

“See you here again, Klopp.” 

Klopp, surprised by the sudden appearance, opened his eyes a little wide and turned his head to look this way.
The moment their eyes met, Aelock couldn’t believe it.
The deep eyes, which had only cast sharp glances every time, were slightly squinted, and his mouth, which was always tightly closed and barely gave out necessary answers, drew a soft curve.
Klopp was smiling.

The heavily fortified defense posture collapsed all at once.
The Count’s rather white face instantly turned a pale rose.
He could not believe that an insipid and serious man like him was smiling.
Could it be because of him?


Aelock managed to suppress the urge to run and stand by his side at once.
His heart swelled.
It was not a one-sided feeling either.
It could not be one-sided.
Any omega in the world, even most alphas, wanted Aelock Taywind.
There was no way that a low-ranking aristocrat who had nothing else backing him up other than an intelligent mind and tall body would reject him.
Aelock approached with a big smile, overjoyed at the thought of having him at last.


“I could not find you even after sending out such an invitation so I came to look for you.
Must I really send a handwritten invitation like this? You do not even have a title but aren’t you a little too haughty?

The man’s smiling expression became serious again.
To the point Aelock wondered if he had a chronic illness that was worsening as he looked at him.
However, since he had just confirmed that it was all just a front, he thought it would be okay to take it off little by little over time.
Aelock approached Klopp, naturally invading the polite confines of his personal space.
He was thinking of asking him if he was interested in the , which he had recently purchased at a high price.

But he didn’t.
It was because he belatedly realized that he was not alone just as he was about to grab Klopp’s arm without losing his smile.

Beyond, obscured by alpha’s large frame, stood a small man with blond hair and blue eyes similar to Aelock’s.
He was a little embarrassed when he saw Aelock but greeted him in a rather polite manner. 

“Hello, Count Taywind.
Thank you for inviting me to the party.”

Aelock knew him.
He was the son of a distant relative whom he had only seen once when his father died.
The eldest son of Viscount Westport, a cousin to Aelock.
His name was probably Rayfiel.
He didn’t remember inviting him, but it seemed he was on the Count’s basic list of guests starting from the funeral.

The omega leaned against Klopp’s waist with his hand.
Also, the alpha’s sturdy arm was wrapped around his small shoulders.
It was only after looking at them alternately that Aelock noticed.
Klopp’s smile was directed at the omega, not him, and his frown right now was not a pretense, but the truth.

In an instant, an unbearable sense of shame and contempt soared.
Aelock looked at the two of them alternately, opened and closed his mouth, then quickly turned around.
Though he was the owner of this mansion, he ran away to avoid the guests. 

* * *

Aelock’s head was filled with unreachable fantasies.
It was a remnant of the person he had forgotten at some point while rolling around on the cold stone ground.
The fantasy was as beautiful as it was ephemeral that it made him forget time.
He crouched down with his knees up and placed his hands neatly on them.
He pressed his cheek to the back of his hand again.

He tried to imitate the happy smile of the man who left an unforgettable mark on him and the child who inherited his blood.
Even in the midst of such misery, an overwhelming feeling leaked out from his heart. Could life be a blessing once more? Will it lead us to the light again? 

Will I ever see him again under those cedar trees?  

Someday again.
That’s why.

Let’s live.

T/N: hello! i forgot to add this note in the first chapter but i would like to request those who are reading this to also read my comment under this novel on NU (novelupdates) as i have listed out a few pointers for the readers.
it’s mainly for your own sake since the first volume could get… quite overwhelming for some.
that’s all, thank you for reading.
take care^^

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