Hugging my trembling father made me think a lot.


I was the one who understood my dad more than anyone else and wanted to do what he wanted. 




‘If Daddy doesn’t go back, this country will be ruined!’


That’s right.


My Dad, Enoch Rubinstein, shouldn’t be here.


To get revenge for his daughter, he has to go back to the Knights of Templar with honey in his mouth and a sword in his stomach and save the male lead Cheshire. 


And after getting the Knights Templar ready for a rebellion from within, he had to start a revolution in this country.


As to why—.
About a decade from now.


‘Because ordinary people will die?’


The imperial family carries out a ‘policy to annihilate the people without power’.


A massacre that literally kills ordinary people who don’t have magical powers without asking or questioning.


And it’s my Dad who stops it. 


‘I thought it had nothing to do with me.
After all, the main characters stop the massacre.
The main characters protect me, so I only need to sucked honey as an extra?’




‘Daddy was the main character!’


I would have been kidnapped a while ago if it were the original—the role of planting the seeds of revenge on Enoch Rubinstein, who lost his daughter.


However, I changed the original with the momentary thought that I didn’t want to part with my dad.


Unlike the original, I am safe.


Then what if my dad runs away with me?


My dad will not save the male lead Cheshire and teach him, nor will he rebel against the imperial family.


‘Then it’s a disaster.
All the innocent extras will die, right?’


I remembered the faces of Aunt Susan and Uncle Joe.


The moment I remembered the two screaming painfully and dying.


‘No, I can’t.’


I shook my head hard to shake off my bad imagination.






“Daddy, do you want me to run away for the rest of my life? You’re not, right?”


“It’s not that, but.”


Dad pulled my body from his tight embrace and looked at my eyes. 


“Princess said that.
You want to live a normal life with Dad.”




“What if we go back to the Capital? Princess must live with power.
It’s never going to be an ordinary life.”


Yeah, I did.




‘Since my dad was Enoch Rubinstein, my ordinary and comfortable life as an extra was over!’


—Swallowing my desire to shout, I decided to play a greedy little seven-year-old.


“To be honest, my dad is a person with power and I am as well, so I changed my mind a bit.”


“What do you mean?”


“If I have power, I’m also a noble.
Also, if it is Dad’s daughter, I will be the most powerful noble among the aristocrats.




My Dad stared blankly into my twinkling eyes and looked confused.


“Daddy doesn’t have to work hard every day and sell it to the market, and I don’t have to wait for him like that.
In addition— you can’t even do laundry!”


“Lilith, my princess, Daddy told you not to do the laundry, but you keep—!” 


“And also! I can eat macarons every day, and I can wear dresses with ribbons!”


Bang, bang.


I stomped my feet like mad.


Dad was surprised.


Dad, I’m sorry.
I didn’t want to act like an impetuous filial daughter—’


“Why didn’t you tell me! why!”




“You didn’t want me to live as a powerful person, did you?”


I cried out with tears hanging in my eyes.


“You didn’t even ask me if I wanted to live as a people with power or a noble!”


“P, princess—” 


“I hate being called a princess only by my dad! I want to be a real princess!”


Dad’s eyes began to flutter.


“I am not Daddy’s daughter!”


“W, what?”


A killing blow—.


Dad once stumbled and looked shocked. 


“I’m not going to be James’ daughter! I’m going to be Duke Enoch’s daughter!”


I shouted as I pointed out the window with my small index finger.


“If Daddy doesn’t go, I’m going to ask the uncles to take me away!”




My Dad was at a loss for words at my strong attitude.


And he was silent for a while, biting his lip with a confused face.


Dad, I’m really sorry.’


I’m really sorry Dad—.


The worries won’t last long.


Because his daughter is the most important thing to him right now.


* * * 


A cozy cottage that makes me think of my childhood.


My dad and I were standing in front of it with our luggage, facing the knights.


I hugged my dad and glanced at the handsome face of the knight commander.


‘Black hair and purple eyes.
I thought it was a familiar description somehow.’


His name is—.


Axion Libre.


Rank, Dos.


Duke of Libre. Joining the Knights Templar at the same period as my dad, he was in charge of the leadership role instead of my dad, who disappeared 7 years ago.


A close aide who will be my dad’s revolutionary army comrade.


As expected from the leading role. 


‘Ah, that person was Axion.
A handsome face like that can’t be an extra.’


After James Brown hit me in the back of the head, I decided to engrave the iron rule that there is no such thing as a handsome extra in the future.


“Then let’s go, Enoch.”




Axion tilted his head as my Dad recites it in an indifferent voice.




“I can’t go until I have a top-class carriage.
My daughter will have pain in her buttocks, and she won’t be able to ride a horse for a long time.” 


“No, what do you mean!” 


The knight standing next to Axion, the one I bit, was about to jump out of anger at my dad’s abuse of power.


However, Axion lightly raised his arm and stopped it.




He sighed and looked at me. 


Look, look.
His eyes looked at the luggage.
It was clear what he was thinking on his face 


I moved my dad by acting like a helpless daughter, but he didn’t even appreciate my hard work.




Axion finally ordered.


“Get a carriage….
to the highest quality.”


* * *


About an hour after that. 


We were moving to a city in the south called El Pasha.


They said that we would use the warp gate in a temple in a big city to get to the Capital. 


It’s soft.”


I admired the comfortable carriage ride I had never felt in my life. 


It was a carriage that many Paladins had bought quickly, like servants. 


“Dad—! The carriage is so…!”


I called my dad excitedly and paused.


The side view of my dad looking out the window with his chin resting quietly seemed to have a lot of thoughts.


Maybe he was mad because his daughter, whom he had worked hard to raise for 7 years, turned out like that.


‘Uh huh.
I’m really sorry, Dad—’


I moved my hips and stuck close to my dad. 




“Uh huh, Lilith.”


“I’m sorry—” 


Dad’s eyes widened.
Then he looked at me, who had been gloomy for a moment.




Soon, my dad picked me up and put me on his lap so we could face each other. 


“Is it because Daddy’s expression is scary? I’m sorry.
I was just thinking about it.” 




“Yeah, Daddy was wrong.
To my princess.
As the princess said, I didn’t even ask what princess thought.”


Dad turned his head and stroked my cheek as he smiled to make me feel better.


“Do whatever you want to be a princess.
Dad will really went home, put on pretty clothes and ate lots of expensive macarons.”




“I’m sorry I haven’t been able to do that until now.
Dad didn’t know.
Does the princess really want to live like that?”


“N, no—” 


I was happy living in a cottage with James Brown.


Macaroons are expensive desserts, so I can’t eat a lot of them, and it’s fine to just eat them sometimes.
Even if I do eat them, there’s no one in the mountain valley village to show off to—.


The most important thing is that my dad feeds me, dresses me, and puts me to sleep—.
He was a perfect dad who didn’t lack or fail at anything.


The unfaithful filial daughter  attitude made my dad feel guilty.’


I said sorry.


“Me too… I’m really sorry for saying I’m not Daddy’s daughter earlier.
I’m not serious.
And I understand what Dad means.
Because you’re afraid of the battlefield, you don’t want to let me go.”


“That’s right.
The battlefield is scary.
So let’s not go, my princess.”




I blinked at the resolute voice of my dad. 


“What do you mean? Didn’t I have to go to war to eat pretty clothes and entrance macarons?”


“No, that’s okay.
Wear pretty clothes and eat macarons.
But you don’t have to go to war.
Dad won’t let you go to the battlefield, princess.”


I turned my head to see if I heard something wrong.


Refusing military service? 


Dad looked at me as if he had just thought of something terrible.


“No, Dad.
Wait a minute.
Dad… Ack!” 


It was then.


For a moment, the suddenly stopped carriage rattled greatly, and my butt rose once and sank.


“Lilith! Are you okay?”


“Y, yes.”


What’s going on? I turned my head and looked out the window.


“D, dad? What’s that?” 


In the distance, huge dust was rising.


I don’t know what it is, but it’s running towards the carriage at great speed—.


“It’s a werewolf.”


As soon as my dad opened the window to check the situation, Axion, who was riding his horse next to us in the carriage, said.


“Are you kidding me?”


I was able to find out who it was by clinging to my surprised dad.


‘W, wolf?’


It was a wolf drooling with its teeth exposed.


Walk straight on two legs, not four!


“I knew there was a habitat around here, but I didn’t know it would come down to the house.
I’ll take care of it soon.”


“Damn it…”


Dad stared at Axion as if to kill him.


As soon as we left, he seemed angry that he had put me in danger.






“Stay right here, don’t move.
You can’t come out.
Don’t even put your head out.”


“Wait! Dad, where are you going?”


Without a moment to catch him, Dad opened the door and jumped out.


“You shield the carriage.
If my daughter gets hurt, you’ll die.”


“You personally? You don’t have to.”


“How long do I have to wait until you catch each of them?”


My dad, gritting his teeth, pulled the sword off Axion’s waist.


“D, Dad? Daddy!”


I was too scared to open the door, so I began shouting while pressing my cheeks against the window like a steamed bun.




Dad jumped toward the monster wolves, who seemed to be around thirty, with only a sword hanging out of his hand.


The knights who followed him were just watching.


“Hey, there? Uncle! You have to help him! Why are you just watching? H, how can my dad catch it all by himself!”


I tapped on the window and asked Axion.


Then he glanced at me and murmured.


“…He will catch it all by himself.” 


“W, what are you—” 


That moment.


Dad swung his sword.


He drew a horizontal line and swung once, making it look like he was cutting through the air.




And at the same time—.


The monster wolves, who were approaching from afar at a frightening speed, stopped all at once.


I was bewildered at the sight as if the video had stopped.


‘W, why did they suddenly stop? They didn’t even get hit with the sword?’


The question was immediately resolved.


“Oh my.” 


The monster wolves, who had stopped for exactly three seconds, split in half, as if he had cut the space between them, and fell to the ground, bleeding out.


“W, w, what happened…” 


I rubbed my eyes again in disbelief.

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