Lost in A Beast World

Survival of the Courageous

My arms begin to strain me the higher I climb up the tree, but there is no use stopping. If I take a rest now I might fall down and break a leg. Just mentioning the height made my stomach ache and my head feel woozy.

”Alright, just calm down, ” I say to myself as I carry the rope around my shoulder. ”don look down, don look down, don look down! ”

Naturally I squeeze the tree and look down to see how far up I am from the ground. ”By gods grace, ” I mumble to myself as I move my head up wards. In my head the distance seemed to be miles above the ground, when I was only- ”10 feet off the ground, Im ok, Im ok. ” I say shakenly as I focus on the big branch ahead. ”I just got to make it to that branch and Ill be fine. ” I whispered as I reached for the branch.

Now you might be wondering why a girl with a serious case of acrophobia (the fear of heights) would be scaling a massive over grown tree in the middle of the woods. Well I wish I could give you a straight answer, but I can not. You see I don even know how I got here either.

You see it started in the morning, you know: eating breakfast, getting ready for school, packing lunch, my sisters bugging the crap out my mom before Im out the door and heading to school. But there was something else to, I didn know what it was, all I did know was a flash of white light covered everything around me and I woke up in the middle of the woods. I couldn find a bag or anyone for that matter. Ive just been out here all alone for at least a day. Needless to say it is best to not camp in the woods without any supplies.

”Alright I made it! ” I blurt out in dry happiness as I grab the rope and wait in silence for something to run by. ”All I have to do is jump on what ever runs by

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