this, it is impossible.” Shi Yin said.

The more Shi Yin thought about it, the more she felt that Zhou Cheng Yuan’s reaction was normal. 

And then she happily went to take a bath.

Anyway, she had already coaxed her marriage partner, so she didn’t care about the others.

When Shi Yin took a bath, she picked up the cell phone next to her and glanced again at the text message.

She suddenly felt that Zhou Cheng Yuan had an overbearing president’s demeanor.

It was the same as the domineering president in many CEOs’ romance novels.

While lying in the bathtub, her addiction to drama suddenly went up. 

Shi Yin leaned over and mimicked the tone of an overbearing president and said in a cold tone, “As long as Yin Yin likes it, she can do whatever she wants.”

After mimicking, Shi Yin sighed, “Fuck, this is too good!”

Zhou Si Yang was simply not in the same rank as this man!

“Don’t know why the heroine of the original novel liked Zhou Si Yang…” Shi Yin thought to herself, “Anyway, she hasn’t seen anything good about him until now, except for his white skin.”

On the day that Shi Ming Yuan and his wife took Shi Yin to visit Zhou’s house, Zhou Si Yang was not there.
Only Father Zhou and Zhou Cheng Yuan were at home.

Father Zhou knew the purpose of their visit and he warmly entertained them.

Shi Ming Yuan said to Father Zhou, “Master, after going home I thought about the marriage carefully and talked to Yin Yin for a long time.
In the end, I decided to respect Yin Yin’s choice and let her marry whoever she likes.”

These few days, Mr.
Zhou had also weighed the pros and cons of this marriage. 

Needless to say, Shi Ming Yuan would definitely want his daughter to be happy and have good cooperation between the two families. 

And Shi Yin was a simple child with no big ambitions, so he was more at ease with her.

Therefore, Zhou Jin Feng still had expectations for this marriage.

However, Shi Ming Yuan paused for a moment and continued, “But as a father, I have a few requests, I hope Master Zhou can agree to them accommodatingly.”

Zhou Jin Feng raised his eyebrows and calmly asked with a cheerful smile, “Why don’t you talk about it?”

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