Each Sentinel and Guide has their own spiritual space, in which the scenery is different.
Including grasslands, oceans, mountains, and cities, full of one’s personalities and characteristics of their spiritual body.

The spiritual space of the cannon fodder “Cen Zhen” was not mentioned in the book, so Cen Zhen does not know what it was, but his spiritual space is a plateau that is always snowing gently, covered in silver, like a world built of white jade.
However, it doesn’t feel cold there, and his spiritual body, the snow leopard, lives in a cave in the middle of the snowy area.
In the cave, there are blankets, cushions, and a never-extinguishing fire.
The snow leopard sleeps comfortably in the blanket or goes out running and playing recklessly in the snow, leaving a series of small plum blossom paw prints, which were then covered up by the subsequent snowflakes.

As for Lian Yu, there is nothing in his spiritual space.  All that was left were withered weeds, cracked ground, the end that can be seen at a glance, and the dark and oppressive sky, as if it was painted with pitch-black paint.

In the center of the world, Lian Yu lay there quietly, his body curled up slightly as if he was dead.

Cen Zhen strode over, and before Lian Yu opened his eyes, he grabbed him by the collar and pulled him up from the ground, “Lian Yu, stop pretending, I know you have mental space atrophy.”

Lian Yu opened his eyes suddenly, his eyelashes, which were lighter in color than ordinary people’s, trembled, and his gray-green eyes were full of complexity.
He opened his mouth, then closed it back up.
All the lines he has prepared got terminated by this Guide who plays out of the ordinary, but then, he suddenly heard him said——

Cen Zhen raised his chin slightly, with an arrogance he had never had before: “And I am your only medicine.”

Suddenly, Lian Yu raised an extremely excited smile, almost ferociously, “Cen Zhen…do you know how dangerous the words you’re speaking are?”

“Am I wrong?”

Lian Yu immediately smiled even more, “That’s right, there’s nothing wrong with it.” He grabbed Cen Zhen’s hand holding his collar in return, so hard that his fingertips turned white, “You are my life, my only medicine …”

“Yesterday, the Zerg crown prince’s wedding banquet was broken into by terrorists unexpectedly.
The prince was attacked and the bride was taken away.
You did it, right?” Connecting it back to the previous Zerg Prison News, the recent incident is most likely done by Dark Sentinel 1802.

“……” Lian Yu’s eyes turned cold and he didn’t answer.
Cen Zhen approached him even more, so close that they could almost feel the heat in the words, “Dark Sentinel 1802, that’s your name ten years from now.
No matter how much more powerful you are among your peers now, you are not invincible out in the world, I think you also understand this well… So you made yourself into this state of condition and appeared in front of me on purpose.
What do you want? You really think I’ll follow the so-called Guide’s duty, and treat you selflessly?”

“You know everything.” Lian Yu no longer denied it, and acquiesced in his own identity, “Who are you, are you the same as me?”

“I don’t need to tell you.” Cen Zhen let go of his hand, stood up straight, and said contemptuously: “You should understand that you will die without me, and I don’t need you at all.”

Lian Yu also stood up, the fake smile and weakness faded away, and only the blush of madness and sickness remained on his face, “That’s right, that’s right! But who told you to appear, who told you to be the only person in the whole world who can enter my spiritual space! You can’t escape! If you don’t promise, I will kill you before I die!”

“You can give it a try.” Cen Zhen said indifferently.
The Dark Sentinel 1802, which has terrified countless people, seems to be nothing worthy in his eyes.
No one likes to be threatened or entangled maliciously.

After finishing speaking, Cen Zhen turned around and was about to leave.
Just then, Lian Yu held his hand violently, the shivering and scorching temperature spread from Lian Yu’s fingertips to the back of Cen Zhen’s hand, after a long time, Lian Yu finally suppressed the sinister smile on the corners of his lips and calmed his haste breathing down.
He said slowly: “Cen Zhen… I was careless this time, I didn’t know that the Zerg King invited the Chief Guide, he…”

“But you could have avoided being injured entirely.” As Lian Yu’s attitude softened, Cen Zhen’s voice also returned to his usual calmness, Lian Yu embraced Cen Zhen’s forearm, and whispered: “I knew you’re here…so I acted a little more aggressive… …”

This is also one of the main reasons for Cen Zhen’s anger.
This kind of thing can’t happen twice.
He doesn’t want to see someone suddenly appearing half dead in his room regularly going forward.

“I won’t dare in the future…” Lian Yu’s tone gradually became softer as he spoke.
Cen Zhen knew that this was not his sincerity, it was just him knowing Cen Zhen had a soft heart and deliberately showing the side Cen Zhen prefers to achieve his goal.

But Cen Zhen still withdrew his strength and let Lian Yu hold his arms tightly, almost burying his whole body into his arms.

Lian Yu’s voice was hoarse, trembling faintly: “Cen Zhen… help me…”

“Fine.” Cen Zhen agreed very readily, which made Lian Yu look up at him in surprise.
This Guide always surprises him.
Lian Yu thought that the relationship between them had taken a step forward, so Cen Zhen would definitely help him unconditionally if he show up looking miserable, but Cen Zhen exposed his intention and showed disgust;

However, when he felt that he had screwed up and the situation was extremely bad, Cen Zhen agreed to his request so lightly.

Aside from being surprised, Lian Yu vaguely felt that Cen Zhen didn’t intend to reject him from the very beginning.
The discord before was a warning to him, don’t try to plot him, because no matter whether the result of the calculation would hurt him, he would be unhappy.

The chaos at the Zerg wedding was indeed caused by him.
Lian Yu did not expect the appearance of the Chief Guide.
He might not be able to complete the task smoothly, but it was easy for him to retreat unharmed.
However, he hesitated and did not retreat.
He deliberately let the Cheif Guide’s attack reach him and wanted to use his injury to promote the relationship between him and Cen Zhen.

This won’t hurt Yu Cen Zhen at all, it was just that Lian Yu wanted the other party to care for him a little more and be more curious about him.

“But I have one condition.” Cen Zhen pulled out Lian Yu who’s buried in his arms, “You have to do me a favor.”

“Okay, I’ll do whatever you want.” Lian Yu showed a well-behaved look, and said sincerely, “As long as you are willing to come to my spiritual space for five minutes every day, I will do whatever you want.”

“Soon, a Sentinel will maliciously damage my glands.” Cen Zhen spoke in a flat voice, as if he was not about to be injured, but was talking about other people’s affairs, but when Lian Yu heard this sentence, his eyes became cold in an instant, and he raised his voice and said angrily: “Who?!”

“I don’t know.” Cen Zhen patted Lian Yu’s hand holding his shoulder because the other party squeezed him so hard suddenly, causing him pain, “I want you to help me stop him.”

“Stop? No, I must kill him!” Lian Yu narrowed his eyes, and a dangerous aura poured out from this movement.
He was furious just hearing that someone was going to hurt Cen Zhen’s glands, let alone if implemented, “When is the near future?”

“I have no idea.”


“I have no idea.”

“Male or female?”

“I have no idea.”

“…” Lian Yu: “What do you know?”

“The reason for the destruction is that love breeds hatred.”


“It shouldn’t be him.” Cen Zhen said: “He doesn’t like ‘Cen Zhen’, so he has no reason to attack.” Hearing this, Lian Yu raised his eyebrows: “He doesn’t like you? What are you trying to pretend?”

“…” Cen Zhen didn’t know how to explain it.
After thinking about it, he just shook his head again, “It’s not Fan, it’s another unknown Sentinel who loves and hates me.”

Lian Yu pursed his lips and thought for a while, then suddenly said: “Do a long time marking with me, within a week, I can help you find out.”

“…You are quite good at negotiating terms, huh?” Cen Zhen said, Lian Yu immediately retorted: “How can this be negotiating terms? I just want to better help you, you know? Only by keeping your glands can I keep my only…medicine.”

Lian Yu indeed has a penny-pinching personality, just because he suffered a little loss before, he had to secretly tease him back now.
Cen Zhen looked at him silently, Lian Yu had valid reasoning this time, so he was not to be outdone and looked back, “Besides, aren’t you going to cure my disease, long-term marking is necessary anyway, hurry up—”

The two pairs of blue and green eyes looked at each other quietly for a few seconds, and finally, Cen Zhen couldn’t help but smile, “All right.” After speaking, his figure disappeared from Lian Yu’s spiritual space, and Lian Yu raised his eyebrows, and he couldn’t help but smile.
Waking up happily in reality.

The lion had already fallen asleep on the blanket with the snow leopard in its arms.
The two cats, one big and one small, were leaning against each other, quiet and serene.

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