“Am I not acting obvious enough?” Fan squeezed tighter, “You just want to see me like this, don’t you? Okay, you succeed, but you’d better restrain yourself, my patience is limited.”

“……” Cen Zhen closed his eyes, “My patience is also limited.”

The ‘domineering CEO’ Fan didn’t hear what Cen Zhen said clearly, and he couldn’t care less about what Cen Zhen said when he was furious.
He turned his head and glared at Chen Wuyou again, “You too, stay away from him!”

Chen Wuyou immediately raised his left hand, and casually made an oath: “This has nothing to do with me, I’m double gay and only like male Sentinels.”

“You—” Just as Fan opened his mouth, his whole body suddenly trembled like an electric shock, his pupils dilated to the limit, and then he fell straight down.
Behind him stood Cen Zhen with a stern face.
81% compatibility, coupled with the fact that Cen Zhen put full force behind his mental tentacles attacking Fan while he’s in a state of defenselessness, Fan straight passed out in pain.

Cen Zhen’s eyes were ice cold and he glanced back at Chen Wuyou again, the poor Doctor Chen swished like a mouse seeing a cat, strengthening his mental barrier by three to four layers, and said in horror: “What are you going to do! Coco, hurry up and call the security guards !”

Hearing this, the little nurse huddled in the duty station and rang the warning bell.

Cen Zhen glanced at the nurse lightly, then turned to Chen Wuyou, “Give me your contact.”

“Ok, ok, I will, I will.”

“……” If he knew that violence could solve the problem so easily, Cen Zhen would choose to ambush Chen Wuyou in the parking lot with a stick.
After the terminals scanned each other’s contact information, Cen Zhen left after saying that this person is now your responsibility, sent me the medical bill later, then turned around and left, leaving Chen Wuyou in a daze staring at the ‘corpse’ on the ground.

A panda rolled around on the ground and landed next to Fan’s hand.
It sniffed the Sentinel’s scent, then turned back to look at its master, all cute and naive.
The latter rubbed the panda’s head, and sighed such bad luck, how could he encounter such two psychopaths when he was just here to pour a glass of water? Then Chen Wuyou had no choice but to pick up Fan without complaint, let the security personnel go back, and ask the nurse to register a bed for him.

After returning to the White Tower from the hospital, for three consecutive days, Lian Yu didn’t show his face.
Yao Jin also contacted Cen Zhen suspiciously to ask about Lian Yu’s whereabouts, saying that he hadn’t been back to the dormitory.

Cen Zhen naturally didn’t know any answers.
After hanging up the call, he thought for a while, turned on the world news, and searched for major events that happened or were about to happen on the surrounding planets recently.

On the third day, Pan recovered and was discharged from the hospital.
As soon as he returned to the White Tower, he devoted himself to the intense exam preparation again.
He vowed to avenge his shame in the rematch, never to embarrass Cen Zhen and Lian Yu, and never drag Yao Jin’s feet…

The current stage is the most leisure time for Cen Zhen.
He passed the exam, has no classes, and is tired of the library.
After two days of leisure, he silently took an interest in the Tower’s training hall.

The training hall has always been the world limited to the Sentinels.
As soon as one enters, it’s full of muscles, hot sweat, and thick Sentinel pheromones.
There are all kinds of exercise equipment and professional competition venues, which are divided into A-level halls, B-level halls, and C-level halls, available for Sentinels of different physical abilities to compete with each other.

Cen Zhen bought dinner from the cafeteria and was studying the map of the Tower while walking towards the dormitory.
He plans on going to the B-level training hall of the Tower early the next morning.
At this moment, a group of three people suddenly stood in front of him and stopped him.
Cen Zhen raised his eyes and found that the leader was the Sentinel who guard the flag in the midterm exam, and behind him stood the Guide he had in the exam and the Guide with the nice figure respectively.

“Cen Zhen,” the flag-guarding Sentinel nodded to greet and said, “Let me introduce myself.
I am Qu, the chairman of the Tower’s Student Union, and he is Ri Qingchang, the chairman of the White Tower’s Student Union.”

“……” Cen Zhen waved his hand lightly and turned off the map projection, “What’s the matter?”

Of course, he had heard of these two names before.
In the novel, after the rematch, because of Yao Jin’s outstanding performance in the competition, the Student Union offered him an olive branch and invited him to join.
This further stimulated Hong Xing’s jealousy and provoked him to take even more intense and explicit actions.

“Cen Zhen, because of your outstanding performance in the first stage of the midterm exam,” White Tower Student Union Chairman Zhou Qingchang took a step forward, “I formally invite you to join the Student Union.”

Cen Zhen: “……” Did he get the wrong script? Besides, what did he do? Lian Yu was the one who stabbed people with knives, and the one who found all the supply boxes.
At best, all he did was guess a riddle.

Zhou Qingchang clicked open an agreement from the terminal, and with a lift of his finger, it was sent to Cen Zhen’s terminal, “Here is the document explaining your position, responsibilities, rights and interests, and the rules and regulations of the Student Union.
I hope you can seriously consider it, and give us an answer before the day after tomorrow.”

“There is one more thing,” said Tower’s Student Union Chairman Qu: “We can’t get in touch with your teammate Lian Yu, please help us pass on the message.
I have sent the invitation of the Tower’s Student Union to his student ID mailbox.
Please ask him to give us an answer as soon as possible.” 

“I can’t reach him either.” Cen Zhen put away the White Tower’s agreement carefully.
There are many benefits to joining the Student Union, and since the opportunity is in front of him, it is indeed worth his consideration.
The Guide with the nice figure who kept silent this whole time finally found a chance to interrupt, she winked at Cen Zhen ambiguously, and tapped the tip of Cen Zhen’s nose with her beautiful fingers across the air, “Why are you pretending, who doesn’t know that you two must be a couple? The way that long hair Sentinel looks at you seems like he wants to ‘eat’ you at the spot.”

Qu turned his head and glared at the Guide, who immediately fell silent pitifully.
Zhou Qingchang smiled and waved at Cen Zhen, “I won’t bother you anymore.
I look forward to your joining.”

Saying farewell to the three unexpected people, Cen Zhen continued to plan his itinerary for tomorrow, but when he got to the dormitory, he suddenly noticed that the light in his room was on, Cen Zhen stared and quickly ran upstairs.

Pushing open the door, a strong pheromone enveloped him in an instant.
Contrary to the prominent pheromone, its owner was lying weakly on the ground, with his eyes closed, his brows furrowed, and his teeth clenched, looking extremely in pain.

The male lion’s fur was very dull.
It lay anxiously and uncomfortably beside its owner.
When it saw Cen Zhen approaching, it tried to stand up, but its limbs didn’t obey at all, and it staggered and fell back to the original place again.
Cen Zhen closed the door with his backhand, put the dinner on the table, and at the same time called out the snow leopard, the male lion grabbed the cub in one bite, and the anxiety condensed in its amber eyes dissipated in an instant.
It put the snow leopard on the blanket, gently licking its fur with care.

Cen Zhen half squatted down to help Lian Yu up.
The latter didn’t wake up and his brows were still frowned uncomfortably.
His face was covered with sweat, and his lips were pale.

“…” Cen Zhen found Chen Wuyou’s contact information on the terminal but stopped the moment before clicking on it.
The reason why Lian Yu would suffer such a serious injury and collapse in his room with all his strength before he passed out is very clear.
It’s because he needs a reason for Cen Zhen to enter his spiritual space, and only Cen Zhen can enter his spiritual space.

Cen Zhen realized that Lian Yu wanted to be honest with him about his mental space atrophy, but this person refused to beg with words and deliberately made his illness worse, to force Cen Zhen to agree.
He is good at pushing himself and doesn’t allow any possibility of rejection.

Even if Cen Zhen understood his trick, he still fell for it, and there was no buffer.
He can’t refuse to save him, and he can’t just ignore it.

After a while, he picked up Lian Yu horizontally, put him on the bed, took off his neckband, made a temporary marking, and then lay down next to him.
After doing all this, he slowly closed his eyes.

Sure enough, Lian Yu’s spiritual barrier left a door for Cen Zhen, as if he had waited forever, the door was covered with moss and rust, and inside the door was an extremely desolate world.


Translator’s Note:

I’m so sleepy, but I made it! Hope you enjoy ^^

Please let me know if you found any typo or mistake.

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