Allow me to introduce myself. Cale here, an average guy with an average look. Well, I won claim my face is entirely ordinary. Its unusual, to say the least.

Beckson is the town where I reside. Its a little town full of fascinating individuals and secrets.

This city has a population of around 30,000 people, which is fairly modest in comparison to the metropolitan region.

My older sister, Stacy, and I both reside in this city. She goes to school at a local college. When our parents were murdered in a bus accident a few years ago, life became quite difficult for two of us siblings. Many of our family members offered to accommodate us, but my sister declined their offer.

After receiving the inheritance our father left for us, we then relocated and began a new life.

Three years have passed since this happened, and we are living in peace by Gods mercy.

****** ” ” ” ”********

Cale, get up; you
e going to be late for school. I awoke from my sleep to the sound of a voice.

I then put on my glasses and grabbed my phone from a neighboring desk.


”Sis, why didn you wake me up sooner? ” I inquired as I sprung from my bed and hurried downstairs to visit my sister Stacy.

Youve awakened up, oh. Your omelet and bread are here. Take it now and eat it. Ive ironed all of your clothing. It is outside on the patio.

Breakfast is not possible at this time. you should have awakened me sooner . yelled as I sprinted towards the balcony. From the living room, I can hear her grumbling, ”You should be thankful that I woke you up. ”

After gathering my belongings, I entered my room and quickly changed into my school uniform.

My school uniform consists of a white shirt, a black tie, a black jacket over a black blazer, and black slacks.

I hurried out of my house, saying ”Im leaving, ” while looking in the mirror and arranging my silver hair.

As I exited, I noticed a familiar figure standing with an unhappy expression. Its my best pal. Brian

”Cale, Have you looked at the time, bro? Why are you always late? ”

Brian has a masculine body and a handsome face. His hair is black, and his eyes are blue. He is around 56 inches tall and has a mole right beside his left cheek. He is really a handsome hunk.

”Um-Sorry, I slept late. Thats why. ”

”You and your excuses ”We both laughed.

”Hey, wheres Catherine? ” I didn see her today. Is she sick or what? ” Catherine is Brians girlfriend, whom he recently started dating.

”No, she told me that she has some work at home. Thats why shell meet up with me directly at the school. ”

Then, exchanging our regular talks, we started to head towards our school.


When we arrived at school, we exchanged hugs before sprinting to our various classrooms.

”Beckson Central High School ” is the name of our high school. Its the most well-known high school in town. Students here are very competitive in their schoolwork and athletics. The majority of students are chosen based on their knowledge and IQ, therefore entering this institution is a significant thing.

The school is made up of two five-story buildings and a massive one-story office.

The two buildings are put face to face, with a large space between them, while the office is located straight front.

This school has almost a one thousand nine hundred students.

Brian and I are both in the first year of high school, but according to our academic performance, we are placed into two distinct classes; he is in First Year B, while I am in First Year A.

The A represents top students, whereas the B represents average students.

I can hear the clattering of students as I enter the classroom. I carefully approached my desk, which was located by a window in the far right corner of the room, as usual ignoring everything around me.

”Good morning, Cale ” As I was placing my bag on the table, a voice reached out to me from behind.

I simply turned toward the voice. A beautiful girl with black luscious hair and silver-colored eyes stood in front of me, wearing a black blazer and a short skirt that revealed her plump thighs.

”Good morning, Cathy. ” Yes, shes my best friends girlfriend, Catherine. Apparently, she is in the same class as me.

”Brian was telling me that you have some work left in your house. Is it done? ” Catherine has an odd habit of never looking me in the eyes for more than 1-2 seconds.

”Yes, its done, thanks for your concern. ” Placing her right hand on my shoulders, she said

Seeing the distance between us, I just made a false cough sound and created some space between us.

Shes so foolish. I know she doesn have any bad intentions about all of this, but still, if people saw us no If Brian saw us like this, he would misunderstand. She needs to learn about these things.

”S-sry I didn intend anything bad with tha-

”Hey Cathy Calm down. I know that you meant nothing with that, so don worry. And yes, did you meet with Brian? He must be waiting for you at the class. ”

Realizing She forgot about that. She said goodbye to me and left the classroom with her friends towards the first year of B.

”It will take a while before the class starts. I should take a small nap. ” Placing my head on the desk, I closed my eyes.

Instead of sleeping, I closed my eyes and began to think about various things.

Catherine. After the first month, she began dating my friend. That development surprised both Brian and me. Because the girl, Catherine, and I didn even know each other, and while I understand that knowing each other isn required to fall in love, it still seems strange.

Nonetheless, Brian began dating her enthusiastically, and they went on several dates. Theyve been dating for three months.

Brian also mentioned that she does not get intimate with him. Hes attempted kissing her several times, but each time she comes up with an excuse that she isn ready.

It doesn matter to me, but Brian, being Brian, tells me everything. Even the heinous things hes done to his girlfriend. Ive told him several times that you don have to share your lovey-dovey crap with me, but as predicted, he doesn listen to me at all.

The bell rang, and all of the students, including Catherine, came into the classroom.

I, on the other hand, reached inside my backpack and pulled out my notepad and textbooks for English class.

When I looked across to Cathy, I noticed she was upset.

Were there any squabbles between her and Brian? Maybe.

After a while, our class teacher, Miss Natalie, comes in and collects our homework and teaches us for 30 minutes before leaving the room.


After school finished at 4:00 p.m., I went to the school grounds to see what Brians cricket club was up to.

”Hey, what happened between you and Cathy today? ” Brians expression darkened as he heard my query.

”We do have some disagreements on stuff. ” Strangely, Brian always notifies me when something big happens, but he isn doing so right now. Why?

At that moment, one of Brians club members yelled out to him.

”Cale, you
e going home without me today. I won be able to go since the coach will be working us extra hard. See you later, ”As he walks out to the field, he says.

After leaving the field, I head to the first level of the right-side building to retrieve my belongings from the locker room.

As I was collecting up my belongings, I heard footsteps behind me and turned my head to see what it was.

”You haven gone home yet? ”Except for athletics, all of the clubs were closed today, so seeing her after school was unusual.

”Its nothing I was waiting for Brian, but it seems he is busy with his club. ” Then there is a long silence.

as she fiddled with her fingers without saying anything and blocked my way out.

I broke the silence by asking her a question.

”Did you settle things with Brian? ”

”It doesn matter, ” she responded, looking me in the eyes.

Oh well, all I can say is that its their problem. They should figure it out on their own.

Then, after closing the locker and placing my belongings in my bag, I began to move carefully towards the exit.

She called me again as I was getting near the exit.

Oh my God, what is this time?

”Would you accompany me to my house? ”

Why? Her house isn far away. I believe she could walk there without me or Brian.

”I have some things to do at home, you see. Thats why Im sorry for leaving. ”

Im not a simip. Yes, absolutely.

I then resumed my stroll and departed the building.

Someone called my name as I walked along the road in an alleyway in front of the school.

She dashed to my side as I came to a halt after hearing her voice.

I asked her, faking a smile, what the Reasone was.

She stood there, flushed and puffing from her run, her breasts swaying up and down.

I shouldn be looking at her breasts. Stop for the love of God; shes my best friends girlfriend.

She instantly grabbed my hands and moved closer to me, catching her breath.

”Cathy, what are you doing? ” -mhhhh-

Her lips pressed against mine She began kissing me.

This isn right—this isn right. I can do it, I thought to myself as I pulled Cathy away from me, making some space.

”Cale, I like you. ” She placed another bomb on my head before I could recover from the shock.


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