Legend of Paskha

7. Let\'s Go Find Sir Clove

”Whats your name, son? ” the old man had overcome his shock and inquired the boy.

”My name is Paskha, ” Paskha replied respectfully as he walked out of the array circle.

Even though he only had a level seven cultivation source energy level, he knew that having two different spirit abilities would be considered a very talented child among other gifted children.

And yet, why did he feel a warm flow from his feet?

Reflexively, Paskha lowered his head to find out what made his feet feel warm. He was like a bat blinded by the sun when he saw the blueish light fading from the bottom of his feet.

Paskha instantly shifted to the side to block the unusual light from being seen by the older man.

Whats this? Why did he now have one passive skill?

When he underwent the emergence ceremony, he only had two active skills with no passive ones. Why is it different now?

”Paskha? Who are your parents? And where do you live? ”

This is one reason why he wished to conceal his talent. After learning his two skills and full inborn energy source, he remembered that this geezer had also asked the same thing.

This old geezer would spread his talents until King Ahasuerus heard about it.

Well, he doubted the palace would be interested in recruiting now. Even though he possessed two different spirit abilities, this old geezer knew he only possessed a level seven energy source.

No matter how smart and diligent one was, if the source energy level were only at level seven, one would not be able to use both of his spirit abilities at the same time, let alone master them to the peak of their potential.

Perhaps one could master both if one skill was support or a passive one. However, Paskhas skills were both active types, with one offense and the other was defense.

One couldn train the two on a par unless one had a nine-level or full inborn energy source. In the old geezers eyes, Paskhas only option was to choose one and focus on training it.

”Why are you curious about my family? ” instead of answering the old mans question, Paskha gave him another question.

”It will be easy for you to train if you follow your parents type. ”

”But… my parents weren core masters. Their energy source wasn even reaching the fifth level. ”

”What? Then how did you come to have the seventh grade? ”

Paskha wished to know about it too. Paskhas parents were just ordinary merchants and died in an accident when Paskha was learning to walk.

It was said that Paskhas parents were attacked by bandits while traveling from the East to the South. Not only were the goods robbed, but they were also mercilessly slaughtered.

After years of investigations, Paskha had not found the bandits who attacked his parents or found their bones.

”I hope I could answer that. ”

”Where are they now? ” it seems that this geezer was still curious about Paskhas family background. Not everyone could have more than one active skill, not to mention that both of them were the actives one.

e gone. They said that rogue bandits attacked them when I was only a baby. ”

The old man was silent for a minute. ”Poor thing. You must be going through a tough time. ”

Paskha didn know if he had a tough time. His parents died when he was so young that he didn remember what his parents were like.

Fortunately, the court had long established a shelter for orphans so that Paskhas needs were met even though he did not have any benefactor.

Come to think of it… who his parents were? Usually, a childs skill type and energy source level are not much different from the parents.

Then why did he have a full inborn energy source with two…, or was it now three different skill types?

Furthermore, who was telling him in the past that his parents level of energy source was only two? Paskha couldn quite remember it.

”This is a statement letter regarding your type of skills. Since you have an active-type ability, you can enter the Four Elements academy if you wish. ”

The Four Elements Academy was one of the best junior academies in the country. As long as they have active skills and seventh or above energy sources, prospective students were immediately accepted without taking the entrance exam.

On the contrary, the others had to take the entrance exam, which was quite tricky because this academy only accepted the best and most talented students among the talents.

In the past, Paskha did not have time to enter this academy, considering the palace took him in to be a Golden General candidate.

He was quite excited, knowing he would enjoy the school environment in this life, until he remembered that he had chosen another path.

”Old man, if I were to attend eternal path, where should I go? ”

”Eternal cultivation? Don dream about it. With that source energy level of yours, you will never succeed even if you have two active skills type. ”

”I know. Im just curious. ”

The old geezer sighed in resignation as he shook his head. Well, it wouldn hurt to let the boy know a little.

”If a person has a tier nine or above energy source and has at least two active-type skills, they can go directly to Sir Clove. He is the intermediary of the immortal mountain with the plains kingdom. ”

Ah… thats why Sir Clove used to convince him to join eternal cultivation training. He had never understood why his persuasion and gestures looked so confident and convincing when persuading him, and now he understood the reason.

If Paskha wanted to enter eternal cultivation training, he had to find Sir Clove first. Isn this so easy? He also intended to make Sir Clove his direct teacher, after all. It killed two birds with one stone!

A satisfied smile was perfectly imprinted on his still childish face. Yet strangely enough, the light in his eyes was filled with a rich and unwavering determination.

How strange. Why do I feel like Im dealing with a Golden General? thought the old man in bewilderment.

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