My Emperor’s Domination System

Transmigration: New World



[System has fused with the host successfully!]

[Error!… The host is on the verge of death…]

[Intiating protocol…transmigration.]

[New dimension discovered…]

[Transport hosts soul…]

[Transport successful…finding suitable vessel…]

[Vessel found…Transferring hosts soul…]

[Transmigration complete!]


At the bank of a river, a body could be seen lying with his lower body in the water and his upper body on the cold ground.

This was a young boy whose features indicate that he is just a teenager.

He had black hair, and a somewhat oval face, and even with his eyes closed he looked like a pretty boy.

But he was also dressed in very shabby clothes, implying that he was not that well off.

But the most noticeable thing would be the hole in his chest where his heart was supposed to be.

Suddenly, a blue light shone on the boy and covered him in its light. A few seconds later the light disappeared and the hold in the boys chest was fully healed. Leaving only a torn shirt as evidence of the previous injury.

”Hmm… ”

The boy began to regain consciousness as his brows furrowed, as though he was in pain.

”Ugh, my head hurts! ” The boy said as he opened his eyes, revealing his purple pupils in the process.

His brows furrowed more deeply as he felt like his head was about to blow up.

”Ugh, ” he groaned, and that was all.

He then shakily stood up, but then fell back on his butt as he was extremely dizzy. He looked around his surroundings for the first time.

”Where am I…and how did I survive? ”

”Wait, my voice?! ” He exclaimed as he rushed to see his reflection in the river.

”Oh, my…did I?… ”

Suddenly the pain he had in his head multiplied by a great margin as he heard a voice in his head.

[Transmigration complete!]

[Fusing previous owners memories…]

[Fusion complete!]

”Hmmm, ” he murmured.

”I see… Xander Xavier, ” He said.

”Funny he had the same name as I did in my previous world. Just a bit more handsome, though, ” Xander said.

Xander was previously a mercenary on planet Earth in his previous world. He was obsessed with strength and trained so hard to achieve that.

He mastered multiple martial arts styles and weapons. Eventually creating his martial art technique which was a combination of all that he had learned.

He was a real talent, had great renown in the world, and was considered the greatest combatant of all times. And that was a title that was proven countless times to be true.

But after a long time, Xander became unsatisfied. He wanted more and desired powers similar to those seen in fantasy novels and animes which he was a fan of.

Because of that he started chasing after supernatural knowledge and had quite a few encounters, that helped him gain almost superhuman abilities.

One faithful day, a meteorite crashed on Earth at an old temple in Asia. He was around the vicinity and rushed to its scene.

There he encounters a floating cube glowing in red symbols. Then, he immediately knew that this was what he had been looking for. But befo

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