or and went back to the room to take out the documents he needed. 

When Zhou Si Yang was going downstairs to leave, he ran into Zhou Cheng Yuan who was coming in in a wheelchair.

Zhou Si Yang was stunned and called out, “Uncle.”

Zhou Cheng Yuan nodded and replied in a soft “umm”.

“I thought you were in the hospital.”

Zhou Cheng Yuan quietly said, “I am back.”

“How was the result of the inspection?” Zhou Si Yang asked in concern.

“Same.” Zhou Cheng Yuan’s face was sickly pale, and after drinking a few sips of warm water that the young man who was following him gave him, he raised his weak hand and motioned to return to the house.

At the moment when the young man turned around while pushing the wheelchair and was about to take the elevator upstairs, Zhou Si Yang suddenly called Zhou Cheng Yuan again.


Zhou Cheng Yuan waited quietly for what Zhou Si Yang wanted to say, and when he heard Zhou Si Yang ask him.

“You…why did you agree to this marriage??”

“Do you like Shi Yin?”

After Zhou Si Yang asked this, he was a little nervous.
He only listened to Zhou Cheng Yuan’s small smile and a weak tone, “Is this important?”

“Isn’t the purpose of this marriage to promote the development of both the families’ respective industries?”

With his back facing Zhou Si Yang, Zhou Cheng Yuan lowered his eyes and raised a slightly weird arc at the corner of his mouth.

With a certain sense of ritual, he said, “As long as the goal can be achieved, what is there in the process?”

Zhou Si Yang pursed his lips, standing still while watching Zhou Cheng Yan being pushed to the front of the elevator by his servant. 

When Zhou Cheng Yuan was pushed into the elevator, his wheelchair turned one hundred and eighty degrees.

Zhou Cheng Yuan was sitting in a wheelchair, his eyes were deep, and his face was pale.
He looked weak and vulnerable.

Zhou Si Yang looked at him, and the elevator door slowly closed.

Looking at the elevator going up, Zhou Si Yang sighed and turned to leave.

Shi Yin waited in the car for a while and then got out of the car to stroll around when she felt bored.

Meng Ran messaged her on WeChat: [Yinyin, remember to post on Weibo, to make some news.
Brush up your presence and don’t let your obsessive fans forget you.]

Shi Yin had no choice but to follow suit.

But…what could she post?

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