Part 0: Beginning and the End.

Arc 1: New Reapers.

(A scenic overview of a small town, the only light coming from the full moon. A 510ft (177cm) tall man stands on top of the cliff overlooking the town, he is wearing military clothing, a desert tan vest with a knife and several ammo cartridges attached. Along with white cargo pants, a black Desert Eagle .50 attached to his left leg and armored pads to protect his knees. His boots are black military-issue. His shirts sleeves are rolled up and it is dark grey in color. He has a single dark green fingerless glove on his left hand. Over everything he has a leather olive drab cloak to give him a more bulky appearance, he puts a mask over his face. A metallic mask, resembling that of a Grim Reaper, the lower jaw is painted over giving it a silver-platinum look, the rest of the mask is black. The right side of his mask is torn off, exposing his right eye, he has a camo-pattern face paint to cover it. He raises his index and middle finger, he turns them in a circular motion. Four more men appear to the mans right and left. All of them are ”Phantoms ”, under their red, white, dark-orange and black cloaks {respectively from left to right} are nothing but dirty, cobwebbed and broken skeletons. Despite this they all firmly hold rifles in their hands.)

The man: (His voice is muffled by the mask. He makes a finger gun hand gesture with his left hand and points it at the town, he pretends to fire the finger gun.) Bang! And soon…

(Inside the classroom, where Sam arrived. He is lying down on one of the desks, trying to sleep but theres too much going through his mind.)

Sam: *Singing a Lullaby* …well walk across the sea. And see each other in our dreams. In our lives. Ill wait and soon well fly across the azure skies. With no wings…

Jericho: (She is lying on her arms, on the desk.) *Annoyed and Tired* What are you singing?

Sam: To be completely honest, I don know. Like a distant memory it cries out, but with no location.

Jericho: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Stop thinking about poetry and go to sleep!

Sam: Fine… (He turns his head to Jericho) Hey Jericho…

Jericho: Yeah…

Sam: Are there any milkshakes here?

Jericho: No.

Sam: Oh… cause I bought one before I died and I was really looking forward to drinking it.

Jericho: Ohkay… now go to sleep!

Sam: Hey… Jericho.

Jericho: Ah… YES?

Sam: You seem like a nice girl.

Jericho: Well thanks I guess…

Sam: Can you put on a French maid dress?

Jericho: (Her head snaps up) The **?!

Sam: No its just my adoptive brother told me and I quote, ”Waifus always look cute in French maid dresses. ” Of course he was half asleep reading an Ecchi-manga but still…

Jericho: Well maybe if you shut up, then youll see a French maid in your sleep!

Sam: Fine…

(Sam closes his eyes, thinking about nothing at all. He rests his head on the hard wood of the table, finally falling asleep. His day begun, by it ending just as quickly.)

(The next morning around 8:00. Sam is sleeping on the desk a pink blanket covering him to his next, his right arm hanging from the desk, he has a smile on his face while he softly snores.)

(Sam opens his eyes and sees a balding African American man in his mid 40s, with dark brown eyes staring down at him. Sam lets out a small scream as he jumps up to stare at the man.)

Anderson Redfield: (He is wearing a green military coat, with black jeans and boots, he stands at 6ft tall and has a slim albeit muscular build.) Anderson Aaron Redfield, your name?

Sam: S- Samuel Logan Reyes. Everyone just calls me Sam, only Mrs. Pendragon can call me Logan.

Anderson: Right… and why are you here?

Sam: Ask the truck driver.

Anderson: WHY ARE YOU HERE?!

Sam: Well I guess, Im a Reaper? Whatever that is.

Anderson: So… you
e a Reaper, but you came here way later than the rest?

Sam: I guess so?

Anderson: Can you tell me why?

Sam: Yeah… you see; (He points at Anderson) put your glasses on, toss me a coin, pour me some ale for I… Sam of Fireberg am a WITCHER.

(A man with pure black hair and angelic blue eyes, around the age of 24 wearing a full black suit with a white tie appears behind Sam out of seemingly thin air. Despite his Japanese appearance he speaks in a thick British accent. He appears to be measuring Sams shoulders and arms using a measuring tape.)

Suzuki Yamada: (While he measures Sams arms) He is being satirical with you, Anderson. (He shakes Sams hand) Suzuki Yamada.

Anderson: Of course I know hes being sarcastic! *Tch* (He turns away from Sam to walk out of the room) Whatever the reason for your late arrival, just know that you will be treated no different. Get your uniform on, get out there, and go meet some new faces. Todays a day off after all.

Sam: Uniform?

(Suzuki takes out a dark grey denim jacket and other clothes hanging on a hanger, with the logo of two silver Scythes in an x formation with the blades parallel to each other. Roses grow above the Scythes, and a rifle points upwards through the Scythes, almost as if aiming at the roses.)

Sam: Okay…

(Sam steps out of the classroom building wearing the dark grey denim jacket, with a white open collar shirt underneath and white jeans that fit just perfectly. He looks around the area, other teenagers are walking around and sitting under the tree shade of the field surrounded by woods. All of them wearing the same uniform, however, others appear to be wearing white jackets, with Swords in the place of Scythes. All the while ”Should I Stay or Should I Go ” – The Clash plays through an intercom.)

Sam: (Thinking to Himself) If this place is as great as that lady said it is, then Im slightly looking forward to it.

( ”Hey! Watch out! ” Another teenager shouts as a football comes flying straight towards Sams face.)

Sam: (Looking up at the oncoming football coming straight for his face.) On second thought I shoulda stayed in bed this morning… (He closes his eyes to prepare for the oncoming football. He hears the football land on the ground behind him, he opens his eyes and sees the football… phased right through him.) Either Im half insane or already there, cause Im suppose to be dead right now. And I already am… if this is 2007, then I ain interested in seeing 2020. Its just gonna be Light Yagami getting Isekaid to the real world. (He looks dead at the reader) Right, scene transition please.

(Inside a damp dark cave, the only light coming from several candles strewn around the place. Hundreds of people stand inside the cave, all with sadistic smiles on their faces. M. Jäger walks inside the cave, being led by another shorter man with a small stature wearing what seems like royal clothing out of the Victorian Era.)

The man: I assure you sir! If you come here, you will get nothing but ”quality. ”

M. Jäger: What kind of quality?

The man: Whichever you seek! Working type, fighting type, hehe… fun type.

M. Jäger: Is that so?

The man: Yes! (He leads M. Jäger to a large cage 7m in length almost like a wrestling ring surrounded by onlookers, inside is a pale malnourished humanoid held in place by chains. The face on its skin is pulled back, revealing pieces of his skeleton sticking through the skin, its hungry… too hungry. It struggles and bites to break free from the chains inside its mouth. The chains keeping it in place are released and it lets out a ear-piercing scream as it charges towards the people on the outside.) Magnificent… isn it? (He picks up a microphone from the table in front of him.) Ladies and Gentlemen! Please keep your hands out of the cage, we don want a repeat of the last time a kid stuck his hand inside the lion cage! I present to you, Cryptidias Gardrigiasa! Or a Gardrig, a fairly common creature, found mostly in the woods of Northern America, easy prey for a Reaper! They are also relatives of Rakes. And our opposition for the pre-sale games! Fairies!!! (Men dressed in full protective armor carry a steel box into the cage.) Ah yes… Fairies cute little girls that have magical powers, and protect forests, and so such. However real Fairies are what happen when Disney loses the rights to Tinker Bell to some Florida man crackhead. (The box opens and out crawls one small gray humanoid 3inch (7cm) in height, with two wings sprouting from its back. Its head is shaped like an ants and its body is malnourished and its fingers are like long slender sticks with knuckles protruding out through the flesh. And its feet resembles that of a humans. Its jaw splits open to the side, revealing a row of sharp needle-like teeth, several more teeth grow out of the edges of the jaw. But wait… those aren teeth, much like the ”Wolverine Frog, ” those are its jaw bones broken to point through the skin as a row of teeth to help bite into prey.) Let the match… BEGIN!!!

(Four more Fairies fly out from the box and start flying towards the Gardrig, who swings at them all wildly, but due to their agility it can hit any of them. One of the Fairies tries flying inside the Gardrigs mouth, but it quickly catches the Fairy with its teeth, chomping down on it. But as it loses attention to chew down on the ”food. ” Another Fairy flies inside the Gardrigs left ear, it starts slowly eating its way through the ear canal, up to the brain. The Gardrig starts scratching at its head with his left hand, swatting away at the other Fairies with his right arm. The Gardrig claws through its already thin skin and breaks through its skull. Inside is the Fairy slowly eating away at the brain. The Gardrig falls to the floor and the rest of the Fairies join in to feast on the brain.)

The man: (Speaking into the microphone) The winners are the Fairies!!! The sales begin! (He puts down the microphone and turns to M. Jäger) So are you impressed?!

M. Jäger: Yes… a little too much in fact.

(M. Jäger with no hesitation drives his sword through the neck of the man. Before the rest can even react, he swings his sword in a spinning motion, decapitating or badly wounding everyone near to him. Blood spraying all over his cloak, he throws his sword impaling a guard readying for his weapon. In the near blink of an eye, he stands in front of another guard and takes out his pistol, shooting the guard in the knee then following with a headshot. Everyone in the room runs towards the exit. M. Jäger pulls out his bloody sword from the dead guards chest and swings it towards the people running away, creating a sharp horizontal wave of blood, cutting everyone running away in half. As he walks through the hallway, a man reaches his hand out to him, M. Jäger merely stabs the man through the forehead as he continues walking forward. As he reaches the end of the hallway five guards block his exit all of them holding fully automatic assault rifles, with no hesitation they open fire on M. Jäger shredding him down he falls to the floor next to all the dead bodies and pools of blood. One of the guards goes to investigate his body, when he kicks M. Jägers body, his deep fiery orange eyes spring open and he bites off the guards leg clean off. He starts slowly getting up, the bullets doing nothing to him.)

M. Jäger: (VISIBLY PISSED) So… whats your life insurance like?! Because from what I can tell… APPARENTLY ITS GREAT!!!

(End of Chapter 3)

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