The elevator in Zhou’s house was mirrored.
This elevator was specially prepared for Zhou Cheng Yuan. 

Although the original body often visited Zhou’s house, she had never taken this elevator, so Shi Yin had no idea that the elevator was equipped with a mirror.

Now the two of them were facing the mirror, and the man’s pale face painted with eyebrow pencil could be clearly seen.

A small beard was painted on his chin, the tip of his nose was painted black, and the word “king” was written on his forehead. 

Zhou Cheng Yuan rolled his head leisurely and looked at the mirror.

When Shi Yin thought that he would say something, she awkwardly laughed a little to lighten up the situation.

Zhou Cheng Yuan ignored her reaction and said, “Go to the elevator first.
For others, let’s go back to the room and say.”

Shi Yin, “?”

Shi Yin helped Zhou Cheng Yuan into the elevator.
As the elevator went upstairs, Shi Yin, who had a strong desire for survival, tried hard to discuss with Zhou Cheng Yuan.

“I can also let you paint on my face once…okay?”

Zhou Cheng Yuan squinted his eyes and calmly replied, “I don’t like to do such a naive thing.”

When Shi Yin was about to think of other ways, she heard him say again, “But if Yin Yin wants me to do it, I will do it.”

Shi Yin, “…”

Forget it, she can’t do anything about it.

“Don’t you think…it looks actually pretty good!” 

After getting out of the elevator, Shi Yin started talking nonsense as she walked to Zhou Cheng Yuan’s room.

“It’s a little tiger.
How majestic! How domineering! It’s suitable for you!”

“Uncle Cheng Yuan, you are born with that kind of a ‘king’ style, just like the tiger known as the ‘king of the forest’, you are a born king, so I drew a tiger on your face.”

“Because in my heart, Uncle Cheng Yuan will always be my king.”

Shi Yin almost believed her own nonsense when spoke that rainbow farts.

Zhou Cheng Yuan’s mouth was hooked after listening to those words.

Shi Yin help him to the bed, let Zhou Cheng Yuan sit down, and waited for the expulsion notice.

“Then uncle…you rest, I’ll go back first…”

Before Shi Yin finish speaking goodbye, Zhou Cheng Yuan interrupted, “Wait.”

Because of her guilty conscience, her heart thumped. 

Shi Yin turned her head a little mechanically, and the corner of her mouth tugged stiffly.

She innocently blinked her eyes and asked, “Is there anything else uncle??”

Zhou Cheng Yuan stretched out his hand to open the drawer, then he took out a box from it, and handed it to Shi Yin.

Shi Yin took the box in a puzzled manner. 

When she opened it, Zhou Cheng Yuan said, “There is nothing much to give you.
Let me give you this, as a betrothal gift.”

Shi Yin’s eyes widened in shock seeing the pink diamond in the box, her eyes suddenly twinkled with money floating around her eyes.

Such a big diamond simply blinded her dog’s eyes!

Shi Yin was a third-line star in her past life, she wasn’t worried about food and clothing or even had little savings, but compared to this, her income was just a drop in the bucket.

The main thing was that this diamond is too damn good-looking!

“Give this to me?” Shi Yin blinked and unexpectedly asked. 

After asking, she said, “This is too precious, I can’t…”

Zhou Cheng Yuan said, “Isn’t you the most precious one??”

Hearing it, Shi Yin was stunned.
Is this man teasing her??

“If Yin Yin still feels embarrassed, how about fulfilling her obligations as a wife in advance?”

Shi Yin, “???”

In broad daylight, what kind of thing is he thinking in his mind??

Besides, who is going to fulfill the duty of being his wife? And that too in advance?!!

Thinking about it, Shi Yin became angry.
She closed the box and threw it to Zhou Cheng Yuan, “No need!”

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)

Although currently, she had no money, Shi Yin was also a daughter of a wealthy family. 

She would never like this kind of money gaining by selling herself.

Just by giving her a diamond, he wanted to buy her body??

Impossible! She hasn’t lost her backbone yet!!

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