After about an hour, Luo Xi slammed down her spatula and stormed off in anger. 

Meanwhile, Zhang Lingling was packing the cooking utensils at the nearby table when she heard the commotion. 

She turned to see Cheng Qing still working diligently at the cooking station, focused on a cake.

Curious about what had happened, Zhang Lingling glanced over at Luo Xi and asked if something was wrong.  

Cheng Qing, who was still carefully decorating the cake, chuckled and assured Zhang Lingling not to worry about it.
She said that Luo Xi’s cooking skills were no better than the three students under Zhang Lingling’s supervision.

Zhang Lingling couldn’t help but smile wryly, as she knew that her students were not very skilled. 

She glanced over at Luo Xi’s station and saw that her cream hadn’t been whipped and the sponge was burnt to a crisp.
The cake that Luo Xi had spent an hour making was now ruined. 

Zhang Lingling turned to Cheng Qing seeing the cake she’d made and immediately complimented her on how beautiful it was. 

Cheng Qing modestly replied that she had simply followed Zhang Lingling’s recipe and credited her as a great teacher.
Zhang Lingling blushed at the praise and walked away, feeling happy and fulfilled.

Cheng Qing’s cake was a perfect first attempt, it was 4 inches tall with a blue cream base, velvety clouds adorning the top, and a decorative figure inserted in the center.
The overall effect was fresh and beautiful, a true feast for the eyes.

Cheng Qing placed the cake on the table and surveyed the room.
Her eyes landed on Luo Xi sulking on the stairs, and couldn’t help but softly chuckle to herself. 

She picked up the half-empty bottle of water that Luo Xi had left on the table and made her way over. 

Sitting down beside Luo Xi, Cheng Qing flashed her a friendly smile and offered the water, “Why are you angry when everything is going well?”

Luo Xi took the bottle of water, but her expression remained sour, “You didn’t come to comfort me,” she said gloomily. 

Cheng Qing’s face showed a hint of fatigue.
She had spent hours preparing for the students’ practice and was a little tired, but she still smiled and said, “Didn’t you say you wanted to make a cake?”

Luo Xi turned to glare at her, still upset, “Do you think I’m particularly clumsy?” she asked. 

Cheng Qing had approached Luo Xi with a gentle smile, but as soon as she noticed the glare on her face, she restrained her own smile, “Of course not,” she said sincerely, “But you’re wronging me, I never said you were clumsy.” 

Softening her tone, she added, “I don’t think you’re clumsy at all.
In fact, I think you’re adorable,” Cheng Qing said, giving Luo Xi a gentle smile. 

She hoped her words would coax Luo Xi out of her mood and make her feel better.

Luo Xi’s heart skipped a beat and she felt her face grow warm, ‘Ah she’s taking advantage of me, isn’t she? She must be!’ 

Luo Xi replied, “I know what you’re doing, you must be trying to deceive me.” Her voice was firm, trying to hide her shyness.

Cheng Qing looked at her, slightly confused and said, “I’m not trying to deceive you, I really do think you’re cute.”

Despite Luo Xi’s initial resistance, Cheng Qing’s compliments broke through her walls, and she couldn’t help but feel happy and flustered by the compliments.

It was obvious the coaxing worked well.

“I may be clumsy, but I can always buy one!” said Luo Xi, she paused for a moment, then asked, “Qingqing, what about your cake?”

Cheng Qing pointed to the island in the kitchen.
From afar, it was indeed a beautiful and delicate cake.
It even looked better than the one made by Ye Lingyun.

Luo Xi was amazed and said, “You’re really good! It’s your first time making a cake, but it looks so delicious.”

Cheng Qing replied, “I made it for you, so naturally I wouldn’t want it to be ugly.
Do you want to try it?”

Luo Xi nodded, and with a smile, Cheng Qing got up to fetch it.
She grabbed a silver fork from the kitchen drawer on her way back.

“If you like it, I’ll make it for you again in the future.
I learned how to make it today, so I have a general idea now.” Cheng Qing offered the fork to Luo Xi, its tip gleaming in her slender fingers. 

Luo Xi couldn’t help but be drawn to Cheng Qing’s hand, her gaze tracing the line of her wrist, then her arm, and up to her neck.
She lingered for a moment on Cheng Qing’s soft lips before finally staring into her calm eyes.

Since Cheng Qing had just practiced fencing, her body exuded a cold and serene elegance.
Luo Xi’s heart raced as she found herself completely captivated by Cheng Qing’s presence. 

Cheng Qing noticed Luo Xi’s gaze and playfully asked, “What has caught your eye?”

Luo Xi’s breath hitched, and with her head lowered, she quickly leaned forward to take a bite of the dessert.

She savored the sweetness on her tongue, trying to calm her racing heart.
The sugary cream melted in her mouth, and the supple cake base with the fresh mango filling tasted heavenly.

Feeling satisfied, Luo Xi gave a thumbs up to Cheng Qing.

The two leaned against the stairs, basking in the warm sunlight that filtered through the small window at the end of the corridor.
Luo Xi savored the flavorful taste of the cake, enjoying every bite of the creamy dessert.

However, as she was about to take another bite, Cheng Qing’s voice broke her trance, “Aren’t you on a diet?” she asked casually.

Luo Xi froze with the fork still in her mouth, and she looked at Cheng Qing with a mix of surprise and disappointment.
The happiness in her eyes vanished as quickly as it had appeared, and the sweet treat suddenly felt like a guilty pleasure.

Cheng Qing flashed an angelic smile, looking completely innocent and unaware of the implications of her words.
Meanwhile, several stars who were gathered in the living room eating and drinking, suddenly fell silent upon hearing her words.

After careful consideration, they realized that they had unknowingly eaten a lot these past few days.
They had consumed many fried foods, drank cola, hadn’t missed any desserts, and ate plenty of meat and seafood.

Taking a deep breath, Luo Xi threw the cake into Cheng Qing’s arms and got up to leave. 

Cheng Qing’s heart sank when she watched Luo Xi turn to leave, and quickly grabbed her hand, “Don’t go, please.
Sit with me for a while longer.”

Luo Xi turned around and glared at her, “But you just said…” Cheng Qing couldn’t say that she found her cute while eating and wanted to tease her, so she said, “I noticed that everyone has been eating a lot these days, so I was just curious.
Do you all need to diet every day? Why? You all are thin and good-looking, you don’t need to lose weight.”

At first, everyone, including Luo Xi laughed, but their faces quickly turned gloomy again.
Did their manager see them? Will they get scolded? Luo Xi withdrew her hand and looked at the cake Cheng Qing was holding, reluctant to eat it, “Eating this will make you fat.”

Cheng Qing smiled and gently reassured her, “Don’t worry about that, you never fail to impress with your beauty.
And besides, we need to keep our energy up for fencing practice.
Calories are just a number”

The corners of Luo Xi’s lips curled into a slight smile, but she was still reluctant, “It’s too hot to wear the fencing uniform.”

In the end, Cheng Qing suggested that they could just practice without wearing the outfits and Luo Xi agreed. 

She sat back next to Cheng Qing, feeling a wave of comfort and relief. 

They joked and played around with each other for a moment, but after Luo Xi only ate a small portion of the cake and refused to eat more, Cheng Qing took the cake away, knowing that it was not good to overeat on sweets.


After savoring the last bite of cake, the group took a short break to bask in the warmth of the sun.
By 4 o’clock, the sun had begun to weaken and a gentle breeze picked up, blowing through their hair as it rustled the leaves on the floor. 

Luo Xi eagerly grabbed her sword and called out to Cheng Qing, “Let’s go, teach me how to fence!” Cheng Qing happily nodded, and followed Luo Xi outside to help her practice.

However, Luo Xi’s fencing skills weren’t good.
They’d been practicing for the whole afternoon but she wasn’t able to touch Cheng Qing once. 

She tried to stab directly, but Cheng Qing was able to block it.
When she swung from the left or the right, Cheng Qing was able to dodge it.

Since Luo Xi wasn’t wearing her competition attire, Cheng Qing was worried about hurting her, so she didn’t attack and only used her sword to block.
Still, Luo Xi couldn’t even touch the tip of her sword.

Cheng Qing glanced at the sky and noticed the fiery clouds on the horizon.
She could also smell the fragrance of Ye Lingyun’s cooking in the air.

Cheng Qing turned her head to face Luo Xi, but when she did, she couldn’t help but be stunned by the sight of Luo Xi standing before her.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, the sky was painted with hues of orange and pink, bathing her figure in the warm glow of the setting sun.
A gentle breeze carrying the sweet scent of freshly cut grass whispered past Luo Xi’s smooth hair, teeming it with secrets.

For a moment, it felt like time had slowed down as Cheng Qing took in the vision before her. 

Luo Xi looked brilliantly ethereal. 

Her hair cascaded in gentle waves around her face, accentuating her striking brown eyes.
Every feature of her face was perfectly crafted, from her elegant eyebrows to the curve of her lips.

Cheng Qing’s mouth slightly opened as she admired Luo Xi’s picturesque appearance.
After a moment she was finally able to say, “Let’s end it here for today, shall we?”

Luo Xi’s chest heaved with rage and frustration as she heard Cheng Qing’s words, “But why?!” she protested, her voice shaded with disappointment, “I haven’t even touched you yet.” She then slammed her sword onto the ground and took a step forward, her eyes blazing with a mix of anger and desire. 

With a sudden burst of energy, Luo Xi charged toward Cheng Qing.

“Huh?” Cheng Qing’s face went blank and she was caught off guard by the sudden attack.

For a moment, her surprise was evident as she watched Luo Xi charging toward her so recklessly.
She managed to suppress her instinct to attack with her sword and threw it aside to embrace the incoming Luo Xi.

With great force, Cheng Qing and Luo Xi collided, their bodies slamming together with a thud.
The impact was so intense that for a moment, they were locked in a tight embrace

Deftly redirecting the force to the side, Cheng Qing managed to avoid injuring Luo Xi, and the two tumbled across the field in a flurry of limbs and hair.

The sharp blades of grass pricked at their skin as they rolled several times before finally coming to a stop. 

As they lay on the ground, panting heavily, the air was thick with the pleasantly sweet yet sharp scent of grass.
Their chests rose and fell in unison, both overwhelmed by the intensity of the collision.

When they both finally stopped rolling, Cheng Qing’s expression was a mix of slight angriness and amusement as she questioned Luo Xi about her sudden tackle, “What was that all about?” she asked, her breath slightly exasperated.

Luo Xi lay on the grass as she shouted, “You’ve been dodging me all afternoon, but I finally caught you!”

Cheng Qing’s anger slightly dissipated but she was still a little angry, “We’re practicing fencing, not playing eagle catches chicks.
Why did you suddenly charge at me?”

Luo Xi’s hair was disheveled with a few broken blades of grass entangled within its strands.
Even though grass covered her face, her lustrous eyes shone with excitement.
But Cheng Qing’s words caught her off guard and she was momentarily stunned before admitting, “I was upset.”

Cheng Qing sat up, her own hair also messy, and said helplessly, “Then why didn’t you say so? I would have given in! You just rushed at me like that, I could’ve been hurt…” 

She really didn’t know how to explain it.
Luo Xi in the book never acted so recklessly! 

Luo Xi coughed and sat up, looking solemnly at the sky for a moment before saying, “I’m sorry.”

Cheng Qing sighed and chuckled at her, “You can’t do this next time.
If something unexpected happens, I won’t know how to explain it to the crew.”

Luo Xi snorted and said, “I made trouble myself, I’ll take care of it myself.
What are you afraid of!” 

Cheng Qing’s gaze remained fixed on the fiery clouds at the horizon, which had become golden-edged from the sun’s beam.
The picturesque scene was like a beautiful oil painting, yet Cheng Qing’s mind was filled with worry, “I’m afraid you’ll get hurt,” she said softly.

Luo Xi felt a blush creep up her cheeks, but the sunset provided just enough cover to shield her shyness from view. 

She quickly stood up and patted the dirt off her messy clothes, and said to Cheng Qing, “Hurry up! It’s almost time for dinner.
Ye Lingyun cooked this week, and next week it’s my turn to cook!”

Cheng Qing sighed and also stood up, brushing off the dirt from her body.
She followed Luo Xi until she was beside her and said, “I’ll help you cook.”

The two walked together towards the villa, strolling through the clouds that were dyed with vibrant hues of the setting sun. 

The warm breeze brushed against their skin, carrying the scent of blooming flowers as it tickled their senses and lifted their spirits. 

With each step, Luo Xi’s feet bounced lightly as she said, “You said it yourself! So don’t go back on your word, okay?”

Cheng Qing’s warm gaze fixated on Luo Xi’s face, her lips curling into a fond smile as she gave a reassuring “Mm-hmm.” Without realizing it, her eyes twinkled with happiness as a soft chuckle escaped into the tranquil air.

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