Part 1

Once the first academy day started, the newcomers are sent to the great auditorium for an introductory welcome speech imparted by none other than the Academy principal and head leader of the Callen family, Callen Liza.

Soon after the new students go to a classroom to get sorted by their categories and receive a student card with their personal aptitudes.

The different groups they eventually go start from the category D up to category S+

Depending on the category received by the student the level of training and teaching increases exponentially; reason why the academy is well known in the continent.

Due to the high standards, the graduates in their three years of schooling usually end up graduating in the category A or above. The main path the students can choose are fighter and non-fighter class, usually differentiated by a rope the student wears in their left shoulder.

The students with a golden rope are classified as fighters and the silver rope belongs to the non-fighters.

The rank also matters, as a part to be accepted in the academy the students at least must have the rank one or unus in order to continue with their studies.

♦ ♦ ♦

All the news students were gathered in the great auditorium, a big room made of a special type of wood only found in the ancient forest covered by golden stripes and golden light all around the room. In the second and main stand a woman with gray armor, light green eyes and brown hair was smiling from the top. she came up front and spoke:

”Be welcome! young future of the academy and nation, finally the new academic years has started, this is where your journey begins where all of you are going to prove yourself. ”

Callen Liza in person staring at all of the new students, the energy she emanated was enough to make all the people present feel determined, passionate and excited at the same time.

”You all have done great by being admitted to the academy. I can express how pleased I feel looking at so many of you standing up here; just a few are selected and furthermore just a few can graduate from this prestigious school. Make your families proud! noble or not you have earned your place here! ”

All the students were admiring the person in front of them, her beauty and aggressivity made them look astonished no one could take their head way from her.

”Shes so beautiful— ” a student said.

”I cannot believe Lord Liza is in front of my eyes ” another one said.

And so, on all the students were mesmerize in front of the greatest magician in Mejiram, an angular stone that represented the epitome of magic in the nation.

Now, go on mi childs, I welcome you all to the greatest academy in the continent of ahkrom! ”

Lord Liza stepped outside and went back straight to her office where she started to read the new students data and waited for the introductory class to be over and get the new semester started.

”Wasn she cool!? ” A girl said.

Kuroe looked at her with zero willingness to start a conversation.

”My name is Vaughan Hert, nice to meet you. What is your name ,lil bro?

”Kuroe… ”

To Kuroe, Hert seems to be the girl that gets along with everyone. It was the kind of personality he struggles to be around the most, a bright girl from a noble family.

”My family runs a famous Designer clothing business; I am seeking to become a Renowned Magic Designer; speaking of which my family is the one that created the uniform you are using right now. Impressive right.? ”

”Mmm…the uniforms feel flexible enough to train with them. ” Kuroe said in a serene tone trying to get away from the conversation.

”Are you just going to say that… Haha you don talk too much Am I right? by the way you haven told me whats your last na… ”

”Hey! The two of you hurry up the introduction class is about to start ”

”You two are late! Hurry up and take a seat. ” The teacher said.

Both of them entered the classroom a huge salon with two big chalk slate, the entire room made of ancient wood gold lights in the corners, it looks so fancy and extravagant just as perfect for nobles and Adornment connoisseurs.

”Good morning! ★ —my name is Callen Aruma, I am one of the teachers of this Academy in charge of the First year and the Magic Research club so do not hesitate to ask me anything about the school, rules or anything that comes to your mind.

Once again welcome, the 27 of you are going to be distributed by your Aptitude Category and receive their unique classes all are going to attend next week. ”

”We have a good year this semester!!, Im impressed by all of you it seen to be we have some hidden gems in this classroom, I wonder how all of you are going to impress me, show me everything you have in this year my pupils.

I will make sure to pull the inner strength all of you possess; Now may I start? I will begin with calling each one of you and provide your unique students card with your category, statistics and rank in them.

Wait for your name to be called and stand in from of me, show me the palm of your hands to determine which category you guys are going to be in this semester. ”

The students have so many different emotions floating in the air, some of them were scared, some others were excited, A few serene like they knew the category they were going to be assigned.

Nonetheless all these boys and girls felt enthusiastic about whats going to depart in their future.

”First Kakiura kai come to the front please. ”

”Did she say Kakiura!? ” Everyone was shocked, one of the big five families was in their classroom.

Usually, the five big families train and study within their own family clans, yet some of them for different reasons tend to attend to the academy, it is not a common thing to see one of their members attending the school but when they do, they end up being the top of their classes and admired by all the students.

”Category A+ well done Miss Kakiura, take a seat. ”

”WOOOH —! ” Some of the students couldn believe what they were seeing as a first-year student going to the A+ class on her first day.

”Kakiura that sooo amazing! ” a student said.

She looks at him, and with a serious face she said:

”I don see the point of being so loud about it. ”

Kai felt ashamed of the attention she was getting but she managed to keep a calm face and perfect posture.

For almost everybody else they felt like she said it as if it was natural for one of the big families to be in one of higher classes since the start, they felt embarrassed and start to be quieter.

”Next, Asfort Leon. C class. ”

”Next, Vermin Agatha B class. ”

”Next, Graven Clare A class. ”

”Next, Korkus Samael B+ Class. ”

”Hoo—, what do we have here… Next Edavane Kaoru. ”

”EDAAAVAANEE! ” Most of the class was once again another of the five big families in the same classroom, some of the girls and boys were astonished by the aura of the Blonde young boy in front of them.

Kakiura Kai looked at him and furrowed her brow.

”What is he doing here… I can watch this. ” Kai said while putting her hands in her face.

”Give me your hand ” Aruma said.

”Edavane Kaoru… ”

The teacher had a confused face on her face.

Edavane Kaoru, B class! ”

Everyone in the class remained in silence, no one could believe what the teacher was saying but Kai, who previously met Kaoru when they were still infants.

Kaoru bitted his lips as something he already was expecting to hear.

”It must be a mistake, Teacher, ” one of the students said.

”There is no mistake in this hun… ”

To avoid any more conflicts, she continued while Kaoru went back to his seat in total silence.

”Next, Fitoria Ines, C+ class. ”

”Next Tudor Loinfeild, B class. ”

”Next Vaughan Hert, B+ class. ”

”Next Windsor Salian, D+ class. ”

”Next Agron Desmond, C class. ”

The teacher continued naming all the students one by one until the last of them were called in front of her.

”Last One… Andrade Kuroe. ”

The teacher herself got so excited that it was unbelievable three of the five big families where in her classroom she thought how incredible this new year was going to be.

Everybody, including Kai and Kaoru, were dumbfounded. The environment quickly changed in the classroom, no one saw him, he was sitting by the window in the left corner of the classroom making barely any sound or movement, Kuroe was still looking outside of the window.

”WAIT! So, you are an Andrade, why didn you tell me that before! ” Hert said while being ashamed of being so conceited earlier.

”My apologies… ” Kuroe said.

All the presents felt they were seeing an authentic noble, a majestic aura around him. A true royal. Even from a distance they could tell the elegance and grace of the person in front of them.

”Kuroe, let me see your hand. ” Callen Aruma Said.

”Andrade Kuroe… ”

Her Light Brown eyes started to glow and a big smile from ear to ear appeared.

”Andrade Kuroe, S+ Class! ”

”Unbelievable this is one of the few times I have seen this before! Only half of one percent in the academys history have accomplished the S+ class in their first day of education. ”

The entire class was afraid to talk to him, he seems to be out of this world. None of us will be even close to reaching his level in our lifespan, they thought.

Kaoru stood up from his chair, closing his fist with all of his strength and went straight to Kuroes desk.

”Why are you here…Among of all the people in this world that could be here why yo… ”

Korue, who was looking out the window the whole time, finally looked at kaoru.

”Edavane kaoru, you have not changed it all these years. How is your mother doing? ” Kuroe had an empty and melancholic face while saying those words.

”Why would you still care…it has been almost 5 years since then. do not ever mention my mother names with your mouth again, you are the one that has no change at all. ”

Kuroe seemed to be annoyed and went back to look at the window, while Kaoru went to sit back at his desk.

Soo…do you guys know each other ” Hert said.

”Yeah, something like that. ” Kuroe replied with almost a painful look in his eyes.

All the students started to go to their different classes. According to their categories they were assigned too, suddenly the class intercom gave a message.

/Kakiura Kai, Andrade Kuroe, Edavane Kaoru and Graven Clare, report immediately to the principal office/

They Immediately stood it on and went straight to Lord Liza Office.

♦ ♦ ♦

”Look at what we have here ha ha ha… I can believe this ”. Lord Liza Said.

The four of them kneeled and Kai spoke:

”It is an honor to be called in front of your presence. ”

”No need for that darling, all of your parents are friends of mine, the four of you stand up. ”

The four of them got up and bowed.

”The reason I called the four of you is because I have already spoken with your parents beforehand, and they trust me to be your guide and trainer ”

”Lord Callen… ”

”Call me Liza, dear ”

”My apologies; Lord Liza why I was called here? I don form part of the five great families ” Clare said.

”Ha ha ha Do you even have to ask that question? Yes, perhaps the Gravens are not part of the five great families, but they have worked with the Callens for so many years we have a special bond with them.

Your Mother is one of my greatest friends. Now my childs I want the four of you to form a team to represent the first year in the annual winter competition of this year ”

”Pardon to interrupt Lord Liza, but how can we form a team if we have different Categories. ” Kai said.

”Thats not a big deal, the four of you are from first years, this competition has nothing to do with the classes you are assigned to.

Yet it might contribute to the ones of you who are aspiring to increase their ranks and categories. ”

Kuroe seems to be not interested at all, the fact he was in the academy was just a selfish wish of his father to let him try new things and make more social interaction with other people and see that there is more outside the walls of the palace.

”So, we just have to win and thats it? ” Kuroe said.

”Ko Ko ko, indeed sweetheart, easier said than done ”

”kokoko? ” Everybody tried to hold their laugh, but Kuroe was the only one who seemed to be irritated.

”The people you will be fighting against, are the elites of their current years. If I, were you, I would not over trust my abilities. After all, they have all been trained in this academy by my teachers.

I wonder what kind of fights are you four going to present me, very well everyone head back to your classroom and wait for detail orders from your teachers ”

Part 2

After the talk with Lord Liza, all the four went to their respective classes. These classrooms gather all students from first to third year into one class. The longer you stay in one category the better meaning they received better resources and high-level techniques depending in which classroom they were assigned to.

Kaoru went to sit in the middle seat where he felt he could not call the attention of the other students in class B.

Kai took a seat in the front of the A+ class and talked with the other students, everyone seemed to be happy to have her in their classroom.

Kuroe, on the other hand, got his favorite seat all the way in the back near the window. theres were few students in class S+ just ten to be exact. no one seemed to care about him but one girl.

”Hey, you are the new guy I suppose, a few rules in here rookie, I don expect you to be here more than a month, but I will tell you anyway. you are currently the number ten in the list. If I, were you, I would try to get a higher place or make yourself noticeable before the others use you as a punching bag. ” the girl said.

Kuroe looked at her and nodded.

”My name is Valentine Lilith current number 4 and class president, if you have any question ask me first. ”

”I do actually have a question, ” kuroe said.

”Go ahead rookie ” Lilith said.

”Who is the current number one. ”

”hahahahah, your eyes look like a tiny cat trying to fight a monster you don even imagine could exist. ”

Kuroe felt she was not lying but her tone irritated him.

”If you ask for Mr. one is right next to you~ ”

Kuroe looked to his left and he saw a guy with black wavy hair and crux earring on his left ear sleeping in a weird position.

The guy looked so unaware of his surroundings, so calm you could never imagine he was the strongest among the S+ class.

”Him? theres no way, he doesn look like the person you described before ”

Lilith started to laugh again. She grabbed a book and smashed into the person sitting next to Kuroe.

”Miel wake up! is lunch time! ”

The boy started to wake up and sobbed his head.

”uhhhh I slept really well~~, oh is you Lilith, good morning. ”

”This is Ort Miel, the current number one and the strongest in the whole academy, ” Lilith said.

Kuroe felt intrigued by the boy and sent him an assassin aura to test him.

As soon as Kuroe did that, Miel opened his hazel almost yellow eyes and gave a stronger aura, so strong kuroe started to tremble.

In an instant Kuroe jumps backwards in a defensive position.

”What s wrong? I instantly jumped backwards; I have never feared anybody like this before ” kuroe thought.

”Oh, sorry for that young one, I didn mean to scare you. but you know that look of yours was interesting you know, who are you? ”

”Andrade… Andrade Kuroe. ”

Lilith seemed interested while Miel just made a silly smile.

”Nice to meet you young one. I am Ort Miel a third-year student and your senior ” Miel said while smiling.

”I have never heard the last name Ort before which noble family do you serve, ” Kuroe said.

”ha-ha, noble family? Im not a noble. ”

Kuroe seemed surprised he had never seen a non-noble to be that much stronger before.

”May I ask whats your rank Ort ”

”Call me Miel, my rank? quinque. ” Miel said with a confident look in his eyes

Kuroe felt amazed and intrigued by the serene person in front of him, he did not seem special at all as a fact he looked calm and carefree.

Quinque or rank five was a rank that strong people with extraordinarily abilities had in the nation, all consolidated adventurers or veterans with years of experience ostent that rank people with such a rank were found in the major families of the territory.

all the other students were just looking at the two talking suddenly a guy stood up, an almost two-meter blue haired student with enough muscles to break a castle with his bare hands.

”Andrade, I don care if you belong to the five great families I will beat the crap out of you, do not talk to Miel in such a friendly way ” the student said. ”

”Rain stops, do not start. ” Lilith said.

”Stay out of this Lilith, I challenge this ignorant to a duel. ”

”Hey, don tell me you are afraid aren you an Andrade? or your family is just full of cowards like you. ”

Kuroe got angry at look at Rain with a serious eye.

”Did I piss you off oh mighty noble, stop with that crap accept the challenge or your clan is just pure talk ” Rain said with a provocative tone.

Kuroe couldn allow anybody to talk about his family like this in other words he had no other option but to accept the challenge.

”And May I ask who the hell are you? ” Kuroe said.

”My name is Vellafor Rain and number eight of the S+ class and the man who is going to put you in your place, I don care if you are the noblesse, the five great families think they are all better than the other nobles. Ill show you how big this world is brat ”

All of the classmates walk to the Ulum arena, a special magic arena that is used to do the practical training and duel the magic in the nucleus allows to cure the injuries and damage of the Contestants after the battle in their special rehability zone so the students can fight without any restrictions.

Everyone paid attention to the two challengers. They all were carefully looking at the battle but Miel, who was sleeping with a book on his head he was dragged by Lilith to see the match.

Part 3

Once they reached the arena both fighters were ready to fight as an unusual fight between students of the class S+, the news runned all over the academy the arena was totally full even some teacher went to observe the fight.

Kai and some others in the A+ class, Kaoru along with the B class and Hert in the B+ class.

”Brat, I will make you learn your place, feel free to use any weapon you wish the battle will end when one of us can move anymore. ”

Kuroe lost his two small swords in the previous fight in Lunar, so he ended up calling Jun to join the battle.

”Jun wake up ” Kuroe said.

from kuroes shadow raven appeared.

”Yes master, oh dear it seems you are in trouble already Im afraid of ” Jun said.

”Leave the talk for later Jun, focus and lets end this quickly ”

Kuroe and Rain looked at each other with awareness and studying their movements, from their look you could tell both of them had many experience in battle.

Kuroe did the first move and start running towards rain.

”Jun Cambio et formae! Dark Blades Aldebaran, Antares ”

Kuroe close the space gab between him and rain in just two seconds, aiming for the neck he tried to stab rain.

Rain evaded the blade and grabbed kuroe by the forearm. ”

”agh!, what kind of grip he has He is going to break my arm! ”

Kuroe used his other arm to stab Rains hand and scaped of the grip, while doing that Rain punched kuroe in the head and kuroe use his leg to kick back Rain the face.

Both of them receded and the public started to cheer the arena noise was so loud that you could feel the excitement in the air the fight had a really fast pace if you look away for one second you will miss the fight.

”Not bad Bratt, yet so naïve… now the real fight start, Lion gauntlets Vairon! ”

Rain made appear a twin silver gauntlets with the form of lions coming from his necklace, soon after he hit the ground the impact made the ground to brake and made an explosion of rocks in the air.

Kuroe took it as an opportunity and start to run camouflaging with the rock, his speed was and advantage, some of the rock impacted kuroes body yet he manages to reach rains back.

Rains seemed to be confused, kuroe was not in his vision field anymore suddenly he felt a cut in his legs, rain punched in direction where he was cut, he did not feel to hit anything and received another cut now in his chest then in his arms.

Kuroe was moving at a higher speed than Rains punches. Rain starts to defend himself with the gauntlets waiting for the opportunity to counterattack.

After a while by memorizing and getting used to the attack pattern of the blades he punches in the direction of the attack, kuroe defended with his two arms but the gauntlets had an extraordinary power making kuroe get almost all of the damage.

Kuroe was Writhing in agony as his left arm was broken from his shoulder by Rains blow.

”This is not good…My left arm is useless ” Kuroe said while putting of the blades in to his mouth.

It only took on blow from the Lion gauntlets to make kuroe realize how bad it would be if he took a direct punch from them.

Rain didn give kuroe any chance to breath, the storm of blows keeps coming without cease, even with kuroes speed he struggled to evade all the blows.

”Come on! come on! Don disappoint me! ” Rain said while laughing, he had a big smile, Rain was enjoying every second of the encounter his face made him look like a berserker immersed in the fight.

”Master, at this rate we are going to lose. Set free your chains. I will constraint your spirit but that would give us around five minutes before we run out of mana. ”

”Well, enough, lets go Jun. ” kuroe couldn do anything but evade the strikes.

Rain made a doble blow towards kuroe, but instead of that he received to cut in his face kuroes blades started to emanate dark flames from his black earing that started to glow.

Kuroe earing was a special object that suppressed and accumulate his mana he got it from his older brother when he was kid.

The item allows the user to fully use his mana, but makes the user to feel an unimaginable pain after it runs out of mana.

With no time to waste kuroe crouched and cut Rains legs the flames burned part of the flesh making Rain feel a strong burning pain that slowed him down.

With only one arm and his mouth kuroe made several cuts in Rains body; the fight was at his climax the public was going crazy two of the best ten students were giving such a spectacle nobody could even blink the fight was just too incredible to miss anything.

After an exchange of blows and slashes the two of them were getting tired, the fight became a stamina competition, the one who runs out of energy first would be the one to lose.

None of them would give the advantage with almost cero openings in their defenses the two of them persist whit their attacks.

”Master, two minutes left to run out of mana ”

Kuroe had to end the battle as soon as he could his carmesi eyes were so focus he was immersed in the fight that he didn even feel the pain he was being in.

Kuroe felt pressured run one more time towards Rain.

”That won work again stupid ” Rain said while jumping in the air.

He punched Kuroe in the back and smacked him in to the ground. Kuroe manage to use part of the flames to cover his back in order to reduce the blows strength but wasn enough to stop the smash.

Kuroe start to spit blood, he was already in his limit his full body was in agony he had to finish this fight before he fainted.

With all his power he concentrated the flames into his right arm and blade and screamed:

”This is the end Vellafor! ”

”Bring it on Andrade! ”

Both of the screamed in the final exchange, the dark slash vs the powerful blow, everybody in the arena witness the final attack of both contestants.

They started to run, Rain tried to hit kuroe in the head but kuroe use his right arm to block, the gauntlet blows complete destroyed kuroes right arm making him release one of his blades.

The fight seemed to be over but.

”Hoo~~ ” Miel smiled.

Lilith look to be confused.

”Whats wrong Miel ” she said.

”This fight is over; I am going to head back, theres nothing else to see ”

”But the fight has not over yet where you think you
e going ” Lilith said.

”Watch by yourself Valentines Kid, the Andrade already ended it ”

Lilith looked at the arena and saw the end of the battle, while kuroe sacrificed his right arm in the exchange he used the Blade he had on his mouth and stabbed Rain in his collar bone, with his remaining mana he infuses all the black flames in to Rains body.

”This is… over ” kuroe Trumble he was already beyond his limit, just a little bit more and he would pass out.

Rain could barely look at kuroe his eyes were so blurry due the fatigue of the fight, the agony and burning pain Rain felt during the fight make him collapse into the ground…the fight was already over.

The teacher who was also the referee of the duel declared Kuroe as the victor and called the medical crew to take both of the students out of the battleground.

The Arena started to claps, scream for kuroe not every day you see a fight of this magnitude.

After a stupendous fight between Vellafor Rain from the S+ class and Andrade Kuroe also from the S+ class both of them were taken to the healing station inside the arena.

After a few hours of recovery kuroe went back the S+ building, everyone was waiting for him.

”Master That was a great fight ” Jun said.

”Thanks to you Jun, we made nice fight, I feel exhausted can wait to go home. ”

”Ill make sure to tell the maids to prepare a nice bath once we go back Master. ”

”Sounds good I count on you Jun ” Kuroe said.

Back in the S+ class Lilith run straight to Kuroe.

”You look horrible my dude. ”

Kuroe had a poker face and took his bag ready to go home.

”Can believe you beat rain in a one-on-one fight, your name has spread around the hole academy, look at you a famous rookie in his first day in the academy, well done Andrade. ”

”Thanks Valentine, I don wish to be known but I guess theres no other way around huh. ”

”Call me Lilith, don need to worry about current number eight of the s+ class. ”

Kuroe just realize that after the fight against Rain he was currently the new number eight.

”I guess you are right ” he said.

After the day ended, kuroe went back home and talk with his father about his first day in the academy.

Lord Grey was happy to see that his son was enjoying the school and he listen to every detail kuroe said, there was almost no chance of them to have a father-son talk like that after the incident of five years ago both of them became distant, so he felt alleviated to have more time with his son lately.

”I guess you had a long day, why you don go to take a rest you need it my son, tomorrow your young brother and sister are coming back from the campament, I want you to take care of them after school. ”

”Yes, father as you wish. ”

Kuroe went back to his room he couldn stop the new emotions he had he didn have any expectation in the academy but after the duel of today he was excited to fight against other stronger students he thought how long it would take him to ask Miel for a fight. After all Ort Miel was the strongest student of the academy, Kuroe did not realize how close that wish would be to come true in the future.

Next Chapter: ”Resolution ”

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