”…Ren, ” the smooth, deep voice of Sasha beckons Ren from her slumber, ”its time to wake up. Sister Ren ~ ”

”Mm ~ Make my meal to go, ” Ren moans in protest and snuggles into the bed more. Light hair waterfalls around her like liquid gold; illuminated by the morning rays that peak between the thick drapes covering the window. ”More sleep. ”

”Sister Ren, you need to get up and get ready. You can do this everyday. ”

”Just a bit longer, ” Ren whines while nuzzling her pillow as if trying to become one with her bed, acting pitifully coy. ”If I wake now, Ill definitely have a migraine. ” It wasn just an excuse. The familiar precursing pressure building in her head.

”Come on, Princess, ” Sasha teases lightly. ”Don be difficult. ”

”Stop calling me that, ” a glare stabs at Sasha for a moment as Ren pouts, her peach face half buried in a pillow.

Calm pools[1] stare back at her with a composed face, adding to Rens annoyance.

Closing her jade green eyes, Ren orders in a spoiled manner, ”Massage my neck a bit, then Ill get up. ” After saying so, she lowers the blankets a bit, rests her arms comfortably atop, and brushes her hair to one side to expose her fair neck and upper back to him.

No room left to compromise.

Knowing when she won relent, he lets out a defeated sigh and approaches to sit on the edge of the bed. As he nears, Sasha pauses as he catches sight of a ripe peach mound peeking from below.[2] ”…Sister Ren should fix this sleeping habit, ” he scolds as he sits at the edge and starts awkwardly massaging her neck.

Through the veil of her lashes, Ren peeks at his face and feels satisfied when she sees Sasha trying to avert his gaze from her exposed flesh. A smile hooks at her lips yet is concealed by the position of her arm. ”You should fix your habit of complaining all the time and just do. what. you
e. told, ” Ren retorts, enunciating the last few words. She then adjusts her head position so that her neck is straightened out. ”Now, do it properly. ”

His hand pauses for a moment before Sasha climbs on the bed to gingerly straddle her back; his body hovering over and cautious not to touch anywhere else.

Strong hands attentively knead her neck. Particularly along her upper spine and near the base of her skull. Due to the effectiveness, Ren occasionally lets out a moan of relief and gives adjustment commands to Sasha as needed.

”Mm ~ A bit harder… Ah ~… Yes, move your fingers like that. ”

After about five minutes.

As his well fitted pants grow increasingly tight, Sasha pauses his hands and finally speaks up, ”…Sister Ren, you really must start getting ready. Youve procrastinated long enough. ”

Ren moans a bit in protest and twists around in the sheets.

”Ah, wait, le- ” Sasha is thrown off balance by the sudden movement. As a result, a hand of his ends up landing beside Ren. The distance between them drastically reduced in a moment.

Ren manages to turn over in time to see a look of surprise on his face momentarily.

Soft brown locks fall to veil his widened pools of bluish silver. Although fleeting, Sasha was clearly befuddled to suddenly find himself face to face while straddling a beauty covered with nothing but some bedding.

Taking a moment, Ren tilts her head to the side and gazes deeply at his slightly flushed face. Only then do her naturally pinkish lips part to utter the order, ”Dress me. ”

Without much thought, Sasha responds with a dumbfounded ”What? ”

Ren acts coy yet bends a leg so that her knee brushes against his thigh. ”You want me to get ready in a hurry. ” Seductively she slows her speaking while adding, ”So, help me dress. ”

Sashas expression twitches; his brows knit and lips press together for a moment. After, an intense stare lingers.

With a perked brow, Ren continues, ”Do you not want me to get dressed? ”

As she says this, Ren can feel his stiff member respond to her provocation. Like a caged beast wanting to lash out after being prodded. The musk of his arousal lingers around him.

Ren takes a moment to breathe it in.

A tingly feeling spreads.

Her mouth purses into a cheeky grin that she rarely shows others, accompanied by a smug giggle, before closing the distance between them as if shell get up. Their faces barely a breath away. Jade eyes fix on Sasha as if issuing a challenge, ”Or ~ would you rather I go grab them myself? ”

”N-no! Please allow me. I-Ill fetch your garments, ” Sasha hurriedly responds while backing away ⁠— his hands folded before himself to hide his arousal ⁠— and then dashes off to the wardrobe. On the way, he mentally lists what he finds most repulsive. Feet. Rens feet… His mind drifts for a moment before correcting himself, Wait, uh ~ Garbage. Vomit. The smell of both mixed together. Sewage. Festering corpses… A hand runs through his hair to brush the forelocks back into place as his thoughts trail on.

Chicken. Ren can help but let out a triumphant chuckle to herself and tries to keep her cheeks cool. With a tingling scalp and heat in her chest, she thinks, Teasing him is fun.

⁠With the blankets covering her front somewhat modestly, Ren takes a moment to sit up and crack her neck on each side. A pressure in her neck is immediately released and a soothing sensation flows out, spreading down as it dissipates. Aa ~ Hopefully, thatll keep it away.

After a minute, Sasha returns with Rens uniform and teal undergarments in hand.

He immediately averts his gaze as Ren swiftly slips on her bra before letting the blankets fall to her waist.

Shifting to sit at the edge of her bed, Ren slips on her panties before extending a leg towards Sasha and resting her foot purposefully upon his upper thigh.

”What are you doing? ” He asks with a serious face, his gaze locked on her foot.

Ren can help but smirk.

Cracks form in his composed face as his disgust slowly leaks through.

”What do you mean? I clearly asked you to help ready me, ” Ren responds coquettishly and presses on his thigh for a moment with her cheeky beans.[3] ”You can do it. Right? ”

For a few moments, Sasha focuses on her, staring at her with all the composure he can muster.

”Come on ~ ” Ren coaxes as she continues to move her foot up and down his thigh. ”Do you want me to be late? ”

His expression tightens.

With much restraint and flushed ears, Sasha responds, ”Sister Ren is capable of dressing herself. Please, stop wasting time like this. ”

Ren knows how much he hates feet, to the point that its irrational. Yet she loves the reactions he has when being messed with like this. She lets her gemstone eyes deepen, focusing on his expression, and adding pressure to where she knows his semihard length to be. Slowly, Ren responds, ”I think that youve forgotten your place. ” Ren uses a bit more pressure but is careful not to hurt him, ”Who is your Master? ”

After a moment, Sasha responds with a difficult expression and hot ears, ”You are…Master. ”

”Whose orders are you supposed to obey? ” Ren continues her interrogation while slowly rubbing.

”Yours…my Master, ” his reddening eyes close for a moment as Sasha tries to keep himself calm.

”To whom does your life belong? ”

”You…m-my Master, ” his breathing labours.

Her scalp tingles, radiating all the way down to her root. With a satisfied smirk, Ren asks, ”And what are you going to do for your Master? ”

Blushing deeply, Sasha admits defeat, ”Mm…H-help Master dress. ”

”Very good, ” still feeling his hard member beneath her foot, Ren presses on where the tip should be. She can help but breathe in his amassing pheromones as she keeps herself controlled. ”Well then? Go on, ” Ren coaxes while holding out a pair of stockings.

Previously, she was only going to have him help with her stockings, but shes already changed her mind.

Ever since she found out about his podophobia,[4] she relentlessly teases him with her feet whenever an opportunity arises. More recently, its been in such a way that his phobia has nearly become a philia[5], which causes him much inner conflict. Ren is fully aware of this yet its all worth it to see his handsome face contort with shameful pleasure.

I want to see it more… What other faces can he make?

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