When Shi Yin finished speaking, she turned to leave but Zhou Cheng Yuan grabbed her hand and said with a smile, “What do you think?”

“Isn’t Yin Yin willing to wipe my face??”

What the hell?! Wipe his face??!

If he hadn’t spoken so vaguely would she have misunderstood him?! 

Shi Yin turned her head, looked at Zhou Cheng Yuan, and instantly laughed.
She pretended to be well-behaved and said, “Yes, I am very willing!”

“Then…does the bride price still count?” Shi Yin’s eyes, who had never seen such a valuable item, kept staring straight at the box with the pink diamond.

Having a backbone? Is it more valuable than the pink diamonds?!

Zhou Cheng Yuan raised his eyebrows and gave her the box.

Shi Yin immediately put the box in her bag, and then ran to the bathroom saying, “I’ll bring the towels for you!”

Zhou Cheng Yuan looked at her happy back and raised her lower lip.

It’s all a lie.

When Shi Yin was washing towels in the bathroom, Zhou Cheng Yuan moved his body slightly while no one was there, feeling much more relaxed, and then sat down by the bed again.

After washing the towel, Shi Yin took the towel soaked in warm water and walked out of the bathroom.

Zhou Cheng Yuan’s legs split apart, and Shi Yin stood in the space between his legs.
She raised her hand to cup his face and gently used the moist towel to wipe off his face.

She carefully wiped off the line drawn by the eyebrow pencil.

At the moment, Shi Yin was very attentive, and she had almost relaxed her vigilance. 

Zhou Cheng Yuan pondered for a while and quietly asked, “A few days ago, Yin Yin has been at the door, why didn’t she come in? You have to secretly take pictures from outside the door?”

Hearing it, Shi Yin didn’t react for a moment, and only after thinking about it for a while, she realized that Zhou Cheng Yuan was talking about why she didn’t come in when she came by Zhou Si Yang’s car that day.

She just wanted to say that because Zhou Si Yang told her that he was not at home, so she didn’t enter Zhou’s house, but when the words came to her lips, she noticed something was wrong.

Zhou Si Yang?!

She lied to Zhou Cheng Yuan that day that she secretly took a photo of them without his permission, but she forgot a very important question.

So that day at that time, Zhou Cheng Yuan was on the balcony on the second floor, and he must have seen her leave in Zhou Si Yang’s car…

Sure enough, one lie needed countless lies to support it. 

Shi Yin’s little head quickly turned, and soon, she showed a little shy face, pretending to say to Zhou Cheng Yuan, “My parents said that if you like a person, you should be reserved, otherwise the person will not like you.”

“Originally, when I came back from work that day and took Brother Si Yang’s car, I wanted to come to Zhou’s house to meet you, but then I thought of my parents’ words, and I became a little afraid.
I don’t want to always run over to disturb you….”

After speaking Shi Yin hung her head in a gesture of doing something wrong, holding the towel in her hand, and constantly blinking her eyes. 

Her eyes were red, and she said in a little worried tone, “I was said to be scared by my parents’ words.
I don’t want my uncle to not like me, so I could only secretly capture his picture from outside..”

Hearing Shi Yin’s words, Zhou Cheng Yuan quickly suppressed the treacherous satisfaction in his eyes. 

He pulled Shi Yin and let her sit on his lap, put his arm around her, and gently comforted the girl who looked extremely aggrieved.

“How can your uncle dislike you? Don’t you know Yin Yin?”

(Beauty Brute)

My Yin Yin is so cute, don’t you know that your uncle likes you the most?

I like it so much that I want to carve you into my bone marrow and merge you into me.  

In this way, others will no longer covet my Yin Yin, and Yin Yin will never leave me.

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