Law of Return Online

Chapter 1: The First

sing his registration name. As many have done. He initially had no problems with this, however, things got more complicated as he got more achievements.

As can be noticed, if someone earns some significant achievement, it will be announced for everyone to see. The fact of that alone brings disgrace if you don have the power to defend yourself.

Even those who had a certain degree of strength were hunted down and killed.

He was never killed, at least not in his memories, however, he was banned for having managed to find a dungeon that had not yet been discovered and managed to conquer the dungeon alone since he was low level. However, the fact was that for being the first he gained a special reward.

Although the bounty he received was not announced, that alone saw him being hunted for two long years and living like a mouse in hiding.

The other me, did it ever die? In the memories, the last few moments he had were of him still running away. He remembers that the Onis guild had found his location and he was on the run.

Not wanting to think about it now, Jacob opened his status.


Name: Achilles

Title: First Player

Class: N/A

Level 1 – Exp (0/10)


Strength: 12

Intelligence: 13

Physical: 14

Attack: 48 – Agility: 12

Magic: 52 – Resistance: 13

Health: 280 – Defense: 14


”Wow! ”

Jacob catches his breath, his face turning red with excitement.

Thats 10 more attribute points than I had!

In the memories, he saw that the first time he saw his stats, he only had 2 strengths, 3 intelligence, and 4 physiques.

A 10-point increase in each attribute is a lot. To understand it better, it goes like this:

[Each 1 point of strength adds 4 points of attack and 1 point of defense].

[Each 1 point of intelligence adds 4 points of magic and 1 point of resistance].

[Each 1 point of physical, adds 20 points of health and point of agility].

I no longer need to beg to join a group in order to complete an initial quest…

Speaking of starting missions, he remembers that everyone received one.

People didn finish the quests right away, the difficulty was pretty much the same for everyone, and not everyone believed it at first.

There were even people saying that this was a government conspiracy.

Besides, it took a while for people to discover that they had missions to do.

”Mission tracking. ”

Muttering these words, Jacob saw a new holographic page replace the old one.

A brown page highlighted the only quest available in the main quests: [Eliminate Snails].

Jacob clicked on the mission.


Mission objective: Eliminate snails (0/20)

The snails are attacking passengers passing by [sea riverside street], you need to eliminate these monsters.

Note: Snails are extremely venomous.



Experience: 100

Gold: 10

1 Labyrinth Key


The quest was the same as in his memories, of course, this wasn something that made him upset or anything, even if it was the same, it wouldn have the same result, since if he got the labyrinth key first, he would take advantage!

”That is… ”

To his surprise, the instant he closed the quest page, a green laser-like line appeared in front of him. Jacob had a bold hunch about that.

Will this take me to the mission coordinate? It was still just a guess, but he remembers that he would have some passive skills for being the first player, Would that be one of them?

It may not seem like much, but it actually changes everything!

Although it was at a time when there was GPS etc.

In missions, they only knew what region the mission was in or who they would have to talk to, other than that, they would have to track it themselves and that took time.

Jacob almost ran away, however, remembering that he was still in his robe, Jacob went to his room very quickly, changed his clothes, and ran out.

Just as he deduced, the lines he saw were giving him the missions coordinates!

As he ran towards the mission location, ignoring the people on the way, even seeing that most were looking confused, he kept running.

When he arrived at the place, on the same street as his memories, his heart was not beating faster just because he had run here, but because he saw the snails, although small, with the names and levels just above their heads.


Snails – Level 1


Even though they are level one, the poison was dangerous even for level 5. Not only did it slowly eat away life for 10 seconds each time they were poisoned, but it also had the paralysis effect, giving the other snails time to attack as well and it almost took another it death the first time.

”If Im not mistaken, every time someone is poisoned, they keep taking life-per-second poisoning, ” Jacob muttered.

Of course, with the amount of life he had, this concern was insignificant, if he also leveled up, his life would be restored. You would need to kill 10 snails to get to level 2.

Although the snails are weak, since they are still at level 1, the quest only counts as eliminated if using bare hands or items dropped from monsters or spells…

At the current time, he could only use his own hands, which was also why it was so difficult for the others to complete this mission.

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