The pictures filling his brain gradually became unsuitable for children.
Xia Xingchi quickly shook his head and suddenly wanted to ask himself, what should my role be?

Twice in a row, Li Chengyuan had pulled at him while unconscious and refused to let him go.
He must have identified the wrong person, so there was obviously only one truth —

I look a lot like his White Moonlight!

It all made sense now.
No wonder Li Chengyuan didn’t stop the engagement according to the original plot after meeting him, but even offered him a monthly salary of one million to hire him to live with him.

Xia Xingchi had transmigrated with his original body and knew that he was different from the original owner.
Li Chengyuan’s so-called “love at first sight” that day must be because he looked suitable as a substitute the moment he saw him!

Xia Xingchi was shocked when he realized that he had entered a new role without knowing it.

In any case, it was not the life of the protagonist, who was awful at first glance, and being a stand-in was better than being cannon fodder.
If he performed well, he wouldn’t be doomed.

Li Chengyuan muttered to himself for a moment, and finally let go of his hand in a stupor.
Seeing this, he quickly tiptoed out of the room and hurried downstairs to apply for foreign aid.

– – –

Before he could knock, the door to Uncle Ding’s room opened in front of him.
The old man had been awakened by the movement upstairs and was about to go out and check: “Young Master, what is the matter? Is Sir sick again?”

Xia Xingchi immediately nodded as if grasping a lifeline: “He has a fever! I mentioned contacting a doctor, but he didn’t cooperate at all and wouldn’t tell me the phone number.”

Uncle Ding understood: “Don’t worry, Young Master, I’ll call Dr.
Zhao now, and he’ll be here soon.”

After thinking about it, he added: “Go and rest first, I’ll take care of it.”

Xia Xingchi immediately shook his head, expressing that he would guard Li Chengyuan.

He didn’t dare go to sleep.
After all, he knew that Li Chengyuan could die at any moment.
He was very nervous when he saw that he was sick, for fear that when he woke up, he would find that such a big fiance was already gone.

Uncle Ding couldn’t help being a little surprised.
It was already three o’clock in the morning, but Xia Xingchi wasn’t impatient at all, and his worried expression didn’t have any elements of acting.

Long before the engagement, there were rumors that he was cowardly and selfish, and that he dared to mutter, “I don’t want to take care of a short-lived sick child,” and “I don’t want to marry, why is Li Chengyuan still alive?”

After their short contact two days ago, Uncle Ding felt that the rumors could not be fully believed, and may have been fabricated by someone.

Now it seemed that it really was a deliberate fabrication, and Young Master Xia was not like that at all.

The old man breathed a sigh of relief and explained: “Don’t worry, Sir gets sick easily this time of the year, but he recovers quickly.”

The subtext was a hope that Xia Xingchi wouldn’t find it bothersome.
He didn’t fall ill often, and never troubled others when he was sick.

The attitudes of others would not affect the current Li Chengyuan, but if Xia Xingchi loathed him, it would definitely be a fatal blow to the person who had just overcome his psychological barriers.

Xia Xingchi would naturally never be so cold-blooded.
He just pointed to his head worriedly to signal Uncle Ding: “Li Chengyuan seems to be —”

Uncle Ding immediately took his meaning, and hesitated for a moment before saying: “Sir has been a little stimulated before, so he occasionally gets confused and thinks he is in the old house……but it has rarely happened in the past two years.”

The summary was overly rough, but Xia Xingchi had no choice but to nod faintly.

The original novel didn’t go over the big boss’s childhood experiences in detail.
There was only a brief description:

It was said that Li Chengyuan had been a madman since he was a child, and was even able to sleep peacefully while guarding his mother’s body all night.

Thinking about it now, his mother had hanged herself, and the horror of her death must have been terrible.

What was Li Chengyuan’s state of mind at that time, to be able to watch his next of kin struggle like crazy due to an instinctive desire to survive, and eventually become so ferocious and terrifying that his original appearance could no longer be distinguished?

Although this was used to prove the fact that he was an insane villain, after getting along with him these two days, Xia Xingchi felt that he was not so deranged and that perhaps there was something more to it.

But he must have had a bad time anyway, otherwise someone wouldn’t become so paranoid and twisted for no rhyme or reason.

Xia Xingchi regained his composure with a sigh, then turned to Uncle Ding and said: “You call first, the hot water seems to be ready.
I’ll go up and see if Li Chengyuan has taken any antipyretics.”

Uncle Ding paused in the middle of dialing the number, his expression stunned: “Antipyretics? Where did you get the antipyretics?”

“Huh? I just took them from the drawer in his room……” Xia Xingchi choked on his words.
The cause and effect were clearly presented, and he had a very bad intuition!

— Why were there no fever reducers in the medicine cabinet? Why were they hidden in such an inconspicuous little drawer along with painkillers, sedatives, and other medicines?

Xia Xingchi immediately rushed upstairs, his heart in his throat.

Upon hastily pushing open the door, everything appeared to look very normal.
Li Chengyuan seemed to be fully awake, reclined quietly in bed and back to his usual indifference.

But the more normal this situation was, the more Xia Xingchi’s already bad intuition rose toward its peak.

Taking a closer look, Li Chengyuan was chewing something with a numb face like he was eating candy —

In his hand, there was an entire empty board of antipyretics, and this person who was particularly afraid of bitterness was breaking off the last one at this time and putting it in his mouth expressionlessly.


Except for these two, Xia Xingchi couldn’t find any words to sum up his horrified mood for a moment, and was so frightened by this scene that his soul flew away.

He tremblingly asked: “Li Chengyuan, what’s wrong with you……”

Li Chengyuan raised his deep amber eyes, staring straight at the intruder while hiding the medicine in his hand like a child.

“Get out.”

His expression was intimidating, and his strong aura and tone were the same as usual.

Xia Xingchi almost thought he had recovered, and went to take a step back and leave.

But as soon as he thought about it, he felt something was wrong, so he rushed forward several steps!

He directly reached out to grasp Li Chengyuan’s wrist and went to grab the last pill in a belated attempt at damage control.
As to the reason for his madness, they could only discuss it later.

Although Xia Xingchi knew that this person had strength that was quite inconsistent with his appearance, he never thought that with a high fever and illness, he would be so difficult to deal with.

To compare the two, he was no match at all.
Not only did he fail to get the medicine, but he was directly dragged down on the bed.

Xia Xingchi had originally assumed a commanding position, but now it had turned into being pressed down hard on the bed and thrashing as he rolled back and forth to fight with Li Chengyuan.

The brain circuits of a crazy man were really incomprehensible.
Xia Xingchi was concentrating on grabbing the medicine, but he saw that the white pill that had been clutched so tightly just now, like a life-saving medicine, had been thrown to the ground like trash by Li Chengyuan.

With a crisp sound, it even bounced twice.

And it was between those two clacking sounds that Xia Xingchi suddenly realized he had become the new target of the crazy villain!

Li Chengyuan’s body was burning hot, but his fingertips were cold.

With such strength that it was impossible to resist, he clasped Xia Xingchi’s left shoulder with one hand, and restrained his right hand with the other.
Immediately after, he promptly bullied him, bending down to press Xia Xingchi under him!

In the chaos, there was only one thought: “Catch him.” Li Chengyuan gritted his teeth and clamped down on Xia Xingchi tightly, refusing to relax at all.
It was as if he would disappear without a trace if he released his grip.

As soon as Xia Xingchi raised his head to meet his terrifying gaze full of unconcealed possessive desire, he shrank down instantly and could only struggle desperately to push him away.

For fuck’s sake, this guy was definitely mistaken again.
Don’t spread all your hatred for the White Moonlight onto an innocent scapegoat, ah!

The battle was fierce, and neither paid attention to the footsteps and conversation at the door: “Fever? Has he caught a cold recently? I have already said these days – ahhhh!”

The rest of his words cut off, leaving only a shocked exclamation.

The young Dr.
Zhao, who was carrying a medical kit and dressed casually, pushed open the door: The two people on the bed were entangled in a strange posture, with their ten fingers even interlocking.

Crouching to the side and watching for a long time was a white cat ball with a curious face, observing the strange behavior of these two humans.

It seemed to be thinking that it wasn’t spring yet, and wondering why they couldn’t wait.

“You…..!!” The battle was so shocking that Zhao Yinhe could hardly speak from the fright.

Although they became a legal couple immediately, and it was late at night in their own bed, and the time, place, and participants were all right……

Since this was the case, what was he doing here?!


T/N: Posting this early since I won’t have time tomorrow.
This hourly wage slave has a big project due before I go on vacation.

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