The boundless darkness is like a curtain, covering the light below, only a faint fire is struggling to light the darkness.
Cen Zhen pokes the fire with a branch to make the flames burn more vigorously.

“It’s just a dream,” he said in a very soft voice, as ethereal as a cloud, but with a heavy gentleness.
“Dreams are fake.”

Sparks jumped up in clusters, crackling and hitting the surrounding grass, Lian Yu’s eyes gradually became focused, as if he finally pulled out his sinking thoughts from the swamp.
He turned his head, and looked at Cen Zhen steadfastly.
He played with the snake meat carelessly, then suddenly smiled and asked, “Do you want to play Five-in-row?”

“No.” Cen Zhen returned to his usual coldness as if the gentleness before was all an illusion.
He refused without any hesitation.

“Come on!!” Lian Yu picked up the black and white Go game Cen Zhen set aside, and his pheromones returned to the wanton and unrestrained style, “I’ll let you play the black to go first.”

“Shut up.” Cen Zhen handed Lian Yu a piece of the grilled snake meat.
Cooked meat without any condiments probably won’t be delicious, let alone a creature with a sensitive taste like a Sentinel.
Cen Zhen had already prepared to see Lian Yu throw it away after taking just two bites, frowned, and started drinking water like crazy.

But unexpectedly, Lian Yu ate the whole piece of snake meat in small bites while reading the Go manual, as if he was tasting a delicious delicacy.
He didn’t even miss the tiniest bit of meat in the gaps between the bones.
The arrogant lion also crouched between the two of them, quietly warming itself up next to the fire, shaking its ears intermittently.

After being surprised, Cen Zhen handed over another piece worrying that he was not full.
This time, Lian Yu waved his hands frantically to refuse and retreated three meters away with the kettle in his arms.

Seems like he still thinks it’s unpalatable, huh? Seeing Lian Yu avoiding it frantically, Cen Zhen couldn’t help but let out a low laugh, although his smile was hidden in the shadows, the Sentinel noticed it with just one glance, and he suddenly moved closer: “Are you laughing?”

“Huh?” Cen Zhen took a bite of the cooked meat, not understanding why Lian Yu reacted so strongly, “Is it strange that I laughed?”

“Yeah, you rarely smile.” Lian Yu nodded frantically, and Cen Zhen shook the branch in his hand, letting the sizzling oil drip elsewhere, “Next, do you want to say that I look good when I smile? And want me to smile more in the future?”

Hearing this, even Lian Yu smiled so much that his eyes narrowed.
He patted the lion’s head with his right hand, which made the innocent lion freeze for a while, “Nonsense, my way of flirting with a Guide can’t be so vulgar! I will say that I didn’t see it just now, so you should smile again.”

As he said that, he untied his hair tie, letting his long pale golden hair fall on his shoulders.
Cen Zhen looked over and saw Lian Yu staring at him intently, and called his name in a low voice: “Cen Zhen…I didn’t see it just now.
Could you please smile again?”

Cen Zhen’s eyelashes fluttered, causing his blue eyes to appear and disappear.
The dim yellow firelight made ordinary movements during the daytime indistinctly ambiguous.
He can feel Lian Yu’s face getting closer and closer, and the burning gaze landing at the corners of his lips without blinking as if he wanted to capture some undetectable arcs, he seemed to have ulterior motives…

Finally, when the two of their breaths intertwined with each other, Cen Zhen said, “Five coins for a laugh.”

“…” Lian Yu raised his eyelids and was stunned in the middle of his action.
The next second he let out a snort, lowered his head, and laughed until his shoulders shook, “…Oh my, can you stop bursting the bubble, you really can’t tell or are you pretending not to notice that I’m flirting with you.”

“Then did you really not notice, or you pretended not to notice…” Cen Zhen threw away the branches in his hand, including more than half of the snack meat left on it, “We are surrounded.”

The only light in the dark naturally attracted all kinds of teams to approach.
There were 800 candidates and 200 teams, and most of them climbed up the trees to take a nap vigilantly.
Aside from alliance with more than 20 people who dared to light a fire at night, the two of them are probably the only “stupid newbie” with a total score of 15 who do the same.

If it weren’t for the deterrent effect of the electromagnetic gun at Lian Yu’s feet, someone might have launched an attack half an hour ago.
But even if they didn’t dare to attack rashly, they didn’t want to just leave empty-handed in such a disheartened way.
After all, the gun is a deterrence but also a temptation.
A pair of Sentinel and Guide who dare to light the fire, no matter how powerful they are, there are only two of them.
How could they win against five people, ten people, or even twenty people?

To be honest, Cen Zhen’s initial plan was to extinguish the fire before it was completely dark.
This was the most normal and appropriate way, but the fear that Lian Yu inadvertently revealed made him hesitate.

If it weren’t for the compatibility between the two of them exceeding 60%, the proximity, the quiet environment, and Lian Yu didn’t deliberately control his pheromones, plus when it happened, Cen Zhen was not thinking about any other things, there’s no way anyone could have noticed this a Sentinel was in fact scared.

Various coincidences caused this result, and this result made Cen Zhen unable to ignore it.
How could someone like Lian Yu be afraid? What is he afraid of?

Who is this person in front of him? Is he an ordinary seventh-grade student in the Tower, or the Dark Sentinel 1802 who can dominate the world, or someone else?

What had happened to him? What is he trying to do?

Thousands of thoughts flooded in an instant and disappeared when a strange man suddenly appeared.
The long-haired Sentinel beside him seemed to be pestering him for a long time.
He can find out everything about him one step at a time, but for now, the midterm is more important.

“Cen Zhen.” The strange man had a red scarf tied to his arm, meaning they belonged to the same camp.
Behind him stood seven male and female Sentinel/Guide.
They all kept a distance of three to five meters from this man, looking around vigilantly.

The man’s tone made it seem the two of them are familiar, which made Cen Zhen frown slightly.
Was he someone ‘Cen Zhen’ knew? Judging from the pheromones, this man is a Sentinel, with a sharp-eyed lizard standing on his shoulder, sticking his tongue out at Cen Zhen.

“Long time no see.” The Sentinel approached Cen Zhen, but the two sitting on the ground had no intention of getting up at all, especially Lian Yu, who lay lazily on his stomach.
He even picked up the last napkin to wipe away the non-existence stains on the muzzle of the electromagnetic gun, and ignored the person approaching completely.

Cen Zhen nodded perfunctorily.
He is not the original ‘Cen Zhen’, and has no friendship with this man, so he has nothing to say.

Seeing Cen Zhen’s attitude, the Sentinel’s expression got gloomy.
He stayed standing in the same position for a long time before he gritted his teeth and said, “I’ve always missed you very much.”

“…” Cen Zhen finally raised his head, followed by Lian Yu’s lion.
It got up and circled the Sentinel, as if it was observing curiously, and also looked like it was evaluating its prey.

“I know I’m not as good as Fan, whether it’s compatibility or physical strength, you broke up with me because of him…I can understand.
But if you can’t get what you want from him…I want to say that you can come back to me, I have been waiting for you, and I have always missed you.”

Cen Zhen finally realizes who this Sentinel is.
The ex-boyfriend of the side character ‘Cen Zhen’, has a physical strength of B+, but the specific name of this person was not mentioned in the novel.
He was casually mentioned for the sole purpose of outlining the flirtatiousness of ‘Cen Zhen’.
The novel wrote that after “Cen Zhen” met Fan who was more outstanding, he completely disregarded his actual boyfriend, and immediately launched a passionate pursuit.
This ex-boyfriend was kept in the dark for several months before he found out that his hair was green.

This touching speech by a spare tire is too standard, it is a pity that it did not move the hard-hearted Cen Zhen, and even caused Lian Yu to sneer: “(Cough)…You…uh…who is he? ?”

Faced with Lian Yu’s question, Cen Zhen remained silent and did not speak.
The former clicked his tongue casually, “Okay then, this male Sentinel, please open your eyes a little wider before you confess your love, a Sentinel is still by Cen Zhen’s side here.”

Hearing this, the Sentinel looked at Lian Yu disdainfully as if he had finally discovered that there was another person besides the fire, and then ignored him directly, but said to Cen Zhen: “Cen Zhen, you shouldn’t light a fire, you are surrounded by the enemy, you know?… You are in a very dangerous situation now, let’s ally with my team, and let me protect you.”

“No.” Cen Zhen flatly refused, “There’s no need.”

“Don’t be self-willed, okay?” The Sentinel squatted down sincerely, “Cen Zhen, even if you don’t want to get back with me, didn’t we promise to be friends forever, you…”

“He has the electromagnetic gun.” Cen Zhen was too lazy to listen to this man’s nonsense anymore, and directly exposed the real motive of the Sentinel, “Whatever you say to me is useless, just go vie for it from him if you want it.”

This sentence was merciless, the Sentinel’s face turned blue, and the lizard squirmed around his shoulders irritably, some of the accomplices behind him laughed and mocked: “Hui-ge, your soft-hearted approach doesn’t work, Cen Zhen has long been fascinated by this D-level good looking boy that he can’t find his way, how can he care about an old cabbage like you, hahaha…”

No one expected that the phrase “good looking boy”’ would make Lian Yu’s eyebrows ecstatic, and he said happily, “Cen Zhen, are you fascinated by my face?” As he spoke, he tucked his hair back behind his shoulders pretentiously, revealing half of his beautiful curvaceous side face and a small part of his neck.

Cen Zhen once truly felt that Lian Yu’s appearance was in line with his aesthetics, but his only thought now is that there must be something wrong with his brain.

“Cen Zhen.” Sentinel Hui’s face turned cold, the corners of his mouth twitched with satire, and finally peeled off his infatuated persona, “You are getting worse and worse, the scandal of being rejected after pursuing Fan has caused a lot of trouble in the Tower you know? Now that you are giving up on yourself and hanging out with a useless Sentinel.
I would like to advise you based on our old friendship, obediently hand over the electromagnetic gun to us, and I’ll allow you as a Guide to follow after my team.”

Hui in the original novel is indeed a miserable Sentinel.
During the relationship, he devoted himself to ‘Cen Zhen’, but he didn’t expect to be buckled with a giant green hat.
The reason for being dumped is because your physical strength is too low that he deserves it.
It was such a shame to him.

But no matter how miserable he is, Cen Zhen, who has transmigrated here, does not intend to spoil him, and neither was Lian Yu, who has been attacked innocently.
After teasing Cen Zhen to no avail, Lian Yu smiled maliciously at Hui and asked provocatively: “Useless Sentinel?”


Original Author’s Note: 

Lian Yu (opens his pocket notebook): Fan, Hui, do you have a preference for Sentinel with a singular character name? Is it too late for me to change my name to Yu?

Cen Zhen: ……

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