Working with Liam might not have been the best idea because I knew from the moment I saw him that I would like to rip his clothes off to do unspeakable things. Something about him that I can place my hands on. Its like he sees through me.

He gave this rough sexy vibe that just kept me pinned. But none of us would act on our feelings. You know students and professors shit. Even though he was just a few years older than me.

Its Liams last day at the university, he got a job at some other college on the eastern side so I am helping him pack up his boxes. I tried to lighten the mood because I noticed his disturbing silence since he got to the office.

”I thought you were going to pack up last night, ” I said.

”I tried. ” He said slowly.

”Ill help you. Not exactly what I wanted to be doing on my last day with you. ” I expected a reply but there was still silence. I turned to look at him and our eyes caught each other

”Come on, I know change is hard but the new school will be very lucky to have you. And youll find a new assistant who knows how to spell Tlingit without being taught. ” I mocked.

”And you? ” he asked.

”Ill survive. I always do. ”

No, I won survive. I can keep holding on to my feelings. If Liam doesn do something, I will. After all, its his last day here. I don even know how I have been able to hold myself from this magnetic force that draws me to him.

”Im not very good at this… ” he walked towards me.

”What? ” I ask, holding my breath and hoping this is what I think it is.

”This… ” he moves closer and points at his boxes leaving only a foots distance between

us, ”I can pack. Im not ready to go. Ive never felt this way before. I thought it would…go away, this feeling but…Im sort of drowning. ”

Ok, what is this hot stuff talking about now? Does he also want to rip my clothes off or is he just going to miss college?

If you want to drown, I know a pool you can drown in man!

I watched him struggle to articulate his words, but I was not certain about what he was talking about.

”Me too, ” I said even though I wasn sure we were on the same page.

”What do we do? ” he asked in a low tone.

At this point, I was ready to risk it all. The most embarrassing thing Ill get is a massive L but if I am lucky Ill get my desire.

So I slowly moved close to him and held his soft hands, our eyes locked again and I became sure that this was my cue.

With no further contemplation, I met my lips with his already closed lip while my body popped in fireworks out of excitement.

I have only worked for Liam for three months and in those months, I always fight the urge to push him to the wall and kiss him thoroughly.

His strong hands passionately caressed my body. He lifted me above the ground like I have always imagined and We wasted no time in ripping each others clothes apart right on the office table.

Its been a long time coming to be honest.

I am glad that we feel the same way about each other.


Liam and I have been together for a year now but I have never been to where he lives. He always changes the topic whenever I talk about his family.

Liam can talk about how awesome his dad, Alfred is but will go mute each time I say, ”I can wait to meet him. ”

So I just guess that in time, I will meet this Mysterious Alfred.

I would say our love was a destructive kind of love. We love each other so much that when we are apart, we could barely function without one another.

Liam wasted no time proposing to me. He got me a beautiful emerald ring which just sat right on my finger like it was made just for me.

Liam knows that he has no choice but to take me home now. I have no parents and Im dying to make the family of the man I love my family too. Hed been Nervous all day since he decided to take me home.

As we approached Garcia Mansion, I became nervous. It was huge and beautiful. Although it seemed to be on the outskirts of a sand valley. There were hectares of virgin land around the mansion. It kind of made me wonder how they live in this kind of place without getting bored. But it seemed peaceful.

I paused seeing the magnitude of the mansion.

”Hey, ” Liam held me after seeing how anxious I was and he kissed me. ”Don be nervous, okay? We are going to be fine. ”

”Well, when you put it that way I feel nervous. This is a big deal bringing me home to your family. What if Alfred doesn like me. ”

”Impossible! ” Liam objected.

”Okay then, Ill come clean, Ive never met anyones family before. Not in this context. Not in the context of someone I love…if he doesn like me… ” I started to panic.

Liam cut in ”Darling, I got you. ” He calmed all my nerves. He lifted me above the ground and carried me to the front porch.

”Theres just one thing, I didn tell him we were coming, ” Liam said after we got to the entrance of the house.

”What! Does he at least know we are engaged? ” I asked but Liam was silent.

”Im not going to ambush him. Okay look, just go inside and tell him, and Ill wait out here. ”

I said and he agreed.

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