*Chirp* *Chirp*

The melodious but bothersome sounds of the birds chirping aloud, without a care in the world, began resonating all over as the majestic sun slowly dawned upon the world.

On a large bed, with a relatively luxurious wooden frame, a rather interesting sight could be seen were there to be any onlookers.

Two people, a handsome young man, and an equally beautiful, mature woman could be seen entwined in each others carnal embrace, completely naked from head to toe. Their breathing was even and calm. Clearly, they were in the midst of deep sleep, tired because of their previous wild night of delight that they spent in each others scandalous company.

The state of the room, and the smell permeating throughout, clearly indicated that what happened last night was not something a minor should be allowed to witness or even become privy to.

The young black-haired man was a sight to behold, regardless of the gender of the beholder. He had a particular variety of androgynous beauty that could attract both men and women alike. It was a deadly charm that gave him a distinct edge over all of his competitors in the field of picking up girls.

His calm sleeping form seemed to be disturbed somehow as he began shifting uncomfortably in the bed. The sheets covering his naked body started squirming, a tell tale sign of the struggle his body mustve been undergoing underneath.

Finally, his eyes trembled briefly before he got up abruptly with a look of horror and panic marring his handsome features.

He swiftly placed his right hand on his chest and felt his wildly beating heart drumming against his chest. At the same time, he continued to take deep breaths in order to calm himself down, calming his trembling body alongside his trembling mind. It was obvious for anyone to see that he had seen a particularly unpleasant dream— a nightmare, to be exact.

This cumbersome state of his lasted for a few seconds before he finally released a deep sigh full of lethargy before plopping his back along the bed rest.

”I had that nightmare again… ”

Adam murmured as he scanned the room briefly before remembering that he wasn inside his home right now. Then again it should have been pretty evident by now if one knew of his living circumstances.

Sweeping his hair to the sides, soaked with sweat due to his previous state of fear and anxiety inflicted on him by his nightmares, he looked at the brown-haired woman sleeping peacefully next to him. Her devilish body was still stained in white liquids— his bodily fluids to be exact, the type of fluid needed no mentioning.

It seemed that they had been too tired after all those straining exercises they conducted over bed and just fell asleep without bothering to take a bath. This was not the first time it had happened though, so he was already quite used to this sticky and uncomfortable state he was feeling down to his very bones.

Reminiscing of last nights event, he took out a cigarette, from the box placed on the table next to the bed, lit it up with a lighter then pulled a long puff before exhaling out the turbid smoke quietly.

He knew that smoking was far from being the healthiest of habits, but it always helped wake him up from his deeply lethargic state.

Furthermore, thanks to what happened to him recently, the last thing that would kill him was mere lung cancer. In fact, he was sure that his body was going to process the neurotoxins in some way and emit them out in one way or another. He didn need to know of the method, or the exit path, however. He felt that he wouldn particularly like that knowledge.

A few minutes later, after he had finally managed to calm his tense nerves, he could feel the sheets beginning to move again, clearly the other party was stirring awake from her deep slumber as well.

”*Ugh* ”

His eyes shifted to the groaning woman slowly entering the realm of reality again from her deep state of sleep.

Extinguishing the cigarette on the ashtray that was specially placed there for him, he asked with a gleam in his eyes.

”Slept well? ”

Shuri gave him the stink eye when he asked him that question. They both knew he was the reason she was feeling so tired and sore in the first place, but she was simply too proud to bother responding to him on that rhetorical question. She was sure that inquiry was made with the explicit desire to tease the hell out of her and she would die before giving him the satisfaction of pulling it off.

Stifling a yawn, she stretched out, causing the sheet covering her sinful body to fall down, showing off her magnificent breasts and luscious curves to the world before anyone even asked for her magnificence to be shown… She didn need it, after all.

”What time is it? ”

Looking at the clock on the wall, Adams eyes twinkled with blatant amusement as he answered, mirth evident in his tone.

”Seven-thirty. Seems like you will be late today. ”

”Shit! ”

All sense of drowsiness vanished from her face. Giving him the middle finger, she stood up and bolted out of the bed in order to rush towards the shower at lightning speed, her voice trailing behind her as she uttered her complaints to him from the shower.

”I swear that if I am late, I am going to deduct some of your points! ”

The sound of water flowing down the shower immediately followed after the door was closed behind her.

Laughing at her half-hearted threats, Adam debated having another quick romp under the shower with her. His growing lust and his sense of responsibility warred each other to the death. To his utter chagrin, however, responsibility won in the end.

Thirty minutes later, Shuri was prepared for work.

Her attire consisted of a black suit over a white shirt and a short black-colored, gray-striped pencil skirt that just reached above her knees, as well as a pair of brown thigh-high stockings with a garter belt that was still well hidden by her relatively skimpy pencil skirt.

Her left annular finger was adorned with a golden ring. It was a wedding ring, to be exact. One of considerable worth too.

Her long brown hair tied into a bun and her rectangular black-rimmed glasses gave her a rather strict and mean look. Nothing like

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