Lost in A Beast World

Cave Stay and Clean Break

I make my way to face the half- human half-wolf guy only to feel a sudden burst of wind fly past me leaving my sweatshirt torn and flying next to me. In the distance I see the naked guy shapeshift into a wolf and run past the many trees in his path. I stand there in shock as I just watch him run away. ”Wah- Hey! Come back! ” I yell as I try to run after him only to find myself limping as I do so.

Great, I guess while I was running I twisted my ankle somehow. As I stopped to pick up the pieces of my torn sweatshirt I could hear the sounds of howling close by. The howl was strong and proud as it echoes throughout my body. ”Another one!? Great I guess I can get away from them. ” I anxiously groan as I continue to limp only to rest again at a nearby tree.

I can fight nor can I run in this state. I guess Ill just hope that I will get lucky and they will run right past me. As I have that thought to myself I hear the rustling of leaves and sticks as a large predator passes by two trees behind me only to come to a chilling hult. The forest gets quiet as my heart beats a mile a minute and I turn my head slowly to see what it is like an idiot.

As I pear around the left side of the tree all I can see is the typical forest scene with only one difference: an imprint of a giant wolfs paw in the soft dirt near the tree. In a panic I whip my head back around only to see a scary stranger sitting right next to me with a piece of cloth in his hands.

He had a pair of black wolf ears resting on top of his head as his hair was short and matched perfectly with the jet black hue of the ears. His skin was a darker, more vibrant shade of my own. His eyes where like cut amber stones that seemed to be cold and foreign. I dared not to break eye contact with him due to the sheer fear and intimation.

He glared at me long and hard as if he studied everything he saw. ”Female, you were with my brothers, where are they now? ” They said in a serious and angry voice. ”I have been calling them this entire time the least they could do is tell me whats going on. ” The stranger says as he backs down and walks in circles in an angry huff.

As he does so I could see he had an animal skin skirt wrapped around his waist that was long enough to cover his legs to his knees. The print was brown and grey and seemed to be the fur of some big animal. ”Why can they just- oh by gods if I get my hands on them- now I have to take care of this female… ” he started to mumble to himself as he walked in circles. I take this time to focus on my leg and use whatever pieces of the sweatshirt I have left with some nearby branches that hold my foot in place.

After I constructed my contraption I noticed he had a small cloth in his hand. One that looked like a red, furry animal skin fabric. But I don dare to question it out loud. ”Alright enough with the staring, come with me and Ill take you to the cave we stay at. ” The stranger says as he turns himself into a giant black wolf and starts to walk away. ”Well? Aren you coming? ” He says in annoyance as he turns his head towards me.

I start to stand up and follow him only to pause mid way. ”Wait, why should I? I don even know who you are. I can just follow you, what if you try to kill me? ” I say as I back away only to be met with a dark tone. ”Well wouldn it be better to die by a beast man than a wild animal, right? ” The black wolf says as he continues to walk away.

I stand there, puzzled as the black wolf walks away. Darn I don want to admit it, but he is right. I can spend another night alone and with my condition now I wouldn even survive. But he said a beastmen, so they really aren human after all, would that make the other two beastmen as well? What does this mean exactly? Well whatever it means I have to be careful.

”H-heh touche, where exactly are we going? ” I ask as I cautiously follow the wolf through the woods. ”Like I said, Im taking you to the cave we found. There we can eat and ask questions about you. ” They responded in a dry and unhumored tone. We walk for a while through the wild and untamed forest.

We walked up and down hills with roots growing out of the ground making it hard for me to walk alongside the wolf. ”We are almost there, let me see if my brothers are near. ” The wolf remarked as he began to loudly howl that made my entire body shake and almost made my ears burst. As the wolf finished his call he waited for a while before a response could be heard.

The howl was deep and powerful, while seeming to be very close. After the sound of the call went off the sounds of rustling bushes and the pounding of the ground could be heard in our direction. ”My brother Milori is running in our direction, you do not need to be afraid. ” The wolf says as a very strong aura could be felt behind me followed by the breaking of branches.

With my startlement I trip and fall backwards to see a giant white wolf stare back at me. I hold both fear and embarrassment as I look into the wolfs eyes. ”Uh, hi. ” I awkwardly squeaked out as I tried to stand up again only to feel something hot and thick run down by back. ”Ah, ow. ” I painfully blurt out only to be met with someone helping me stand up.

I turn around to see the attractive white haired man holding me up and looking into my eyes. I feel my face become red and I jump out his arms. ”Ah, Im sorry! Im ok, I just tripped. ” I blurt out only to be met with someone lifting up the back of my shirt to expose my back. ”Huh!? Hey! DONT DO THAT! You pervert, let go! ” I scream out as I pull on the back of my shirt only to fall down again and met with a view under the guys short skirt.

I desperately try to get up again only for someone to lift me up again and look at my back. ”You
e bleeding, stop moving, you will only make this worse. Come on we need to hurry, this looks bad. ” The white haired man says as he carries me over his shoulder and through the woods.

Wh-wait! Whats going on? Whats happening!? Somebody help me! I scream internally as we all head towards the big cave. Oh no, please! I don know what is going to happen but I think this is going to be the start to something crazy.

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