D-level Sentinel, in all reality, it’s equivalent to second-degree disabled.
There are less than a handful in the entire tower.
To some degree, it is not wrong to refer to them as trash, but in any case, you must be prepared to be beaten when you call others trash.

Lian Yu’s evil playful smile tore his pretty face into shreds like a delicate doll suddenly oozing blood; abrupt and eerie.
Hui’s fingers trembled uncontrollably on his sides, but he was not frightened away.
Instead, he is full of fighting spirit, wanting to crush this trash who dared to provoke him into dust.

Hearing that there was an intention to fight, the other red team lurking in the dark suddenly got more ready to make a move, wanting to reap the benefits when these people out there fought each other and both got injured.

Not only them but there is also another team in the shadows, that is the blue team who originally had the electromagnetic gun and got beaten up by Cen Zhen and Lian Yu during the day.
They lost their weapons and three of their teammates.
After they took a step back, the more they thought about it, the more furious they became.
As they feel more resentment, they decide to quietly follow behind Cen Zhen and Lian Yu, wanting to find an opportunity to get their electromagnetic gun back.

Nearly 40 people were gathered in this small open space, which is quite a spectacle scenario.
Hui stopped acting, and the remaining seven people in his team were naturally ready to fight.
They didn’t take the two people in front of them seriously, but they didn’t want to lose any points, so they all attacked at the same time, wanting to finish it fast.

What they didn’t expect was that although Lian Yu had an expression saying “Come at me, let’s fight three hundred rounds” holding the electromagnetic gun, his feet turned around and rushed behind.
At the same time, Cen Zhen also started sprinting in the opposite direction to Lian Yu.
The way the two fled was just as described in the textbook: when a catastrophe is imminent, the birds fly separately for their own sake.

Perhaps it was because they didn’t expect them to resist at all, Hui was stunned for a moment, then angrily shouted, “Stop running!”, and caught up with his teammates; the people hiding in the dark also didn’t expect these two people to resist at all, and… is running towards the direction they are hiding.

The red and blue teams may have idiots, but they can’t all be idiots.
They immediately realized that they were exposed, especially the blue team, who was the enemy.
Lian Yu ran as he strafe across the grass area with the electromagnetic gun in hand.
Immediately, the seven blue team students who had no time to retreat came out of the grass.

“Yo, what a coincidence.” Lian Yu smiled mischievously, his light golden long hair was extremely eye-catching under the firelight, and he was always the center of attention, but when he hid in the dark, he was even harder to detect than ghosts.
Before his last word ends, he has miraculously disappeared.

The other four members of Hui’s team collided with the blue team head-on.
The former didn’t want to lose the electromagnetic gun that was at their fingertips to obtain, but also not sure whether they should chase after Lian Yu because the enemy side has more people than them.
The latter knows how powerful Lian Yu is, and thought to themselves that there’s no difference between fighting either of them, especially since the number of opponents is smaller than them, might as well.

In less than three seconds of confrontation, the seven people from the blue team and the four people from the red team scuffled into a ball.

On the other end, the moment Cen Zhen rushed into the darkness, he grabbed the arm of the nearest Guide.
Before the other party started to struggle, he quickly lowered his voice and said, “I know you are also from the red team…”

“You—” The Guide’s eyes widened hearing these words, his heart seemed to be moved, wondering if this person was going to negotiate terms.
Maybe they plan to use the electromagnetic gun as a condition to join their team, and then ask them to help fight against the enemy team.

For a second, the Guide thought a lot, but in the next second, she suddenly found that she was being picked up by the waist, and then thrown out like a human obstacle… literally thrown out… and hit Hui, who just happens to be running ahead of the crowd.

The Sentinel belonging to the Guide was a majestic man with short hair.
He roared and reached out to beat Cen Zhen, but at this moment, his Guide’s horrified scream attracted the attention of the short-haired Sentinel.
After being hit by the Guide, Hui stretched out his hand, grabbed onto the Guide, then slapped the Guide using the rice shovel he got from the supply box in his hand without knowing which team she was from.
Regardless of her side and whether attacking her can earn points, he would rather be wrong than miss the opportunity to gain points. 

The old hater Cen Zhen was at hand, but the new hater Hui was also in front of his eyes.
After all, the Sentinel’s level of aggro towards a Sentinel is much more stable than it is toward a Guide.
Especially since they are in the wrong for wanting to snatch Cen Zhen’s weapon in the first place.
However, Hui is also in the wrong, so how dare he do such an act toward his Guide! The short-hair Sentinel was so angry that his eyes turned red, and his honeypot spiritual body was jumping around at his feet roaring.
It’s ok to not have the electromagnetic gun, but letting go of someone who hit his Guide is absolutely unbearable! He then switched targets and went for Hui, slapping him with a fly swatter. 

In an instant, the eight people from the short hair Sentinel’s side fought inseparably with the four led by Hui.

Cen Zhen held three black and white Go pieces between his fingers, and he was originally ready to make a move, but who would’ve thought that the situation would change so suddenly that he shifted from the center of attention to someone invisible.
Teammates of the short hair Sentinel ignored him completely and passed by without hesitation throwing themself into the battle.

Lian Yu came out from behind Cen Zhen mysteriously, acting fool, and asked obediently: “What’s going on? Why did they start fighting among themselves? They don’t want the gun anymore? Such a fool.”

“Not sure.” Cen Zhen retracted two of the Go pieces and left only one black piece between his fingers.
He wanted to take advantage of the great opportunity of the scuffle, find a hidden place, and fish in troubled waters.
However, he suddenly felt his clothes being pulled lightly during his movements.
He lowered his eyes, and the corner of his eyes happened to fall on Lian Yu’s hand where he failed to retreat in time.
The other party carefully pinched the corner of his clothes with his right-hand index finger, and immediately let go when he noticed that Cen Zhen tended to bow his head.

“…” Cen Zhen raised his eyes to look at Lian Yu, remained silent for half a second, and suddenly said, “Untie your neckband.”

“What?” Lian Yu was really confused this time.

“I’ll mark you.” Cen Zhen raised his right hand, his pretty bony fingers bent naturally, just imagining this slender and powerful hand caressing his skin can make Lian Yu tremble with excitement.

Lian Yu threw the electromagnetic gun to the ground without hesitation, and quickly untied the neckband, “Why? It was the same last time, what is the marking condition in your heart? Can you explain it clearly so that I can work hard in that direction?”

“Don’t you already know?” Cen Zhen’s palm was hot and dry, and before he could touch Lian Yu’s side neck, someone grabbed him and pressed his hand firmly on his gland, and Lian Yu’s breathing became rapid unconsciously.
Just like a terminally ill person who finally found the antidote, he narrowed his eyes, if glance has physical form, then Cen Zhen might have already been devoured by him.

Establishing a spiritual connection is comforting, and Lian Yu’s tone of voice became lazy: “I know…?”

Cen Zhen withdrew his right hand not long after, and said coldly, “For example…pretending to be pitiful.” He believed that fear and loneliness were real, but the action of pinching the corner of his clothes just now was definitely taking advantage of and testing Cen Zhen’s nature and sympathy as a Guide.

Lian Yu was not ashamed after being exposed, he smiled and tied his neckband back, and blinked at Cen Zhen ambiguously under the dim moonlight, “Isn’t it effective on you?” After saying that, he interrupted Cen Zhen’s intention to reply, saying: “Since I have received your advance payment, I have to do my job.
Your ex-boyfriend came to the door himself, so don’t blame me for being rude.”

“…” Cen Zhen watched as Lian Yu bent down to pick up the electromagnetic gun, and the way he was holding the gun changed from as if he was holding a mallet to being serious about it as a weapon.
With just a simple stretch of his shoulders, the aura around him suddenly becomes fierce, like a sharp blade about to cut through the darkness.

The moment he pulled the trigger, the terminal on Cen Zhen’s wrist didn’t make a sound.
Cen Zhen didn’t think that Lian Yu missed the target.
Then it could only be the person who got shot was on the same red team as them.
It’s a no-brainer that his air bullet hit Hui. 

Lian Yu didn’t stop and disappeared in place as soon as he succeeded in a blow.
He obviously is very used to fighting alone.
As soon as he entered the battlefield, there was no teammate in his field of vision, and he was always alone.

At the same time as the bullet hits, the red and blue teams fighting in the arena also notice the electromagnetic gun, and that brings Lian Yu and Cen Zhen back into the range as the targets to attack.
Cen Zhen sure knew this, so as soon as Lian Yu shifted his position, he also started running.

Hui’s head was swatted by the short-haired Sentinel’s fly swatter, but his physical strength is at least a B+, and the + distinguishes him from most Sentinels.
He is at the upper-middle level, so after several rounds, he regained his advantage, took over the rice shovel, and threw the short-haired Sentinel to the ground.

There was no notification of scoring from the terminal, and Hui hated to think that he stayed up in the middle of the night to fight against his own camp side, doing useless work without scoring.
Tracing the root cause, the culprit was that hateful Guide who was two-timing and made him lose face. 

He stood up and looked around the battlefield.
At some point, the low fire was trampled out.
Only the crescent moon hanging high in the sky gave some dim light.
All the Guides are hidden at this time, and only the Sentinels with strong night vision are still fighting in the middle of the battlefield.

Hui’s Guide noticed that Hui was looking for something from a distance, and immediately amplified Hui’s vision and hearing, making his vision wider and his hearing sharper.

At this moment, an air bullet hit Hui’s lower abdomen, and he grunted, resisting the pain and looking quickly along the trajectory of the bullet, barely making it in time to catch a corner of Cen Zhen’s clothes.

“GOT YOU.” Hui gritted his teeth and rushed over.
The speed of B+’s physical strength was exerted to the limit by him, and he approached his target in an instant.

After barely taking two steps, Cen Zhen sensed that someone was approaching at a terrifying speed.
He threw a chess piece backhand, but considering the reaction time of a Sentinel, he didn’t have any hope of hitting them.
However, the sound near his ear told Cen Zhen that it did hit, and not only did it hit, but it also hit the bridge of that person’s nose.

Hui’s menacing attack was shattered by this pawn.
The strong soreness and pain started from the root of his nose and slowly spread to his entire face.
Physiological tears poured uncontrollably.
He covered his nose with his hands, and it was full of blood.

Under normal circumstances, even if a Sentinel with B-level physical strength stood still to let a Guide with B-level physical strength frantically beat him for ten minutes, it’s unlikely to give that Sentinel any bruises.

No wonder Hui was careless.
He and Cen Zhen belonged to the same camp side, attacking each other was worthless, and his spiritual space was protected by a Guide, so he didn’t think about dodging and went straight at Cen Zhen with the mindset of bullying a kitten.
Even if the opponent throws a small stone, or the little black Go piece as his last struggle, he doesn’t bother to take it to heart.
To get there as soon as possible, it’s ok to take the hit… just one hit…

But as a result, this blow almost killed him.


Original author’s note:

Catfish: Slurp ~ prrrr

Cen Zhen: …? ? ? ?

Reminder: Catfish’s Pinyin is Lian Yu


Translator’s Note:

In case you didn’t see the message I sent in discord yesterday, I had a minor eye problem over the weekend and had to avoid using technology for a little bit, so this post is for last week and another chapter will be posted at the end of this week.
Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience!

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