Chapter 1 [Full Chapter] – The Best of the Best

It’s the end of July in Spain, and the heat is intense.

If you take a deep breath, you’ll find that the air is saturated with heat.
The sweat and condensations cling onto the temples of the people and the crimson cup of Sangria[1].


Yan An, driving a classic car from the airport to the city, thought to herself that the city is indeed overflowing with passion and desire.

After Yan An finished her 4-year study of learning how to fly, there was a one-month window of free time before having to return to mainland China.

Yan An didn’t hesitate to use the window of time and directly flew from Australia to Spain.

At the end of the 4-year of highly rigorous and cautious learning on how to fly, the string in her body[2] that has been stretched taut for over 4-years has finally reached its limit, she felt that it was necessary to destress and refresh herself anew in this empty-window timeframe.

In a country that no one readily recognizes, there is simply no better place to let out all of your emotions, to let your blood boil and cool, and to let yourself refresh and restart to zero.

It is a land filled with unrestrained passion and enthusiasm, and, after all, it was once known as the Empire of Which the Sun Never Sets.


Yan An has already packed and sent most of her luggage back to China when she finished her studies, and when she came to Spain, she only carried a carry-on traveling bag.

Ah Man did say that wearing clothes that are an inch thicker than a thin suspender will have a very sorry effect on her body.


Yan An happened to meet Ah Man during a sabbatical in a small town near the coast of New South Wales.

With long black hair, a stunning face, and an alluring figure, Ah Man was seen casually sunbathing naked beside an endless stretch of pristine shores and coastline on the east coast of Australia.

At that time, she couldn’t help but blurt out,

“What a hot girl..”

Upon hearing that, Ah Man turned around and raised her sunglasses, glanced at her from head to toe, then lazily raised her eyebrows and invited, “It’s still less than a thousandth of your figure, so how about we sunbathe together?”

Yan An smiled and politely declined: “No, I came here to see handsome naked men tanning.”

Ah Man laughed and smiled broadly at her reply: “Coincidentally, me too.”

The personality of these two are highly compatible with each other, and so they quickly became best friends after that.
Since then, Ah Man has continued to travel throughout the world, while Yan An continued to dread and study for the theoretical and practical business license exams and more.

Even though the two of them are not always with each other physically, they still both frequently contact and roam the internet with each other, always texting each other through the internet with all sorts of topics.


And now in the present, Yan An changed into a black suspender and took a picture using the floor mirror of her hotel in Spain and sent it to Ah Man.

Ah Man: The suspenders are fine, the pants are not, change the wrap of your hips.

Yan An thought that Ah Man’s opinion is agreeable and immediately changed into a pair of skinny jeans and sent a picture to her right after.

Ah Man clicked her tongue and replied: With your figure, it’s a huge waste to not go naked sunbathing.
And with Spain’s 1,930 kilometers worth of coastline, you are not going to let it go to waste, right?

Yan An now seriously considered tanning this time and replied with a quiet and meek emoji: I think Ah Man is right.

This is Yan An’s first time in Spain.
She didn’t do any thorough planning and preparations for this trip, because after all, she has a traveling expert’s contacts on her phone.

At this time, she asked about her other party, how to make one month incredibly exciting, and how to have fun.

Ah Man: It really depends on whether you want to do it step by step or one step at a time.

Yan An’s previously stretched to the limit string[3] slammed and bounced on her backbones, and Yan An immediately replied: “I want to IMMEDIATELY pump my adrenaline to its utmost limits.”

The other side fell silent for a moment before immediately replying: “Oh, that is really too easy to do!”



A dark green vintage car made its way to the north.

Yan An rolled the car’s window down a little and instantly felt the hot and humid sea breeze of the Mediterranean.

She looked up towards the azure sky ahead and vaguely saw yellow-like flowers blossoming in the air in the distance.
Her heartbeat slowly accelerated in anticipation.

Barcelona’s skydiving base is generally well-known throughout all of Europe.

For such an extreme sport with sudden accelerations of gravity and air pressure, Yan An entered the skydiving base’s door without hesitation and gave the money without even reading the introductions, and signed the safety notice agreement.

With this kind of free-falling experience, Yan An doesn’t even bother to hope that she will ever have this kind of experience again once she begins her career.

This extreme sport, which opposes the pilots manual, was a perfect appetizer for this trip.

She couldn’t wait.

Yan An pushed the signed agreement form back towards the receptionist lady and casually joked, “Hey, can you arrange a handsome-looking instructor for me?”

The receptionist glanced at her passport information and soon made an OK.
“I will arrange a Chinese instructor for you.”

“Is he handsome?” 

“He’s the most handsome Chinese man I have ever met!”

Yan An originally made a light joke and didn’t mean what she said, but upon hearing the receptionist lady’s serious reply, her eyes lit up.

All humans like attractive things.
Who doesn’t like handsome men and beautiful women that are pleasing to the eye?

Only Yan An can deal with this mindset better than others, and appreciate the bright and upright more.


And now, she is waiting on the base’s lawn, restlessly looking around without hiding her presence.

Yan An: I heard that the instructor who will take me later is a handsome Chinese man.

Ah Man immediately replied with one word: Go!

Yan An: Come on!

Ah Man: Fuck off, you cowardly woman with a heart but no guts!

Yan An smiled.

Yan An is fundamentally different from Ah Man.
While the other “take actions first” faction, Yan An is in the “mouth off first” faction.

Yan An: Hey handsome, can’t you see? Moving your mouth is graceful while moving your hands and feet isn’t.

Ah, Man spits on her: It’s because you still haven’t encountered the very best.

Yan An humbly asked: What is the so-called best?

Ah Man: Two words.

Yan An: ?

Ah Man: I want to sleep![4] [TL/N: The raws says: 想睡!]

Yan An bursts out laughing: Get taught![5]

Yan An was then soon called away to learn about basic safety and movement before skydiving.

She looked at the curly-haired Spanish instructor in front of her humorously and winked, “It looks like I’m not destined to be with that rumored handsome Chinese instructor?” She grinned and added, “But certainly, you’re pretty handsome too.”

The Spanish Instructor heartily laughed at her quip, “Don’t worry, your handsome instructor is still yours, he’s just currently getting your goggles ready.
But hey, if you find out that you like me better, I can take you with me.”

Yan An waved her hand, “No no, when I meet a fellow countryman in another country, my eyes will be brimming with tears.”

Yan An translated the Chinese saying into English in a cute, strange way.

The Spanish Instructor had a question mark written all over his face, while he thought to himself that this Chinese girl is really cute.

At that moment, the instructor glanced behind Yan An and said, “Hey Sam, come on, your Chinese young lady is dy

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