Shi Yin thought for a moment, then turned on the camera, found a good angle with a sunset background, and took a quick selfie.

Shi Yin simply selected a filter and then posted a Weibo.

It’s Yinyin: Yin Yin is going home! [Photo.jpg]

When Shi Yin finished posting, she quit Weibo and then turned around to leave.

She saw Zhou Si Yang standing by the car and waiting for her.

Shi Yin walked over and smiled, “You are back, why don’t you call me??”

“Seeing you are busy taking a picture, I didn’t bother you.”

The two opened the door and got into the car while talking.

In fact, it wasn’t that he didn’t want to disturb her.
But when he came out, he saw her standing sideways bathing in the orange-red sunlight of the setting sun. 

Zhou Si Yang felt that the picture was too stunning, and he forgot to call her.

Zhou Cheng Yuan, who was covered with a blanket and blowing the air on the balcony upstairs, witnessed all of this in silence.

He saw that the little girl who sincerely said that she had loved him for many years at the family dinner a few days ago had gotten into Zhou Si Yang’s car with a smile today, and left with Zhou Si Yang right under his nose.

There was a sneer at the corner of Zhou Cheng Yuan’s mouth.

Shi Yin.


That night, Shi Yin went on a hot search.

She posted a selfie without even thinking about it, and it ended up trending on the hot search.

When Meng Ran found her, she was holding a tablet while reading the news.

“Yin Yin, my little ancestor, you can do it.
You are on the hot search all at once.
You are going to publicize “Rising Stars” for free.
You are really my little god of wealth!” Meng Ran happily said.

Shi Yin was still at a loss, and asked, “What?”

Meng Ran ate the potato chips and said with a smile, “Go and see for yourself.”

Shi Yin, who had been lying lazily on the bed without an image, got up to see the news.

When she opened Weibo, she was bombarded by countless comments.

After she clicked on the trending news, all the gossip related to her love affair because of the selfie she had posted was revealed.

Shi Yin didn’t pay attention when taking pictures, and by mistake, she took Zhou Si Yang’s limited-edition car worth tens of millions in it. 

That was fine, netizens actually saw Zhou’s family behind her from her selfie.
And some even pointed out, the man in a wheelchair sitting on the second-floor balcony.

Shi Yin, “…”

These netizens were really sharp, if they didn’t point out that she wouldn’t have noticed it herself.

Some netizens even guessed that the man in a wheelchair was Zhou Cheng Yuan, the second son of the Zhou family.

Many online nymphomaniacs liked Zhou Cheng Yuan’s good-looking appearance, saying that he should go to an idol drama to play that kind of sickly male protagonist. 

And he would look particularly handsome after being blackened!

So the question everyone was guessing – Was Shi Yin secretly taking photos of herself and Zhou Cheng Yuan as a couple, or revealing to netizens that she was waiting for Zhou Si Yang to drive her home??

So two major factions of fans were born, one supporting Zhou Cheng Yuan and the other supporting Zhou Si Yang.

Moreover, the two major factions held their own opinions and quarreled wildly on Weibo.

Shi Yin watched their wonderful comments and disputes like a big debate and sighed. 

She didn’t care about her own things, but these netizens were really something.

However, this did provide a lot of publicity for Shi Yin to participate in “Raising Stars”, because soon, the hot search related to it came up.

And because Zhou’s family was also the investor in this program, this makes the majority of netizens more curious and create more gossip.

For this reason, Shi Yin became the first person to become popular before even participating in the show.

Shi Yin sat on the bed and thought about it carefully.
And then decided to call her beloved first.

This beloved was naturally the one she had chosen to marry.

Shi Yin found Zhou Cheng Yuan’s number on her cell phone and sent him a text message.

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