The next time Im aware of myself, I am on the floor outside in an abandoned warehouse, laying naked in the sun but not for fun.

There is a dead raccoon in front of me with its guts all over the place. I think it fought with a wild animal, which ate it for lunch.

Oh, wait! Im that wild animal.

I feel drained like I ran a hundred miles on foot.

That must have been me chasing the raccoon. Or should I say, ”The wolf ”?

I hear footsteps approach me.

It was Liam, thank goodness hes alive. I thought he died for a second. I still need him alive, I need answers.

”Im tired… ” I say weakly.

”I Know, ” Liam replied.

”Just let me die… ” I said as he came above me to lift me.

”Not a chance darling. You
e going to survive because that is what you do, you survive! You always have. I knew you had it in you from the start. Come on.

You can live out here, not yet. Alfred will teach you. ” He wrapped his jacket around me and lifted me.

He carried me like a baby and took me in.

Everything on my body felt sensitive since the change. My sense of hearing; I can hear people clearer now even if they are feet away from me.

My sense of smell; I can smell others like me. I am stronger now, way stronger than you can imagine and I eat heavily now.

I haven spoken to anyone at Garcias mansion including Liam for a week now, even though I see a lot of guys come and go. I keep to myself.

They have been quite nice to me but I just want to go back to my normal life. I don want to be a monster!

I have a room to myself here, Alfred trains me every day. He teaches me how to control my urges and changes. He is quite kind.

The first impression I had of him had changed. He was trying to protect me on the first day he saw me in the mansion, thats why he was cold to me.

He was trying to protect me from Liam, that monstrosity!

Speaking of monsters, The Garcia family is a pack of werewolves on its own. There are other werewolves in the world but no one has heard of them because the werewolf community would never let their secret out that easily.

Once a human discovers them, they have to die or turn them immediately.

Lucy on the other hand is the first female werewolf alive.

There have been instances where different packs try to create a female werewolf but they all end up dying during the turning process. Several tests have been carried out, several bodies have been wasted all to no avail.

Im a rare gem for the Garcias or rather for all the werewolves to ever exist in this world.

Alfred, Liam, Paul, Alex, Troy, and Pablo are all under Garcias pack.

They have been together for decades, running Vine valley and keeping it safe from other external forces.

The indigenes of Vine valley know the Garcias to be mysterious people but no one could figure out what they are.

There have been nasty rumors about the Garcias and their mysterious mansion. Some rumored them to be the Illuminati or some type of cult, others believed the mansion was haunted by spirits, while some believes they are descendants of Dracula and they keep his corpse in the mansion.

Who could blame the gossipers?

The Garcias act like creeps.

One thing the rumors got right is that the Danvers are scary people.

They own hundreds of hectares of properties in Vine Valley but the people around there know not to trespass.

At some point on the property, you will find Garcias old Mansion, surrounded by trees and shrubs.

A lot of companies and investors offered a good amount of money to Alfred to sell off his lands to them but he would never do that. He never even sold as little as a plot of land. He acquired the land from his father the previous day.

This is where I find myself now. I am one of the pack. I am a **in wild animal, a **in wolf!

I have been at the Garcias for two months now, training, and hunting. Liam tries to make a conversation with me but I will never give him an audience. This place is making me lose my mind and I need to leave. Nevertheless, Alfred will never let me. I have studied Alfred long enough in my silence that I now understand him.

He wants me to be close and free with him. He talks to me every day and encourages me even when I give him nothing in return. Not even a reply. He believes that I can still have a life after this. So I will open up to him today. I can stay silent forever; neither can I stay here forever. I need to clear my head from the bondage of ”furs and fangs ”.

”When do you think Ill be ready to go out, ” I ask today during training with Alfred.

He was surprised to hear me talk to him after two months of muteness.

”You will know when you
e ready, Lucy. ” He smiled.

”I don understand that. You know I can stay here forever right? ” I ask him.

”I know that. I am happy you are even communicating with me right now. But you haven accepted who you are. ”

”You mean Ill remain like this forever? ” I ask again to be sure.

”You know the answer to that, Lucy, you are a part of the pack now, you are the only female werewolf to ever exist… ”

I look at Alfred as he is about to start with some motivational speech and walk away.

I bump into Liam on my way to the room, I can tell that he has been eavesdropping on our conversation.

I can tell he Is finally happy that I speak now and hopes I will speak to him too…

”Lucy… ” he calls out.

”Fuck off! ” I say.

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