MermaidHuman Love

Chapter 1:Tail for Legs

a persuaded me

” I will leave you to do some thinking ”Morgana turned to swim away

” Wait ”I called out to her

She paused and revealed a wicked smile

”You agree? ”

”Yes,I agree to trade my tail for legs ”

Morgana laughed so loudly

I could hear her laughter echoing loudly

And then

Everything went blank

Josh POV

”I am not getting married to Vivian and that is final ” I said as I slammed the door

I picked my phone and dialed Andrew

”Where are you? ”

”I am by the sea shore ”

”Oh ok, I will be there ”

” Is there a problem? ”

” I will explain when i come over ” I replied and ended the call

I drove to meet Andrew

We have buddies since childhood

He was the closest friend I have ever had

”Hey ” I said as I sat on the ground next to Andrew

”I brought beers ”

”Oh nice ”

I talked to him about the pressure

Not that he didn know about Vivian but I just needed someone to tell my problems

Like they say a problem told is half solved

We talked for hours and I spotted something floating on the ocean

”What is that? ” I said pointing

”Dude,don start that again ” Andrew replied looking away

”I am serious ” I stood up to get a better look

”Wait,I think is a person ”

I unconsciously jumped into the water to rescue the person

I swam to the shore with her

She was naked

Where could she be from?

I took of my shirt and covered her up

She was still breathing

I carried her to my car while Andrew followed

”Where are you taking her? ” Andrew asked as I dropped her in my car

”To my home of course ” I replied as Andrew got into the car and we drove to my house

I live very close to the beach , so it didn take long and we got to my house

I quickly carried her to my living room and placed her on my couch

Hidees POV

Thank goodness ,that human saw her on time

She might have drowned If not

When she traded her tail for legs ,she lost the ability to breathe under water

Rosies POV

I opened my eyes slowly and I couldn remember anything

Where was I?

I tried to lift up my head and I heard a voice,my heart began to beat faster

”Hey, you are up? ”He asked

Who was he?

”Gently ” He said as he helped me up

” Where am I ? ”

” You are at my apartment … ”

”What is an apartment ”

”Basically, where I live ”

” How did I get here? ”

” I found you unconscious at the beach ”

” The beach? ”

” How did you get there? ”

Another person walked

” Oh, she is up? ” He said to the other guy

” Hey ”He said and waved at me

Then the first guy asked again

”How did you get there? ”

”I don remember ”

”You don remember? ”The other guy said panicked

” What is your name? ”

”My name is … ”

I thought hard and I remembered my name

” My name is Rosie ”

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