|[First Quest!]|

|[Quest: The Path of Magic!]|

|[Description: Take the first step on the path of magic!]|

|[Time Limit: 7 days]|

|[Reward: SSS Rank elemental affinity!]|

”Hmm? ” Xander looked at the screen with curiosity

He extended his hand to touch it and his hand passed right through it as though it wasn there.

Xander decided to get to the house where he lived first, before taking a good look at the system.

Walking into the town, he looked around at the people on the streets, but no one seem to notice the floating screen.

They only gave him curious looks upon seeing the hole in his shirt, which was caused by the previous injury.

Xander had no friends and was an above-standard loner. He refused any attempt by anyone at getting acquainted with him. And due to his mothers death, he detached himself from the world even more.

There was only one person that he was childhood friends with, but she wasn here anymore, as the girl had become a mage and was admitted into a prestigious academy.

After that, she rose to the top quickly and her family moved to one of the big cities, it has been over three years since then, and they haven so much as sent a later, including his so-called childhood friend.

After a while, Xander arrived at a cottage that was located at the very end of the town, and atop a hill surrounded by tall trees.

His mother wanted to be alone and away from the outside world, hence the location.

But Xander liked it as it was peaceful and quiet unlike the residential part of town. Arriving at the door, he found it broken.

He frowned in thought, Did his killers come back here?

He pushed away the broken door and walked inside with caution and wariness.

The previous Xander was caught in the forest and killed when he went to look for a fruit called Sweet Narries, which were his favorite.

Walking in, Xander found the entire sitting room recked, the chairs were broken. The walls were cracked. We walked to the kitchen and found the same situation too.

”My room, ” Xander said as he check his room.

And as he expected, his room was wrecked too. It was even more so than the others.

”Were they looking for something? ” Xander wondered as he checked the room and found nothing missing.

”So they just wrecked the place of a dead man? Crazy people… ”

”Luckily, the bed is still intact. Wouldn want to sleep on the ground now. ”

After that, Xander sat on the bed.

”Time to check this System for real. ”

What are you? Xander asked in his mind.

And as he expected, he got a response, with a crisp sound in his mind.

[The host is the possessor of the system.]

What kind of System are you?

[I am the Emperors Domination System!]

[My purpose is to make whoever I fuse with become the Emperor of the world and stand at the very peak.]

”Hmmm, so what if your host is not willing to become an emperor? ”

[Then the system will leave him and fuse with another. As that goes against what I was created for.]

”Are there any repercussions for that? ”

[Well, the host may not survive the separation as I became one with his soul, and separating could destroy the hosts soul.]

”So whats the catch? ”

”I have to have the ambitions that are in line with the system or Ill die? ” Xander asked.

This time the system did not respond as the answer was already obvious.

Xander smiled, and then laughed, ”Hahaha! Fortunately, your goal is precisely aligned with mine! ”

Xander liked the idea of dominating the world as its ruler. With all beneath him and none above him.

”My Emperors Domination System. I like the sound of that. ”

Xander then asked about the systems functions and found out that it didn have a shop or an inventory.

Its function lies in growing specific skill sets and abilities that will lead its host to world domination.

It had the basic function of missions and rewards, but no penalty was involved. All missions are geared towards the hosts growth in power.

It also had a status screen, that let the host see his stats and also the number of skills or abilities he has, and their description.

Xander nodded and said the word he had once dreamt of saying and having the desired effect, like many otakus before him.

”Status Screen! ” He shouted like an enthusiastic otaku.



|[ Name: Xander Xavier ]|

|[ Age: 15 ]|

|[ Race: Human]|

|[ Title: Systems Possessor ]|

|[ Mana Capacity: Null ]|

|[ Strength: 0.5 ]|

|[ Stamina: 0.4 ]|

|[ Agility: 0.4 ]|

|[ Durability: 0.5 ]|

|[Mind: 1.5 ]|

|[ Bloodline: Unawakened ]|

|[ Skills: None ]|

|[ Elemental Affinity: Unawakened ]|


”I have a bloodline? ” Xander asked the system but got no response.

Then he remembers that this isn that kind of system that he can chat with and assign tasks to, like an AI.

The system was more like a pre-written program, or software that will only do as it was programmed to do.

”Its nothing bad though. Anyway, what does the title do? ” Xander asked again.

This time, the system responded, as this was built in its function.

|[ Title: Systems Possessor ]|

|[Effects: As the possessor of the Emperors Domination System, you have limitless potential, and can excel in all areas you train in.]|

”Wow, doesn that also mean that my magical talent is out of this world? Thats great! ”

”Now the only issue is, I don know how to complete the first quest. ”

”How do I take the first step to become a mage? ” Xander asked himself.

There was no useful knowledge about magic in Xanders memories. As his mother wanted to wait a bit before teaching him.

But she died just before doing that, leaving Xander clueless about magic.

”Sigh…what should I do now? ” Xander asked himself.

Just as he was contemplating deeply, a voice shouted from outside.

”Hello, is anyone here! ”

”Xander! Oh my God, I hope I am not too late! ”




———-End of Chapter————–


A/N: Xander is faced with a problem, how does magic work? And who is calling his name?

Stay tuned, and find out in the next update!

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