Chapter 23.1

To be precise, Lian Yu disappeared the moment they got dismissed from YeZi Island.
The second before he was still playing tricks, saying that he lost all ten games of Connect-Five deliberately for Cen Zhen to win because he was afraid that his little Guide would cry when he lost.
While Cen Zhen lowered his head and fiddled with the terminal, ignoring him, the lion purred and licked its paws, and then tapped Cen Zhen’s ankle with the tip of its nose, as if asking where the little leopard was.

The second the spaceship landed, the lion disappeared.
Cen Zhen suddenly felt the surroundings quiet down and raised his head in confusion and found that Lian Yu was also gone.

“Disappeared?” Yao Jin scratched his red hair trying hard to understand: “Did he fall asleep in the dormitory because he was too tired?”

“Never mind him.” Fan were happy that the annoying Sentinel disappeared.
He waited all afternoon, drank a big pot of tea, went to the toilet three times, and finally waited for the person he wanted.
He walked up to Cen Zhen excitedly, he was finally willing to lower his noble head, no longer looking at people with side eyes, “Cen Zhen, the red team won thanks to you, I saw the video of you obtaining the flag, how did you guess the answer to that riddle?”

“Made a random guess.” Cen Zhen still had an indifferent attitude.
After speaking, he walked past Fan’s shoulder and went to the bedside to ask about Pan’s well being.

According to his understanding of the characters in the novel, Fan should be a very arrogant character.
It stands to reason that he rejected him so clearly, even if Fan had a crush on him, he would stop talking to him due to his strong self-esteem at this time.
But why did Fan instead lower his posture and become more courageous every time he fails? He also has this self-confidence, who knows where it comes from, that made him so sure that Cen Zhen doesn’t mean what he said and is just quarreling with him.

“That’s great, Cen Zhen.” Pan smiled and held Cen Zhen’s hand, “But I’m still sorry…”

“It’s not your fault.” Cen Zhen comforted, his voice was soft but without any ups and downs, but Pan’s eyes still got red as soon as he heard that, and he quickly closed his eyes, and said hoarsely: “Thank you…”

Hong Xing smiled and handed Pan a tissue, “Don’t cry, Cen Zhen is right, you should just focus on taking care of your health now and prepare to participate in the resurrection match.”

The dumb-mouthed Yao Jin also echoed one after them.
While Cen Zhen raised his head and glanced at the diagnosis and treatment information projected above the hospital bed beside him.
The name of the attending physician on it made him frown indistinctly.

He came to the Central Hospital this time to visit Pan, who was poisoned due to a change in the plot, and to catch up with an important character in the plot.
In the original plot, it was an unimportant Guide who was poisoned.
After the ranking phase of the exam, Yao Jin and Pan went to visit him in the hospital and thus got to know the attending physician of that unimportant Guide—who later became their royal doctor, Chen Wuyou.

Not sure if it’s the hero’s halo, or the doctor is just a bug, no matter what kind of injury the protagonists or the important supporting characters around the protagonist have suffered, even if they stop breathing for five minutes, even if their arms and legs are flying around, even if they are half died, even if there is only one nucleus of their cell is left, as long as Chen Wuyou arrives with his small toolbox, the person will be alive.

He can almost be referred to as the central hospital treatment machine that moves in human form.
Their only difference is that the treatment machine is a dead object, which is too large to be moved around and patients have to queue up for treatment.
While on the other hand, Chen Wuyou is alive, portable, and easy to carry on the call.
Especially since he’s a Sentinel, he’s resistant and durable.

For the sake of his glands, Cen Zhen finds it necessary to get to know this ‘miracle doctor’.

It’s a pity that due to the change in the plot, that certain unimportant Guide is now nowhere to be found, and Pan’s attending physician is not Chen Wuyou.

Cen Zhen didn’t want to make a trip in vain, so he sat for a few more minutes.
He walked up to the nurse’s station at a convenient time and asked, “Is Dr.
Chen Wuyou there?”

“Yes,” the little nurse is a young female Guide.
She stopped typing on the keyboard, raised her eyes, and fell right into Cen Zhen’s penetrating blue eyes.
The next second, she blushed inexplicably and was stunned.
She said blankly, “May I ask what you need him for…?”

“I’m his friend,” Cen Zhen skillfully brought out the rhetoric he had planned long ago, “just here to check up on him.”

At this time, a man wearing a white Sentinel doctor uniform came out of the tea room on the side, holding a cup of warm water in his hand.
With his collar open, he looked a little out of shape.
The little nurse immediately called him: “Doctor Chen, your friend is looking for you.”

“Huh?” Chen Wuyou turned around and happened to meet Cen Zhen’s eyes.
He looked at Cen Zhen for a few seconds and asked in doubt, “Who are you?”

Chen Wuyou didn’t know Cen Zhen, but Cen Zhen recognized this doctor at a glance.
He turned out to be the online doctor who he consulted about Lian Yu’s mental space atrophy.
In their conversation interface at that time, this doctor’s profile picture was his ID photo, which looked exactly the same as himself.
Cen Zhen had a good memory, so he remembered it instantly.

“Doctor Chen Wuyou, I’m Cen Zhen.” Cen Zhen took the initiative to step forward, and explained under Chen Wuyou’s eyes in question: “Before, I consulted you on about mental space atrophy.”

Before the words finished, Chen Wuyou also recalled, “Oh~ you are that ‘S-rank’ weirdo.”

Cen Zhen: “……”

Chen Wuyou took a sip of warm water and joked, “Aren’t you an S-level Sentinel with a mental domain of 0? How did you become a guide?”


“Have you finished your homework? What grade did my standard answer get from your teacher?”

“……” Cen Zhen began to think seriously about giving Chen Wuyou a slap with mental tentacles and taking him down.
Then started calculating if his gland did get cut in the future, what are his chances of survival if he just clutches his neck and rushes to the Central Hospital to get in line for the treatment machine. 

Fortunately, after laughing, Chen Wuyou still had some conscience, coughed lightly, and asked Cen Zhen: “Okay, what can I do for you?”

Cen Zhen was also prepared for this question, he took a deep breath slowly, tried to put on a ‘smile’, and gritted his teeth to say: “Dr.
Chen, your medical skills are superb…I admire you very much, so I want to know you… “

In the novel, one of the reasons why Chen Wuyou, Yao Jin, and Pan became friends is because…he likes to hear others praise him, especially praise for his excellent medical skills.
Yao Jin and Pan, who are just two ‘airhead puff balls’ in the early stage of the plot, really thought Chen Wuyou was amazing, and when they came to visit their teammates, they happened to see Chen Wuyou giving first aid to a patient under the ward building.
They were so fascinated and started praising him in every way they could, sincere and enthusiastically, which immediately won over Chen Wuyou’s heart, thus making him their full-time healer.

But Cen Zhen came here with a purpose, and because of his personality, he couldn’t say anything high-sounding, so he exaggerated very reluctantly and hypocritically.
However, his acting skills were not as good as Lian Yu’s, which caused Chen Wuyou to suddenly take a step back after hearing his words.
His face was written all over with: What conspiracy do you have? Are you trying to murder me?

“……” Cen Zhen felt a little regretful that he didn’t grab Lian Yu, the star actor, along with him.
As soon as the thought came to Cen Zhen, he tried his best to put it out of his mind.
How could he think that Lian Yu would help him establish a good relationship with others? It’s strange, but the key point is that this Sentinel disappeared the moment the exam ended, and he hasn’t heard from him since, and he has no clue where he went.

“I’m serious.” Cen Zhen’s heart thumped, his face returned to his usual expressionless expression, and he decided to force a strong impression and just leave.
Regardless of whether the impressions were insane or mentally handicapped looking.
“I’m a third-year student at the White Tower, Cen Zhen, and my student number is T1259, can we exchange contact?”

When Chen Wuyou was still in a daze, suddenly a roar broke the deadlock, “Cen! Zhen!!” Fan roared, and rushed to Cen Zhen’s side under the remainder of the surrounding nurses, “Please don’t make too much noise”, as they grabbed his arm.
His voice was full of anger as he lowered it: “What are you doing? Will you die if you don’t hook up with some other Sentinel for a day?”

Cen Zhen was staggered by him, and when he raised his eyes again, he saw Chen Wuyou looking at him and Fan playfully, as if he understood something, his face was full of gossip, and he had no intention of leaving at all.

“……” Cen Zhen was completely speechless, he really should have tag Lian Yu along, no matter how strange it might be, “Let me go.”

Translator’s Note:

I’m optimistic about doing another update tomorrow ! Working hard on the extra ko-fi thank-you chapters.
3 is on my to-do list at this moment.

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