“That… It was a punishment game.”

“And why me?”

“Wada-kun, what do you think of yourself?” She started.
“Do you think you’re a shady guy or a boring person? Well, I thought so too the other day.
But to be honest, the other boys respect you, and there are even some girls who secretly think you’re cute.

“Despite all of that, you never looked around, or rather, it seemed like you didn’t care.
That’s why I decided to target you… In hindsight, it was really bad.
I’m really sorry.”

I think I can kind of get the reason now.
They saw me building a huge wall around myself, and that was prime target material.

“And I ended up damaging the atmosphere in class.
The guys barely even talk to the girls now after that whole debacle…” She said, showing deep-seated regret.

“Well… I’m still a bit angry when I think back on it.
To be honest, though, looking at how I am now and at how things are looking up, I can say I’ve improved a bit,” I paused for a second.
“Sure, I accept your apology.
Let’s end it here.”

“Really? I kept thinking if you would even accept my apology…” She muttered in relief.

“So, what should we do? I could spread the word to the other guys.”

I tried to tell Saito-kun that we were the only girls involved, and he gave us the stink eye.
He still told the other boys just in case, but… you don’t have a smartphone.”

Oh, Kenichi…

“And what about the apology? Did you tell them you’d come up to me?”

“No, we thought it’d be best if we went up to you, the victim, first.
It wouldn’t be nice to spread the word around and say it’s all okay now since we were going to apologize.”

“Okay, I see.
Just don’t do it to anyone else, okay? It really hurt.”

“Mhm, we won’t do it anymore.
And thanks for accepting our apology once again,” with that, the four girls left the classroom.

I felt a bit better emotionally.
Keeping grudges against people is something truly taxing to the heart, even though I tried to tell myself I didn’t care.

After the talk, I went back to my chores and quickly handed what was needed to the teacher, hurrying out of school as fast as possible.
As soon as I arrived at the electronics store, I saw Rikka eyeing the smartphones around.

“Risa, I’m here.”


She had the biggest smile on her face, warming my heart in turn.
Just seeing her happy makes me happy.
Moreover, she’s in her uniform today… cute.
Extremely, criminally cute.

“It’s the first time I’ve seen you in uniform… It suits you.
A lot.
You look so cute, Risa.”

“Wha, really?! You look cool too, Kyo,” she smiled, cheeks blushing ever so softly.

“Thanks,” I smiled.
“And, um, I guess I need a smartphone as soon as possible.
I thought as much when I needed to let you know I’d be late.”

“That’s true.
We’re fine when we talk to each through voice calls on the computer at certain times, but if it comes to urgent calls…”

The two of us enjoyed some quality time together while looking at various smartphones and carrier plans.

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