Chapter 8.1 She unexpectedly still knows to worry about this ah! Really caring!

The property manager’s office is on the second floor of the community clubhouse, just a building away from where Chen Yin lives.
It’s the first time for Mi Xi to walk around the community.
She looks with curiosity when she sees the fountain in the atrium, and she’s also very interested in the green plants trimmed into various shapes. 

Chen Ying answers another call and lets Mi Xi play for a while.
It’s Kevin calling, saying that he had talked to the team, but no one could explain what was going on, and Liu Meifen said that she would be responsible for the matter and hand in her resignation letter.

Chen Ying frowns but doesn’t comment, only acknowledges that he heard.

After ending the call, he turns his head but Mi Xi can’t be seen.
Chen Ying turns around and finally finds her outside the clubhouse.

There is a swimming pool on the ground floor of the clubhouse.
Through the large floor-to-ceiling glass, you can see people swimming.
Men in swimming trunks, women in bikinis. 

Mi Xi looks at them with a very serious face and is extremely surprised in her heart.
This world is full of wolves, tigers, and leopards! Everyone walks half-naked on the road, and inside there’s almost nothing that doesn’t show! This, this… 

Mi Xi can’t bear to look anymore and turns her head, sees Chen Ying coming her way.
She endures it; she can’t criticize, she can’t talk nonsense.
This is someone else’s territory; she is new here, and it’s better to be cautious in her words and deeds.

But it’s truly unbearable!

Chen Ying comes over looking for her, beckons, and signals her to follow him in.

They still have to go in?! Mi Xi can’t bear it anymore.

“It’s indecent.” She comments ‘fairly and objectively’.

Chen Ying’s feet stop and his face twitches.
He turns around very slowly, taking a long time.

“It’s called swimming; it’s normal.
It’s a part of physical exercise.
It’s the same as running and playing ball.” After thinking about it, he thinks of a way to explain it to her, “It’s like practicing martial arts—it’s about strengthening your body.
They just want to strengthen their health, not to be indecent.”

It’s really preposterous.
Mi Xi continues to endure, purses her lips, and does not speak even if she disagrees.
Hold back, this is someone else’s world; she doesn’t argue.
She watches helplessly as Chen Ying pushes open the glass door and walks into the building full of exposed flesh.

Mi Xi stares at the door, and after Chen Ying turns his head to urge her, she has no choice but to face her fate and follow.
It’s a blessing enough that he doesn’t bring her near those people.
When they go up the stairs, Mi Xi walks on the outside on purpose, staying away from the pool, without glancing at the other side from the corner of her eyes.
The whole gaze is straight and upright.
Chen Ying feels a headache when he sees this.

When they arrive at the property management office, the property manager greets him with a smile, “Mr.
Chen is here.”

“Hello,” Chen Ying greets the other party.
She’s a middle-aged woman in her forties or fifties, very capable.
She was there when Chen Ying bought the house in this community, and she usually arranges various service contacts, so he is quite familiar with her.

Chen Ying points to Mi Xi, “This is the child of my distant relative.
She came to live with me for a while, and there is no one at home during the day, so I have to find someone to cook a meal and stay with her.” 

“No problem, no problem.” The property manager is understanding.

“Mi Xi, say hello,” Chen Ying says to Mi Xi.

Mi Xi is staring at the property manager’s hair: a curly round head—very strange hair style.
It’s so ugly; doesn’t she feel ugly? Hearing Chen Ying’s call, Mi Xi quickly comes to her senses, bows to the property manager, and formally greets, “Hello, Auntie.”

Her attitude is very correct, and her voice is crisp and sweet, quite pleasant, but—Auntie#footnote1?

The property manager’s smile suddenly freezes.
Everyone else in the office stops and looks over.

It is proven that Chen Ying’s poker face is not honed enough.
He is very good at writing the word ‘embarrassment’, but he quickly finds an excuse, “The child likes to watch period dramas.
She is mischievous and likes to make jokes.” 

The property manager hurriedly laughs and tactfully steers the conversation, “The little girl is really pretty; she is fifteen?” 

“Yeah, almost,” Chen Ying responds and shoots Mi Xi a telling glance. 

Mi Xi receives this look and swallows back the words to correct her age.
She feels that she has perhaps made an embarrassing joke just now, so she shut her mouth.
Sure enough, it’s better to be quiet and make no mistakes.

The property manager leads them into the reception room, shows Chen Ying several profiles of domestic workers, and brings them in, one by one, for Chen Ying to meet.
Several people have similar conditions and skills.
They are in their thirties and can cook.
Some do Chinese food better, and some are good with Western food.
They can speak simple English and do various housework.
They have been trained in child care and caring for the elderly.
Education is also good, and they can teach children to do simple homework.

Chen Ying has always been confident in their handling of property affairs.
This is a high-end community, and the service quality has always been top notch, so these few people are quite excellent.
He rejects the two who are not pleasing to the eyes first.2 As for the remaining three, after meeting them, they are  asked to wait outside for Chen Ying to make a decision. 

Chen Ying looks at the information again and asks the property manager if they could make pasta, and all three know how.
So Chen Ying asks Mi Xi, “What do you think, which one do you want to choose?”

Mi Xi has been sitting upright just now and hasn’t spoken, but now she has to decide.
She thinks about it seriously and says carefully, “I want someone who likes ‘period drama.’” The phrase she used earlier when she made a mistake, Uncle Chen Ying said that phrase to explain it away.

The property manager bursts out laughing, but Chen Ying doesn’t.

He knows what Mi Xi means, and he feels a little distressed.
He has really become more and more soft-hearted.
Obviously the little girl is not pretending to be pitiful, but he has felt distressed several times during the short time they have spent together. 

“Okay,” he agrees, and turns to the property manager.
“Ask who among them can speak like a period drama.”

The property manager goes out, and it is quiet in the reception room. 

Chen Ying looks at Mi Xi and says to her, “Don’t worry, after listening for a while, you will know how to speak.”

Mi Xi purses her lips tightly, tries to hold back for a while, but finally couldn’t help but burst out, “I’m almost eighteen.
In my hometown, I can be the mother of two children at this age.” 

“Yes,” Chen Ying nods.
He knows that where she came from, this age could already be the mother of two children.
The baby’s mother is already starting to teach the baby how to speak—but she is here, and now she has to learn how to speak herself.
When she speaks as she does now, she will be laughed at by others.

Chen Ying doesn’t know how to comfort her.
After a while, the property manager comes back in, points to one of the resumés, and says, “Is this Feng Xin okay? I just chatted with them.
She likes to watch period dramas and ancient novels the most, and what she says is also a little interesting.
Do you want to invite her in to talk again, Mr.

Chen Ying look at the information and hands it to Mi Xi, “Is this one okay?”

Mi Xi nods without looking at it.
Chen Ying asks the property manager to call Feng Xin in.
Several matters are decided quickly, such as the salary, how to arrange the working hours, and other terms of the contract.
Finally, phone numbers are exchanged and handshakes are done.

Several people walk out of the property management office together and go downstairs.
Mi Xi runs out of the clubhouse ahead to look at the green plants.
Chen Ying and Feng Xin talk a few words together alone.
Finally, Feng Xin nods and goes out to find Mi Xi.

“Mi Xi,” Feng Xin calls her and smiles at her.
“Hi, my name is Feng Xin.
How about we call each other by first name?”

Mi Xi nods.
Feng Xin smiles again and says, “There are many things we can do on weekdays, and it will definitely not be boring.
Don’t worry.” 

Mi Xin is stunned when she hears her words.
She looks at her smile and returns it with a smile of her own, pursing her lips.
So she also talks like this! She likes this Feng Xin.

Feng Xin smiles again and stretches out her hand, “Then I will see you tomorrow.” 

Mi Xi looks at her hand, and Feng Xin says, “Here, we shake hands instead of salute.” 

Mi Xi turns her head and glances at Chen Ying.
Chen Ying nods to her, Mi Xi turns to face Feng Xin again and carefully puts her hand into her outstretched palm.
The two shake hands and smile at each other.



1 Mi Xi is using an archaic form of address, used only in period dramas or certain rural areas. 

2 Omo.
Justice for skilled, educated people who are not quite pleasing to the eyes!

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