and Shi’s will not be impacted.”

I don’t agree!” Tang Yu Lin immediately retorted.

Her daughter was going crazy, how could she suddenly want to marry a man who would die any day?

Shi Yin curled her lower lip and sobbed in a small pleading tone, “Mom, I like Uncle Cheng Yuan.
And if not him, then I will not marry in this life!”

Tang Yu Lin wanted to reprimand her, but Shi Ming Yuan secretly squeezed her hand.
In the end, she could only sigh, feeling a little bit aggrieved.

After hearing Shi Yin’s words, Elder Zhou asked Zhou Si Yang, “Si Yang, what do you want to say about this?” 

The original owner, since she was a child, ran behind Zhou Si Yang’s, shouting every day “Brother Si Yang”. 

Over the years, the original owner had regarded Zhou Si Yang as her future husband and had more than a simple obsession with him.

But Zhou Si Yang’s feelings towards Shi Yin could only be described as ‘not bad’.

To put it bluntly, for him Shi Yin was neither the worst nor the best candidate to marry.

More or less, Shi Yin could only be regarded as the most suitable partner for marriage, but she wasn’t the one he loved the most.

Zhou Si Yang didn’t like Shi Yin much and since she refused to marry him, he wouldn’t behave unreasonably. 

Marriage is just a marriage.
Does Zhou Si Yang lack a woman to marry?

Even though understanding everything, he was suddenly divorced, so how could he look good?

Zhou Si Yang laughed and in a decent tone said, “Since Sister Shi Yin spoke her true heart, then I respect her choice.
Let’s forget this marriage.
After all, the twisted melon is not sweet, even if she married me, her heart will never have me.”

In her heart, Shi Yin hummed, this scum had a bit of self-knowledge!

“Cheng Yuan?” Zhou Jin Feng stared at his young son and asked.

In fact, out of selfishness, Zhou Jin Feng always wanted Cheng Yuan to get married.
His son has suffered since childhood, his health has always been poor.
Although many girls have shown interest in marrying him, he has refused.

Last year, he was diagnosed with a serious illness.
Unfortunately, the cause of that disease was still unknown, but his body was getting weaker day by day.

If this continued then his body would not be able to hold it for a long time.

His situation was so bad.
Who would want to marry?

After all, there was a big chance you would be widowed soon after the marriage 

Which girl could bear it? And it would be too unfair to that girl.

But now, there was such an opportunity in front of him.
If this marriage could be done, and everything went well, maybe be you still have an heir.

The old man was tempted, but… after all, this was a lifelong event, so he wanted to listen to Zhou Cheng Yuan’s thoughts first.

Since entering the door, this was the first time Zhou Cheng Yuan raised his eyelids and glanced at Shi Yin.

The man’s eyes were not dark, but very sharp.

Even sitting in a wheelchair with a sickly pale face, he had a powerful aura surrounding him.

After taking a look at her, the man faintly said, “I will give you the last chance.
After that, it will be too late for you to regret it.”

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