”Stop this Kuroe! … how could you have done this they were your family! ”

”You have gone too far… ”

The girl exclaimed

The rage, the madness and his past were consuming Kuroe, he was not the same person since that day…

”We been together since the academy days I know you are not like this I beg you…

soothe your rage think about everything we have done to come this far, think about Clare and the others who are waiting for you. ”

-the boy exclaimed

Kuroe dropped the two short blades full of blood from the comrades he used to call family with tears in his eyes he looks at Kai and Kaoru who were stunned by the look of his friend covered by so much gore and injuries he got from his previous fight.

Barely standing in his two feets, the boy cached a long breath and spoke:

”You guys don understand anything…

if I don kill them all …

if I don eradicate each one of them with my own hands!

I would never erase all the pain and tragedy this Clan has; it must be me! even if you two try to stop me… I … ”

Suddenly The two palace doors opened, the shadow of a person appeared with the head of Kuroe youngest brother in his hands.

Part 1

In the time where the world was ruled by the Monarchies there was a person that everybody Admired.

A legend passed by generations in the nobles literature, a Figured that represented the whole kingdom.

The hero and most feared warrior of the hole continent of Ankrom; that entity known as ”Rogue ” the highest tittle a Noble could acquire.

In this violent and dangerous world, the nobles were the only ones with the strength and power to protect the continent.

Ruled by the Round table order compounded by the five great families who were the monarchs of the kingdom and the whole nation.

Each family had a role assigned and they worked in agreement with each other for the past centuries in order to protect and ruled with equality.

In Every Noble family each member had a rank from 1 (Unus) to 10 (Decem)

In order to reach the overall Rank, one would need to take different task, missions given by the family guilds or Personal merits in the society However, Ranks were only conceded by a few, just the blessed ones could get a rank in their hands.

These great families conjoined by The -Edavanes- A family composed by knights and warriors with the biggest military power of the nation.

they oversaw the protection and order of the whole territory, really committed to their creed and elitist member selection.

Only the strongest and fearless knights could be part of the elite squadrons and received the tittle of Great knight.

These family would happily agree to incorporate anyone who wanted to enlist in their files Noble or not.

There was no distinction between each other however the true bloods were considered especial, with blue eyes and blonde hair and a fearless look they were the nucleus of the family.

His leader and greatest Knight -Edavane Lotus- oversaw the guild and all personnel due to his war knowledge and unmatchable strategies.

They were able to bring the peace to the kingdom in conjunction with the other four great families.

The Kaikiuras- A Royal family with the oldest traditions and culture, this noble family was only composed by their own linage, meticulous cultivated to preserve their heritage and special sword techniques.

The clan leader and King of the nation -Kakiura Azaemon- ruled the kingdom with strong hand.

A wise warrior with a long beard and deep hazel eyes, years of experience and battles made him the most appropriate person to lead the nation in the cruelest times.

His biggest achievement was to get hold of the victory against the other nations in the great Ashes war.

This family were also in charge of the laws and economical management of the territory in conjunction with the Callens they created a Mercader route with other lands in order to sustain the needs of the nation.

-The Callens- The royal family who created the Ulum Academy the finest school in the whole continent were the students could learn how to be a warrior, a sorcerer and many other classes.

A complete academy with the highest Enrollment requirements only one in five thousand applicants would join the Academy.

they were a specialist in Magic and intelligence, recognizable by their brown hair and green eyes, a calm face and Profund knowledge.

Her leader -Callen Liza- was the principal of the academy and manage the magic defenses of the kingdom and Diplomatic encounters.

In the Deepest part of the ancient forest a Royal family laid -The Kulkarnis- unlike the other royal families that lived in the kingdom this clan would rather live in their own palace inside the woods.

They had and strong connection with nature and a special virtuosity when it came to hunt, full of brilliant archers and Botanic specialist.

they were known to protect the outside part of the territory as the first line of protection and recognition of the kingdom.

Finally -The Andrades- This family was the epitope of the kingdom they were the perfect representation of what a noble should be with elegance and finest manner.

Through all the years they had the most numbers of Rogues in history, the actual rouge and leader of the clan -Andrade Grey- had the highest position under the king of the nation.

This clan was in charge of the law and Military police and assassin special squadron -Mist-.

All Andrades members had and special aura of supremacy, with white hair and carmesi eyes and pale skin complexion, they were popular around the kingdom, everyone heard the tales of the family. rarely they will leave the palace. and only would appear in front of the King or the round table meetings.

they were so strong they act in the shadows to protect everyone in the Land of Mejiram where the kingdom resides.

Part 2

-Year 907 of the Fallum Calendar.

In the palace of the king a guard from the main north gate received a message from a messenger hawk, he rushed to the king and spoke:

”My lord, I got a message from the city of Lunar with alarming information the note said that they are currently being invaded by Halam Bandits ”.

”You just came to said that in front of me? Why didn they request a formal petition to one of the kingdom guilds? ”

”My lord Lunar cannot afford a petition since they were devastated in the last battle against Dratum, at this rate all the villagers are going to di… ”

Unexpectedly a tall man with white hair and carmesi eyes interrupted the guard.

”May I speak? ”

The guard shocked look at the men and abruptly put his head down.

”Lord grey pardon me for this impertinence. ”

”Don worry ” Andrade Grey said:

”Lord Azaemon, this is particularly great, my son Is nearby Lunar zone I could send him off in aid of lunar, it would take him less than a few hours to get there. ”

Lord Azaemon look at grey, he had a sensation that Lord Grey was confident of sending his son to battle, soon after the king said:

”Grey, I agree to send your son however one squadron from the Edavanes will be send out as well. ”

”Lord Azaemon thats not going to be necessary, His capable enough of the little task. ”

The King laughs and played with his long white beard.

”You must be proud of him, don you? ”

Lord Grey smirk and close his eyes.

”What father wouldn be proud of their own childrens my lord. ”

♦ ♦ ♦

Back In some part of the Grace fields in the southeast part of the territory Greys son was practicing with his two small swords, fighting against the Great Wolfs a 3 meters Monsters who use to go in herds to capture their food. Perfect to train speed and stamina.

”These little puppies aren making gain any progress at all, you lied to me Jun. ”

Kuroe said in a really disinterested voice.

Jun was the familiar Kuroe received as a kid from his mother when he was still young.

The familiars are a type of monsters created with their masters blood and adopt the form that describe their masters personality in this case Jun had the form of a Raven with the Andrades emblem in his chest.

They are strongly rare due the item that is used to make them, called ”Naraku stone ” which only can be found in the Mountains by the city of Liberia.

”Perhaps you must start striking for something stronger Master. I will gather more information and a new schedule for you next week ” Jun said.

”Well lets start to head back, the academy starts tomorrow morning ” Kuroe said while grabbing one of the wolf head and taking the wolf teeth as the rare item.

”Master, you don look pretty interested in the academy at all. ”

”You are right, Bunch of people who call themselves nobles and lived in golden cradles since they born. ”

Suddenly a hawk appeared in the sky with the Andrades emblem in his back.

”This is one of my family hawks, whats he doing here. ”

Kuroe said while the hawk approach to him, soon after he grabbed the scroll attach to his claws and let the hawk fly away.

”Kuroe, head to the city of lunar and Help them against the Halam Bandits, you must hurry theres no time to lose, make sure not to reveal who you are, this a special mission directly from me, if the guild finds out they will take your license away kokoko love Dad. ”

”Kokoko? Whats my father thinking about. ”

”I believe his is picking up the words the kids say in these days Master. ”

”Ha!? What does that even supposed to mean? ”

Rapidly Kuroe mount his horse and start heading to the city of lunar at his speed he will reach the city in less than an hour.

♦ ♦ ♦

Back in the city of lunar the bandits start taking all the money looting the whole city and killing all Males, old people, and kids without exception.

After the war between Majiram and Dratum the city of Lunar got really affected most of their mens and warriors die in war leaving it as an easy target for bandits to steal and make possession of the valuable things due the city was far from the kingdom so the aid would be difficult to get.

”Take everything you can! don leave anything behind! Kill them and make a feast with their visceras, capture all womans theres things they can still make do for us. ”

The bandits start to smile with a perverse look in their eyes same as demons full of lust and wrath them started the massacre in the city.

The streets and walls were tainted in blood the only thing you could hear was the screams of the people and the sorrow of the elders

One of the womans ran with her daughter in her arm, opened a vault in her house and told her daughter not to open the vault until she came back.

”Ruri don open the door, okay? Mommy is going to come back I promise, by no means do not get out of here until I told you so. I love you darling… just wait for me alright. ”

The woman smiled and her daughter for the last time with tears in her eyes and started to head back to the city to help the others.

So, on half an hour passed by…

”Its been to long… wheres mommy? ”

Ruri opened the door and started to walk outside of the house.

The young kid couldn believe what she was she was seeing she puked and start running to find her mom.

”Mommy!! Mommy where are you!! ”

After a while of screaming and crying Ruri stop and the only thing, she could saw and heard was flames, blood, and screams.

”What do we have here? ” The bandit said.

Ruri tried to escape but it was hopeless the bandit took her by her arms and lift her in the air.

”The boss will be pleased; young girls sell really well in the slave marked ”

Ruri cried and yelled for help, but no one could hear her.

In the other side Kuroe and Jun made it to Lunar and saw the city in flames and wreckage.

”It appears to be that we are finally here Master. ” Jun said.

”Hurry up Jun there no time to lose ”

Kuroe dropped from the horse put on a coat and a black mask and started running heading to the center on the city.

”Jun give me information of the surroundings ”

”Yes Master ”

Link: A special ability Familiar have with their master makes then person who use it being able to see what his familiar is seeing also allows them to talk telepathically b

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