༺ My House Has Become a Filming Set! – 17 ༻


  Was it because of the early morning sentiment? Han Taegu, who wouldn’t normally do so, carefully brought up the issue of Yeonwoo’s lines, especially since they were both actors.


  “What do you think, Director?”


  “I am considering positively about Yeonwoo’s lines, but…”


  Upon hearing that, Shin Gihyeon’s eyebrows briefly furrowed.
He thought an absurd idea: Am I the only one who dislikes Yeonwoo in the world?


   As Shin Gihyeon and Han Taegu were engaged in a heartfelt conversation, an old man entered the yard.


  “Excuse me.”


  The two of them quickly got up to greet him.
Shin Gihyeon was meeting the old man for the first time, but Han Taegu recognized him.


  It was Grandpa Jongsoo, the husband of Granny Soon-Yi.
Han Taegu rushed to his side and asked him why he came.


  “Hello, what brings you here this early in the morning?”


  “Well, I was on my way to the fields, but Soon-Yi asked me to deliver a message, so I stopped by.”


  “She might still be asleep…, I’ll deliver the message.”


  “Then tell her that Ggami is about to give birth soon.
I should get going.”


  Grandpa Jongsoo left like that, and Shin Gihyeon asked Han Taegu,


  “Who is Ggami?”


  “Ah, she’s a dog, and it seems like she’s about to give birth.”


  Han Taegu shared the information he had overheard from the conversation between Yeonwoo and Kang Do-jun the day before.


  “Yeonwoo said he’d go see…, I’ll have to wake him and let him know.”


  “I’ll tell him.”


  “Thank you.
Then I’ll call the VJ!”


  Shin Gihyeon took out his phone, leaving Han Taegu behind to contact the VJ, and went inside the house.


  As he opened the door, he blinked at the sight that unfolded before him.


  Lying next to Kang Do-jun, who was sleeping in a perfectly straight line without a trace of disturbance, was Yeonwoo.
He was glued to Kang Do-jun like a cicada on an old tree, eyes wide open.
Shin Gihyeon looked down at him.


  “…What are you doing?”


  “Waking up.”


  Yeonwoo greeted Shin Gihyeon with a calm expression as if there was no problem.


  “Good morning.
You woke up early?”


  Shin Gihyeon swallowed the words ‘because of your squirming,’ and nodded his head, getting straight to the point.


  “Well… Ggami? She’s about to give birth.”


  “Really? I should go see.”




You’re awake? Good morning.”


  Eh… Muttering quietly, Kang Do-jun found himself unable to get up.
It was because Yeonwoo’s arms and legs were squarely laid across his chest and legs.


  Looking at Yeonwoo with a troubled expression, Yeonwoo, who didn’t seem to have any intention of moving, patted Kang Do-jun’s firm chest and spoke.


  “Hyung, Ggami is about to give birth.
Let’s go see together.”


  There was nothing special planned for the day.
Even Han Taegu had given them a day of rest, saying that they would mainly film while roaming around the quiet rural village.


  “Let’s do that.”


  Only at Kang Do-jun’s words did Yeonwoo finally jump up.


  “I’ll get ready quickly and come out!”


  Kang Do-jun also got up and followed Yeonwoo, speaking.


  “Then, me too.”


Go ahead!”


  Shin Gihyeon nodded his head excessively, then felt a sense of wonder.
No one had asked him to go along, but… He was included in the going part, wasn’t he?


  His filming as a guest was until this evening, and it seemed right to move with Kang Do-jun according to his own thoughts.


  Kang Do-jun followed Yeonwoo, who went in to brush his teeth.
He opened the door at Yeonwoo’s words, “Come in,” which was heard after knocking on the bathroom door.


  During the brief moment of brushing his teeth, Yeonwoo, not liking to stand, was sitting on the closed toilet lid with his legs crossed.
He was messing with his phone in one hand while brushing his teeth.


  “Do one thing at a time.”


  He ruffled Yeonwoo’s hair out of habit while squeezing toothpaste onto the toothbrush.
Then, with the toothbrush in his mouth, he wet his hand and fixed Yeonwoo’s bed hair.


  “Hmm, do they have this in Seoul too?”


  Yeonwoo showed Kang Do-jun the screen of his phone while mumbling with the toothbrush in his mouth.
It was an assortment of scones of various shapes, a popular dessert these days.


  “Most likely, they have everything.”


  “I have a friend who used to be on a deep-sea fishing boat with me, but he left the boat last year and now lives in Seoul.
He sent me a picture, and it looks really delicious.”


  “Deep-sea fishing boat?”




  A strange word that suddenly popped out in a conversation with Yeonwoo made him hesitate for a moment.


  “Oh, Kim Haseon, a friend who was on the boat with me a few years ago.
If you type ‘Wonsun’ on YouTube, it comes up.”


  “…You were on a deep-sea fishing boat? You?”


  “Yes, didn’t I tell you? I got on a boat right after graduating high school.”


  Yeonwoo got up from the toilet, spit out the toothpaste in his mouth, and gargled.
As a result, his white cheeks puffed up and went down repeatedly.


  Despite not having double eyelids, he opened his big eyes rounder and looked at Kang Do-jun with a dumbfounded expression, as if something was wrong.
He soon spat out the water in his mouth, briskly finished washing his face, and wiped it with a towel.


  Meanwhile, Kang Do-jun was lost in thought.


  ‘Come to think of it, there was a fishing rod in the wardrobe…’


  He never dreamed that the reason for its existence would be revealed here.


  “The name’s funny too.
Although he got on board, his name is Haseon.
We had a big fight at our first meeting when he teased me, asking if my elder brother’s name is Seungseon.”


  Yeonwoo chuckled, recalling the past.
It was a good reason to fight.


  “He said his Chinese character name uses the ‘seon’ from autumn in ‘summer and autumn’, and ‘seon’ can also mean ‘fresh fish’.
I think he was just destined to be on a deep-sea fishing boat.”


  “And you?”




  “What Chinese characters do you use?”


  At his question, Yeonwoo rolled his eyes.


  “It’s the ‘yeon’ from swallow, and ‘woo’ from perch.”


  After brushing his teeth, Kang Do-jun took the towel that Yeonwoo had been holding and wiped himself off.


  ‘A swallow and a perch…’


  It was just like Yeonwoo.


  “You’re free.”


  “My grandmother named me.
She said she didn’t know many Chinese characters, so she looked them up in the dictionary to give me the best meaning possible.
She said there’s a meaning to ‘swallow yeon and perch woo’.”


  Yeonwoo grumbled, but his embarrassment at Kang Do-jun’s praise was clearly visible.


  “Wasn’t it hard on the deep-sea fishing boat?”


  “Fuck, it was damn hard.”


  Startled by the sudden swear word, Kang Do-jun quickly covered Yeonwoo’s mouth.


  Starting with ‘like hell’ and ending with ‘fuck’ and ‘damn’… At first, he had found it cute, but Yeonwoo had a harsher mouth than he seemed.
Both his personality and his mouth were overly free.
It seemed he definitely needed to correct this.


  Luckily, there were no cameras in the bathroom.
If Han Taegu had seen this, he could imagine him being happy and wanting to include it in the broadcast.


  As he lightly flicked Yeonwoo’s forehead, hurt filled the latter’s black eyes.
He had merely expressed the degree of difficulty on the deep-sea fishing boat, but he had ended up being scolded.
Yeonwoo dragged out his words in a whine.


  “Ouch, that hurts.”


  “Oh, sorry.”


  Seeing his whimper, Kang Do-jun instinctively apologized and was about to rub his forehead but hesitated.


  ‘I hit him because he said it hurt? But I barely flicked him.’


  His forehead was not reddened, nor did he seem to be in much pain.
It seemed that he was merely upset at being flicked.




  “…No, it’s nothing.”


  Looking at him now, it seemed that Yeonwoo had been pulling a cute act.
They were already in a brotherly relationship.
It was natural to scold a younger brother for doing wrong, but he almost consoled him without realizing it.


  He glanced at Yeonwoo, who was looking into the mirror above the sink to check his forehead, wondering if the elderly in the village felt the same way towards Yeonwoo, unable to scold him properly.


  ‘Where would you find it in you to scold such a cute guy?’


  Kang Do-jun was already completely smitten.


  “You went straight after graduating high school?”


  “Yes, and then I went to the military after coming back from the ocean.”


  “You enlisted right away?”


  High school, deep-sea fishing, the military, and beekeeping in the countryside?


  Kang Do-jun had attended Seoul Performing Arts High School, dived into the broadcast industry and had been running non-stop ever since, yet his track record seemed infinitely smaller compared to Yeonwoo’s.


  To him, Yeonwoo seemed truly free.


  He had said that his friend lived up to the meaning of his Hanja (Chinese characters) name, but it seemed like it was Yeonwoo who was living true to his name.


  Compared to Yeonwoo, who had done various strenuous things from a young age, he felt as though what he had done so far was insignificant.


  “You’re admirable.”


  He ruffled Yeonwoo’s hair.


  ‘Yeah, how can I scold such a respectable kid.’


  * * *


  “Oh, it’s coming!”


  “Be quiet! You’re disturbing Ggami!”


  “Both of you should be quiet…”


  “Sorry, senior!”


  Inside the small room of Granny Soon-Yi’s house, three men and a VJ were huddled, watching Ggami give birth.


Then, a small pup came out, and upon seeing the placenta surrounding the pup, Yeonwoo made a shocked face.


  “…Isn’t that the uterus coming out?”


  Kang Do-jun, who was seeing an animal give birth for the first time in his life, also looked somewhat bewildered.


  “Oh, what do we do? Is Ggami going to die? Granny Soon-Yi! There’s something wrong with Ggami… Agh!”


  “Didn’t I tell you to be quiet? Look closely, it’s not the uterus, it’s the placenta!”


  Often encountering animal videos on YouTube, Shin Gihyun covered Yeonwoo’s mouth and yelled.


Gihyun, could you also speak a bit more quietly…”


  “Yes, I’m sorry, senior!”


  Shin Gihyun was surprised by Kang Do-jun’s request and apologized.
Then, as Yeonwoo, who had been silenced several times throughout the day and was now rather irritable, bit his hand hard, he had no choice but to scream once more.




  Seeing the two who had no intention of quieting down, Kang Do-jun sighed quietly.


  Shin Gihyun glared at Yeonwoo while gently rubbing his bitten hand.
As expected, a strange kid, an annoying one.


  “Don’t misbehave again.”


  Kang Do-jun was about to flick Yeonwoo’s forehead but hesitated.


  If he too started causing a ruckus here, things might spiral out of control.
So, he moved his outstretched hand to Yeonwoo’s black hair and lightly ruffled it, leaving it at that.


  And no matter how much he thought about it, he simply could not see a reason to hit him.




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