Part 0: Beginning of the End.

Arc 1: The New Reapers

(Sam is sitting in front of one of the tables in the Reaper Training Grounds. Holding onto his stomach. Peter and Louis sit down in front of him.)

Louis: You look terrible.

Sam: Yeah… its that punch to the gut, it was like a gunshot.

Peter: Relax. If it were a gunshot, youd be dead right now, so its not that bad.

Louis: (He hits Peter over the head and he lets out a loud ”ow ”) What about getting a bit of… revenge?

Sam: (Shaking his head.) Oh no, mister, you gon get me in trouble.

Louis: Oh relax, she isn even going to know it was us. Well put a lit firecracker inside her food, itll blow up, making her go to the bathroom. Little does she know, the bathroom will be blocked from the other side, when she walks back outside, boom water bucket falls on her head. Shell run to her room to get her clothes, but theyll ALL be gone. (Slight horror starts to grow on both Sam and Peters faces.) Shell be in the most embarrassing situation, her size zero bra will be showing. (Sam internally: ”HIT THE BREAKS, LOUIS!!! ”) I mean she doesn even have anything, shes lower than flat, ahahahaha… *Awkward laugh* Huh… Huh? Whats the matter? (Sam slowly and fearfully points behind Louis. His jaw drops and he starts shaking as he turns his head.) Uh… O- Origami-san. (Origamis pearl eyes dart down towards Louis.) Y- you… you
e not completely flat…?

Origami: (She delivers a punch straight towards Louis face, knocking him out cold. She turns towards Peter.) You have a minute.

(Peter gets up, does a small bow, and IMMEDIATELY bolts in the other direction.)

Sam: (He reaches his hand out to Peter.) WAIT!!! Take me with you!!! (He leaps over the bench in a near-instant and hides behind it, covering his head.) I can see her, she can see me, I can see her, she can see me. (He hears her footsteps coming closer.) SHE SEES ME, SHE SEES ME!!! INARI SAVE ME!!!

Origami: Look up.

Sam: (He looks up at her.) I promise to serve you!!! Follow your every order!!! No matter what it may be!!! Just please, don murder me!!! Please accept my offer, MASTER ORIGAMI!!!

Origami: Relax. I just came to apologize, alright.

Sam: (He crawls over and starts hugging her legs, she lets out a confused scream.) Thank you-thank you-thank you-thank you-thank you!!!

Origami: You
e… welcome…?

(Isabel runs over to them and grabs Origamis hand.)

Isabel: Hey!!! What sick act did you force him to do?!

Sam: Isabel?

Jericho: What are you two doing with him?! (She runs over to them and stands in front of them.) Bullying fellow students?

Sam: Uhh no, its-

Cloaked Woman: (She has her legs on the table and is reading a book.) My-my. Mr. Reyes, quite the harem.

All of them at once: (They turn their heads towards the woman.) Who are you?

The woman: (She takes off her hood. Revealing her beautiful face, with dull grey eyes and long purple hair.) A watcher. Me and my ”crew ” are here to make sure you all don murder each other. Same goes with having foursomes in public if you want to go at it. Get a room.

(They all start walking away from her.)

The woman: (She leans her head.) And you
e DEAD sure, hes the World Reaper? One little gust of wind, and hell go flying away. But if the Court wants him, then I guess Ill have to make sure he doesn die when the wind goes at 5km/h.


(Kane and Able make it to the end of the dirt road that runs through the forest, still no sign of the car.)

Able: (Out of breath and holding onto his knees.) Listen brother, is the car THIS important I mean you could always buy another o-

Kane: No, I can ! That car was a gift from dad! Now we
e spreading out and finding it, even if it is the last thing we do.

Able: (He grabs Kanes arm as he starts walking away.) We are NOT splitting up.

Kane: Why?


Kane: Yeah well… what about 563 850?!

Able: (He points at Kanes face.) Don you DARE mention that curse put unto the beautiful lands of!!!

Kane: Exactly! (He starts walking away.) You cover the south, Ill take the north!

Able: (He starts thinking about something and looks around.) Wait if thats… and theres… YOURE heading south dumbass!

(Inside M. Jägers castle, Maya Westenra brings Annah a fresh pair of clothes.)

Maya: A bath is being prepared for you, Ill tell you when it is ready.

Annah: Oh, thanks.

Maya: Should I prepare a meal for you as well?

”Yes. ”

Annah: Yes.

Maya: What would you like?

Annah: (She scratches her head.) Uhh, well I don really know… can you make me a… a hotdog, please.

Maya: (She bows down.) Yes, madam, Ill get it ready as soon as you get into the bath.

Annah: T- thank you. (As Maya leaves the room, she looks at her necklace.) Who are you, sister?

(Inside the forest, Kane and Able are walking in their separate directions looking for the car. Kane passes a scarecrow, hanging on a cross, wearing a black coat, torn red jeans, and a western cowboy hat, the eyes on the scarecrow are carved open in the shape of an x and the mouth has a long, wide smile.)

Kane: (He looks up at the scarecrow and shakes his head.) Dude. You
e fugly. However… (He starts climbing the scarecrow, he nearly slips, but he reaches the hat and takes it off his head.) Haha, Samll love this. (He hears something coming from the mouth of the scarecrow.) Are you? (He leans in closer to the scarecrow and he hears a faint breathing sound coming from it.) The **?! (He takes a knife out of his pocket and starts cutting off the bag, but the knife cuts into something fleshy and it starts bleeding.) I don think that should happen… (He starts tearing off the cloth, only to see a pale eye staring straight at him. He starts slowly putting the hat back on.) Just wanna state, that I was a fan of The Scarecrow Walks At Midnight.

(He climbs back down and starts walking backwards, not taking his eye off the scarecrow.)

(Able is walking through the forest, keeping an eye on his surroundings.)

Able: Kane and that car, I swear hes going to die someday and we
e gonna be forced to take care of that thing by his ghost. You know there are days where I shouldve just stayed in bed and kept hugging my body pillow, I believe today is one of those. (He reaches a small forest clearing, in the center is a small tree, a rope hanging from one of the branches, with a bloody chair sitting underneath it, in front of the tree is Kanes car, the headlight flickering on and off.) Ha! Finally! (He walks towards the car and gets inside it.) Wait but… its not hotwired? And Kane has the keys, then how did it drive? (The doors of the car shut and lock, the engine turns on and the car starts reversing. Able reaches for his phone and starts calling Kane.) Cmon, pick up! PICK UP!!! (The call connects to Kane.) Kane, your car is a **ing Transformer!!! (On the other side of the call the voice of a young girl replies with ”Where… am I? ”) Kane! Now is not the time for jokes! ( ”I feel different. Zachary, are you there? ” The call disconnects.) Oh, cmon!!! (He grabs a gun from the glove compartment of the car and breaks the window of the drivers seat. He dives through it, getting small cuts on his arms and legs.) Oh, thats gonna hurt in the morning.

Kane: (He comes running towards Able and helps him up.) What happened?

Able: (He stands against a tree.) Ill explain everything to you, lets just go back into town. Oh, ** that hurts!

Kane: (He throws Ables arm over his shoulder.) Ohhkay you big 64ft baby. What happened to your finger?

Able: Oh… Sam cut it off.

Kane: The puppet?

Able: The puppet.


(Sam is leaning against a railing, just staring up at the sky.)

Sam: Huh, I wonder what those two are up to right now. Probably something stupid as usual. (He puts his hands inside his jacket pocket and starts walking away.) You know, after all the things Ive been through so far in my life… I think its all going uphill from here on.

(Chapter 8 End.)


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