Legend of Paskha

10. Paskha Has 4 Skill Type!?

Asher simply shook his head at the boys reaction to his unexpected sympathy. The way Paskha reacted from the beginning, it didn seem like he was facing a little boy. Isn this boys age only seven, considering Paskha just did the emergence ceremony?

But this childs way of thinking was not your average seven-years kid.


There was the sound of the wind blowing, and the next second, a portal gate appeared out of nowhere.

Paskha smiled happily, seeing the exceedingly distinctive shape of the gate. Only a few people could make a portal gate, and each had a different form.

Sir Cloves portal gate was leaf green with swirling wind streams like a tornado seen from above. Without question, this portal gate must be Sir Cloves.

But what came out of the portal door was not only Sir Clove but the Golden General Lord Gale!!

Paskhas eyes lit up when he saw his foster father, who was thirty years younger and more manly.

Lord Gale was a title given by King Ahasuerus for his phoenix-like speed and ability to command the wind and control the weather.

Not only was he born possessing the strongest active-type skill, but he also had a ninth-level energy source!

Lord Gale was one of Paskhas role models. Moreover, when he learned that Paskhas talent was scarce and craved to become the next Golden General, Lord Gale adopted Paskha as his son.

Alas, Paskha would not choose the mundane path of cultivation. That means… he won be able to have a father again this time.

”Well do as you say. Even though I chose to be a mere lecturer, my loyalty is still in this kingdom. ” came a voice full of authority from Sir Clove.

Sir Cloves demeanor when dealing with small kids differed when he spoke to adults. Even though Lord Gale was not a king, his standing was second to the king.

No wonder Sir Clove treats Lord Gale with courtesy and provides proper hospitality… in everyones eyes.

”Alright. Tomorrow morning I will leave for the North to meet the Grandmaster there. Then Ill go to the border and see if the Mediterranean dares to oppress us. ”

Paskhas brow furrowed hearing this.

The Mediterranean empire was the wealthiest domain and had the strongest and most core masters compared to the other four nations. They felt themselves at the top of the pyramid and often looked down on other masters.

Come to think about it, that guy came from the Mediterranean.

”Hey, little rascal. What are you doing in front of my house? ” a hoarse voice that sounded soft brought Paskha back to reality.

Paskha demonstrated his sweet smile and ran to his teacher. ”I was waiting for you, Sir Clove. ”

”For me? ”

”Sir Clove, who is this child? I could sense unique essence coming from this little one. ”

Paskha wasn overwhelmed, knowing Lord Gale could feel his energy source. High cultivators like Lord Gale as well as Sir Clove could feel his energy source rare grade. Nevertheless, both of them wouldn know his skill type as a core master.

”This child is indeed special. ”

Paskha smiled broadly at the recognition that came from his teachers mouth. Sir Clove had never been stingy with his praise. Despite hitting him on the head every time he misbehaved, Paskha knew that Sir Clove doted on him pretty much.

”Kiddo, did you already undergo the emergence? How is the result? ”

”That… ”

”Esteemed Golden General, shouldn you rest early considering that you will have a long journey at dawn? ” reminded Sir Clove mildly yet pushy as if he wanted to chase away the unwanted guest.

Instead of being offended, Lord Gale laughed out loud at that. ”I guess you
e the only one who dares to talk to me like this in this world. ”

Paskha didn comment and just gave a meaningful smile. Of course, Sir Clove wasn afraid to offend Lord Gale. The two were childhood friends and have been together for decades. Only when people didn look did they drop the formalities.

”Whats your name, young lad? ”

”Greetings, Lord Gale. My name is Paskha. Ive admired you for a long time. ” his hones and sincere regard filled Lord Gales heart with satisfaction. The Golden General got on one knee and patted Paskhas head.

e a little freak, aren you? Small kids like you will run scared as soon as they see me. But you did the contrary. ”

Paskha only smiled and looked at the generals eyes fearlessly. ”I like your eyes. They are clear and dauntless. ” Lord Gale rose to his feet. ”If you plan on becoming a soldier, you can look for me. ”

”Eh? ” in other words, Lord Gale himself will train him?

Though Lord Gale didn know his skill type yet, the man was willing to train him!

Like it or not, Paskha felt happy and proud because he had been the adopted son of this domineering yet affectionated man.

On the other hand, Sir Clove just shook his head. But suddenly, his expression turned heavy when Lord Gale released his spirit aura, making Paskha feel weighty pressure.

”Clovyn, bring the child inside. ”

Sir Clove took Paskha in his hands and walked through the gates of his house. ”Asher, activate the defensive spell now. ”

”Yes, master. ”

Paskha glanced back to see Asher spread his arms out to the sides, and in an instant, a transparent layer enveloped the entire area of ​​this dwelling like a dome.

”Sir Clove, did something happen? ” Paskha could already guess what was happening, considering the cozy atmosphere suddenly became intense.

He guessed some man-eating beasts or soul-sucking spirits had come out of their hiding places to hunt.

Paskha could not sense the presence of the unwanted presence, considering his skill type had not yet been advanced. He did have memories of his past and knew ways to cultivate his energy source.

He could be doing it right now without the guidance of his teacher or another instructor. However… his current choice was different from his previous life. He shouldn be reckless and undertake the same skills advance training.

”Don worry about that. Its not safe out there at this moment, so you should stay here for a while. I will bring you home once the Golden General finishes his seizure. ”

Sir Clove raised a hand and pressed it against the door. His mouth moved as if he was speaking something, but no sound came out.

The next second, the door opened by itself with no one was standing there to open it.

”Lets go inside. ”

Paskha nodded once and followed his masters steps through the door. As soon as he stepped into the house, Paskha felt a subtle inner attack.

He felt thousands of pairs of eyes staring at him intensely as if they wanted to judge him.

”What is it? ” Sir Clove noticed the little boy behind him slightly absent-minded, and his face turned pale.

Hadn he given access to Paskha? Why is his house still attacking this childs mind?

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