My Emperor’s Domination System

Transmigration: New World

re he could obtain the cube, he was obstructed by some old enemies.

And due to the interference of the government, they sent their army after him also. He battles for an entire day, before getting shot by a sniper.

But not before grabbing the cube, which immediately turned to liquid and dived right into his head, causing him to lose consciousness.

And then he transmigrated into another world.

Into the body of someone with the same name and similar features except for the purple eyes and younger age

Xander Xavier is a commoner of this world. Being someone of the lowest status, was the bastard son of a noble family

His father was looking for him, and his stepmother found out and sent men to kill him. Apparently, the same woman was also responsible for his mothers death.

”But that isn what is Important… ” Xander said as he smile.

”This is a world of swords and magic! Magic…oh how I have yearned for such power. My dreams can now be achieved! ” Xander said with great desire.

A world where he had the chance to gain supernatural abilities. Xander was ready to do what he takes.

”But first, I need to go…home, ” Xander said.

Standing up and looking around, he looked back and saw a forest filled with thick and tall trees. In front of him was the sea.

”Those bastards took me so far. It would have long hours before I would be able to get to where the previous Xander lived. ”

Xander started walking, as he walked into the forest. This was the Splitter Fall Forest. It had no magical creatures unlike the others and was only used to harvest wood for various purposes.

The forest covered an area big enough, that it would take him over six hours walking in a straight line to get to the town where the previous Xander lived.



The stars hung in the sky and the light of the moon shone upon the world. A bustling town was located right outside the forest, and Xander had finally arrived after a long time.

He had endured a lot in his past life so walking for six hours didn faze him, except…

”This body is so weak, ” Xander complained in dissatisfaction at his current bodys condition.

His clothes were soaked with sweats, and he took deep breaths, from time to time.

Soon he arrived before the towns entrance, which didn have a gate. Instead, it had a curved entrance that was open, with a signboard written at the top.

This was where Xander had lived with his late mother since he was three years old when his mom had to run because of threats on her life.

She still died though, to an unknown cause when Xander was twelve years old. It has been three years since then and Xander was currently fifteen.


A sound echoed in Xanders head and a voice spoke in his head.

[You have arrived in a world of swords and magic!]

[First Quest!]

Xander stares at the screen of words that suddenly appeared in front of him.

”Yeah, I have a system too…I am definitely not tripping. ”



———-End of Chapter————–


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