I rush to put on my shirt as both Milori and Corwin walk towards the entrance of the cave. I stand up and begin to walk to the entrance but as I do so I feel something slightly uncomfortable on my ankle. I look down to see that someone has wrapped my ankle in a cloth that is tightly tied around it. I guess they noticed the strange thing I did to my leg. I think to myself as I look out to see the world has become darker.

Dusk kissed the trees with orange, pink and purple hues as they sky began to fill with the view of the stars. Outside the cave layer large boulders that were covered in moss and dirt. Behind one of them sat a fire with a giant skinned boar roasting overhead. The smell of char and burn lumber fill my nose as I watch the black-haired beastmen poking the boar.

”The meat is cooked, come and eat some female. ” The Beastman says as he picks up a large leaf from his side and begins to cut into the meat with a stone knife. I am handed the meat filled leaf only for it to be stolen away from Corwin. ”Female the meat might me too hot for you, let me cool it down. ” Corwin says with his eyes shining like a little lovey dovy child as he burns his hands trying to pick the meat apart.

He tries to hide his pain as he does so only for me to take it back. ”Its quite alright, I can do it. I say only for Corwin to continue insisting. ”No allow me, please, I want to make up for earlier. ” Corwin says in a sweet voice as his grasp on the leaf becomes to strong and the hot meat falls through, burning both of our hands.

I hiss and let go as I watch the meat fall to the ground and my hangry mood swing kicks in. ”Listen I appreciate the thought but I can do this myself. I haven eaten in like two days and now Ive burned my hands and let the meat fall to the ground. ” I bitterly say as I stand up to find something to use to pick up the meat.

I find a clean piece of bark and lift up the meat from the ground. I then turn to Corwin and ask him a question. ”Where is the nearest body of water? I need to go and clean my hands and the meat. ” I bitterly say as his sad eyes meet my flamed filled ones.

”It is passed those bushes but allow me to come with you. ” Corwin says only for me to stop him. ”Im alright, I don need anyone to come with me. ” I say as I turn to walk through the bushes. I walk through the woods for a while to eventually find a small creek flowing gently down the hill. I put down my burned hands and begin to put them into the cool water.

It stings for a moment till a sense of relief rushes over me. I then grab the meat and begin to wash off the dirt from it. As I do so the stars become more abundant and the sound of chirping crickets can be heard. I listen as I lose myself in thinking about home.

I think about the last family camping trip when dad forgot to bring a lighter and we had to start a fire with a piece of rope and wood. We had so much fun on that trip, I can wait to get back home, to my family. I think about my three friends that I left behind along with all the worries they all might have.

The female by the creekside doesn notice as a beastmen flies above and into a nearby tree. High above a giant grey moth beast man flies into a nearby tree and takes in the rare sight. Yesterday one of the bat beastmen reported seeing a female in the woods, but that report was only just a speculation for no one else saw the female when they went out searching.

”I must go and report this to Soren, ” the moth beastmen thought to himself as he continued to watch the female. ”If I do I might be able to be released back to my forest. ” The giant fuzzy moth hummed as he made a mad dash to the Bat beastmen colony.

The moth soared high above the trees as the night was gently embraced with the pale moonlight from Selena and Atlas, the two moons that rose every night. As the beastmen neared the cave he was stopped moments before entering almost eaten by one of the giant bats that flew high above the cliff side, where the cave entrance was held.

”Its me, Dexter. I need to speak with Soren. ” The moth corsley states before being let through. If it wasn for the fact that he was Sorens runner, Dexter would have been killed in an instant. Some of the bat beastmen we
e insectivores, but most in the colony ate fruit that grew at the bottom of the cliffs.

Dexter transforms from a giant fluffy moth into a short, grey-haired male thats hairs glistened in the light from the glow worms that filled the cave. Dexter had two fluffy antennae that poked from on top of his head. But as he briskly walked through the cave his appearance only drew unwanted attention that he grew a custom to.

Dexter enters one of the forbidden Chambers that are marked by Soren. The room is dark and has a floral scent that filled Dexters senses. ”Speak if you have anything of use, if not then leave. ” A beastmen shrouded in darkness says.

Dexter nervously quivers before relying on the information. ”There is a female in the woods, she seems to be alone though Im not sure. ” The silence through the room carries in full as the dark figure speaks. ”I see, find her and bring her here. She will be a part of our colony soon enough. ” The shadow says as the moth beastmen dismisses himself.

The colony would find use in another female, after all of she is in the Fern Forest then that means that her clan, colony or what have you, didn want her. This means they have the right to make her theirs. The shadow casted beastmen smiles to himself. ”It would be fun to see how the female reacts, whether she believes in bat beastmen and is terrified or if she would demand to go back to her home. ” The beastmen thinks to himself.


Back with the wolf beastmen and the human girl an ominous feeling fills the cave where the human girl can be sleeping. ”Do you think the stories are true? What if Bat beastmen do exist? ” Corwin huffs in a worried tone.

Milori looks at Corwin as Ethan patrols in the distance in his wolf form. ”They are just a myth, like humans and mermaids. ” Milori sighs as he looks at the moons in the sky. ”Even though dragons finally started to show themselves and became a well known colony once again. ” Corwin shivers as he states the remark. Its bad enough dragons can range in strength and abilities determined by their place of birth.

Bat beastmen are the mythical mammal beastmen that could fly like the birds. What if they are real and take the female. Corwin looks back as his heart aches. I really want to be a pack, even if that means the female doesn want me. I can be rejected and become a feral beast. Time seems to be against them as this thought comes to mind.

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