If Cen Zhen is genuinely a twenty-year-old Guide, then as he passes by that lion, he would’ve noticed the throbbing in his heart is the resonance that only occurs between one’s soulmate, and not just him being stunned by the beauty of its appearance. 


Unfortunately, Cen Zhen is just an outsider who got transmigrated into this world about three months ago.
After realizing that he has been unconsciously staring at the lion for too long, Cen Zhen simply just associated a pleasing adjective for the lion in his heart and moved on.
After all, the flowing lines of the muscles as it walks and the smooth dazzling golden-brown fur is so beautiful, it would’ve been difficult for one to not notice and linger. 

Soon after, he restrains himself from the urge to keep looking at the lion and refocus his attention back on the party.
Particularly, the two important characters in the novel that he highlighted for extra attention. 

Today is the 91st day since he transmigrated here, and this moment is also where the whole ‘story’ begins.

Three months ago, Cen Zhen woke up and found himself lying in a completely unfamiliar room, and everything around him had subverted his view of the world he had from the first twenty years of his life.
Other than his name and appearance remaining the same, everything else is signaling the fact that he has either gone crazy or he got transmigrated into a new world. 

It took him an entire day to confirm and accept the fact he got transmigrated.
Then, he spent another two days reading through the book he was holding when he first woke up. 

The cover of the book looks garish, with two scantily clad guys posing strangely.
The book has no title, and it looked incompatible with the style of the room Cen Zhen is in.
If this was a room-escape-style puzzle game, it would be easily identified as an important clue.
The content of the book is also very strange.
Overall, it is a light novel about the love story between a male Sentinel and a male Guide from their school life and after. 

As a native resident of earth,Cen Zhen has to thank his keen intellect that helped him quickly realize the wristband on his hand is a terminal similar to a high-tech cell phone.
He started referencing various encyclopedias about the planet he is currently on, researching every new vocab he encounters, and barely managed to get through the novel. 

What caught his attention after reading was a Guide side character in the story that has the same name as him, and his ending was very tragic.
This Guide side character was well-talented, vain, and promiscuous.
At the beginning of the novel, he tries to pursue a Sentinel with outstanding performance in the ‘tower’ of Sentinel Academy.
However, when he failed, he pushed all the blame on the two main characters of the story, and targeted them with bad intentions at various times; therefore is a small villain character in the story.

Towards the middle of the story, this side character’s glands got destroyed by a Sentinel who got rejected by him and became a so-called ‘useless member of society’.
He went from being admired by everyone to being pitied by everyone.
Unable to bear the psychological gap, he eventually decided to end his life. 

Cen Zhen silently clicked open his student information page on the terminal: Guide·male, mental strength: A, physical strength: B, he then pulled up a series of recent chat records, one of which was the message where he invited a very familiar name to dinner; the Sentinel who rejected him in the novel.
The rest of the messages are all flirting that came from remarked names like ‘spare tyre 3’ or ‘spare tyre 9’.  

“……” Although Cen Zhen still can’t accurately understand some specific terms such as gland, mental power, and spiritual body, he can sense that he is not in a good situation.

In the following days, he first blocked everyone the original Cen Zhen was flirting with, then attended classes in the “White Tower” of Guide Academy using his intuition.
At the same time, he also experimented to find out whether the plot of the story is the same as reality.
To his surprise, the more obvious and easily verifiable information in the text was almost perfectly replicated in reality.

For example, the two male leads are real, their age and class are the same as in the novel, and so is their appearance.
Cen Zhen did not try to approach them hastily because according to the novel, the first time they meet is at a match-making party three months later.
If he recklessly changes the plot dramatically, he is not sure what changes he will create.
If the crazy Sentinel who kills the original Cen Zhen shows up early by chance, as a Guide who still has no clue how to use his mental power, Cen Zhen believes he is for sure going to die without himself noticing. 

A Match-making party is one of the main methods for a Sentinel and Guide to know each other.
Another way is through forced matching through the government.
After all, Sentinels are a special race born for war and in demand to recruit by various countries and organizations right after graduating from the academy. 

They have keen five senses and well-developed physical abilities.
The con of it is that their five senses are way too sensitive, it is consistently receiving too much redundant information that overloads the brain.
When their mental state becomes extremely tense and irritated, they enter a state of mania attacking everything around them indiscriminately until they are completely exhausted. 

In respect, Guide exists to appease the Sentinel by helping them control their five senses.
Each Guide is born with a pheromone that relaxes the Sentinel.
Moreover, Guide has strong mental power that allows them to establish a spiritual connection with a Sentinel and helps them calm down by limiting the sensitivity of their senses. 

It is essential for Sentinels and Guide to co-exist with each other, so the number of match-making parties between the ‘Tower’ and the ‘White Tower’ are so frequent, they seem outrageous.
Cen Zhen has only been here for three short months but has already been invited to party more than a dozen times.
He rejected all of the invites and hid in the back of the classroom to study the first-grade textbook “ Common Sense for a Guide”.

His abnormal behavior attracted the attention of many of his classmates, and one of them boldly asked Cen Zhen why he hasn’t been going to the match-making parties, isn’t it his favorite events to go to normally? 

At that time, Cen Zhen was researching the “spiritual body”.
Every Sentinel and Guide has a unique “spiritual body” that only belongs to them.
The appearance of it is a type of animal, and its behavior reflects the most sincere inner emotion of its owner that cannot be disguised. 

“Spiritual bodies” are different from ordinary animals because they exist in a higher dimension.
Only the owner, the person who is the same sex as the owner with mental power higher than the owner, or a person of the opposite sex with more than 60% compatibility with the owner can see and touch their presence.

Cen Zhen told that classmate straight away, “I have changed, I am no longer the Cen Zhen I was before.”, then continued to open the tag about compatibility on his terminal. 

The degree of suitability between a Sentinel and a Guide’s mental mind is referred to as their compatibility.
If two of them want to become partners, their compatibility must be higher than 60%.
If it is higher than 80%, a spiritual link can be easily established between the two, and if it is higher than 90%, an intriguing attraction will exist between the two, which is also referred to as soul resonance.
This kind of situation is extremely rare and can’t be humanly set up for. 

Whenever Cen Zhen encounters a new vocabulary, a series of new vocabularies follow right after it.
Such as ‘unite’, and ‘spiritual space’ in the explanation of ‘combine’.
Then ‘spiritual black hole’ in the explanation for ‘spiritual space’, etc……When Cen Zhen barely gets a grasp of this world and starts to adjust to it, he suddenly realizes it is already time for Chapter one of the novel to begin.
That is when male lead one and male lead two meet each other at the match-making party, and the side character who has the same name as Cen Zhen starts to do stupid things that eventually lead to his death at a young age.

What happens in the first five chapters of the novel is simple: there is a small team-working game at the party where the host randomly picks people to go on the stage and match with someone of the opposite gender.
There are two ways of matching, one is to appoint someone by saying their name, and the second is to let the school administration system  auto-match three people that have the highest compatibility with the participant, then the participant selects one from the three. 

Regardless of which method the participant chose, by default, whoever got picked can’t say no. 

In the novel, both the side character Cen Zhen and the Sentinel male lead one got drawn to go on the stage.
The side character for sure picked the first method and appointed the Sentinel he was pursuing to be his partner.
Male lead one on the other hand, chose to have the school administration system do an auto-match, which led him meeting male lead two who has 89% compatibility with him. 

They later refer to the missing 1% as the most beautiful regret.
During the final battle towards the end of the novel, their relationship heated to the point of explosion, which allows them to finally obtain 90% compatibility and become soul mates. 

During the game, the side character gained a great advantage with his level A- mental strength and took the chance to propose to the Sentinel he was pursuing and ask to date him if they won.
Although the side character was known to be flirty with many people, it is also true that his mental strength is high, so the Sentinel stayed quiet instead of rejecting because he is greedy.
So the side character took the liberty and decided it was a silent yes. 

However, he never expected that the male leads would break into the final stage of the game and take advantage of his carelessness and suddenly turn the table around to win the game. 

Sentinel are competitive by nature and are always eager to win, so the side character’s Sentinel partner left angrily while saying you are specious.
The side character was even angrier and said to the male leads that this matter will never end. 

Cen Zhen has a very clear goal for today, and it is definitely not winning the game, but finding out whether the plot of the novel can be changed. 

He has already done various behaviors different from his original character design, and so far no existence such as the author or a System has shown up to correct his action.
This means that small changes in this world are allowed, then what if he made big changes to the main plot? Will the plot of the world deviate completely from the original story, or will it get forcibly corrected back to the original plot by unknown power?

Does the novel provide a framework that can be smeared and modified at will or a cage that will return to the original track no matter how it deviates?

If it is the former, then it is fine, but if it’s the latter, Cen Zhen can’t imagine himself committing suicide in the future.

The so-called ‘gland’ is located at the left side of one’s neck and is the source of Guide and Sentinel’s pheromone.
It is also extremely important to one’s mental strength.
After the glands are injured and necrotic, the Guide and Sentinel will become ordinary humans with no power.
This is what Cen Zhen concluded after reading through the explanations in the novel.
However, he was originally an ordinary human, so if the plot follows, it is nothing more than just returning to who he was in his previous life.

The national government of this planet is so rich, and its protective acts for ‘disabled human’ is also well established, which means he can enjoy life after retirement early in life and that sounds so wonderful, Cen Zhen doesn’t think he will commit suicide due to the psychological gap. 

In the novel, the number side character Cen Zhen drawn from the raffle was 130, so Cen Zhen originally wanted to avoid the number 130, but later thought it is not a safe option, so he refuse to pick a number when he enter the party, and completely avoiding the possibility of being drawn to go on the stage. 

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