༺ My House Has Become a Filming Set! – 18 ༻


  “Enjoyed your sightseeing? Now, eat up.”


  Granny Soon-Yi called out to the three sitting in the other room.
The meal was already fully prepared.
It was a luxurious meal filled with all sorts of seafood, including a ginseng chicken soup loaded with abalone.


  “I’ve brought what’s left from yesterday’s feast.
Help yourself generously!”


  “Thank you.
We’ll eat well.
Please have some too.”


  “You go ahead.
I’ll bring my own meal.”


  Kang Do-jun looked at each of their bowls, all precisely filled with ginseng chicken soup, and then at Lee Yeonwoo’s place at the table.
For some unknown reason, he only had a bowl of plain white rice.


  Glancing at Granny Soon-Yi, who had turned around to prepare her own meal, Kang Do-jun stealthily pushed his chicken leg toward Lee Yeonwoo.


  “Do you want to eat it?”


  “I’m fine.”


  His solicitation was inevitably turned down, causing him some concern.


  “You need to eat a lot to grow fast.”


  Kang Do-jun spoke as if he was scolding a child, even though Lee Yeonwoo was already a fully grown adult.


  Shin Gihyeon, who had been observing the situation, offered his own bowl.


  “You can eat mine too.”


  He may be annoying, but when it came to food, everyone should be treated equally.
That was Shin Gihyeon’s principle.


  “I don’t need to eat.”


  “Eat it, it’s okay.”


  “That’s right, Yeonwoo.
You need to eat a lot to stay healthy.”


  Despite the continued insistence from the two, Lee Yeonwoo kept refusing.
Eventually, Granny Soon-Yi, who had been turned away, seemed to grow irritated and spoke up.


  “Aigoo, so noisy! What’s with all the chatter at the table? And since the lad can’t eat chicken, you boys divide it among yourselves.”


  The reason for his refusal was revealed.
It seemed Granny Soon-Yi had also prepared separate side dishes for Lee Yeonwoo, as abalone, sea urchin, and various other seafoods Soon-Yi appeared before him.


  “You can’t eat chicken?”


  Kang Do-jun asked, recalling the sight of Lee Yeonwoo fleeing the chicken coop on camera.
So he was not only afraid of chickens, but also disliked food made from chicken.
He asked out of curiosity.


  “Do you have an allergy? You ate eggs just fine.”


  “No, that’s not it.
It’s just that I was born in the year of the Tiger, so I can’t eat chicken.”


  “…What’s that got to do with anything? So am I supposed to eat ginseng chicken soup because I was born in the year of the Ox?”


  Shin Gihyeon, who had been listening, asked out of curiosity.
Even in response to his questioning, Lee Yeonwoo shamelessly repeated himself.


  “It’s because I’m born in the year of the Tiger.”


  Eventually, Granny Soon-Yi tussled Lee Yeonwoo’s hair and explained the situation.


  “Boys, just ignore it.
This lad thinks everything related to the Tiger is cool, so just let him be.”


  Kang Do-jun looked at Lee Yeonwoo, baffled.
He was slightly frowning, seemingly dissatisfied with Granny Soon-Yi’s explanation.


  Did he dislike and fear it because he wanted to balance it with the presence of the brave Tiger in front of him?


  Although he could not understand Lee Yeonwoo’s thoughts, it seemed the most plausible explanation.


  Unlike Kang Do-jun who was trying to understand Lee Yeonwoo’s thoughts, Shin Gihyeon neatly summed up the situation.


  “So, he just hates chicken.”


  “It’s because I’m born in the year of the Tiger, okay?”




  Unsatisfied with the indifferent answer, Lee Yeonwoo kicked Shin Gihyeon’s shin under the table.




  Today was not a good day for Shin Gihyeon, who was physically hit and kicked by Lee Yeonwoo.


  “Gihyeon, you must not know because you were born in the year of the Ox… ah, why are you hitting me.”


  “You brat! Since I’m an Ox, I’m a year older than you, so you should call me Hyung! Dang!”


I’m a ‘quick one’, so I decided to be friends with Gihyeon.”


  “Quick one or not! You keep calling each other kiddos, are you turning into real kiddos now? Call him Hyung!”


  Lee Yeonwoo pouted his lips after being scolded by Granny Soon-Yi.


  “Are you okay?”


  Kang Do-jun stroked the place where Lee Yeonwoo had been hit.


  “Yes, but more importantly, Gihyeon, we’re friends, right?”


  “Granny, the food is delicious.
Thank you.”


  Shin Gihyeon purposely changed the subject, which drew Granny Soon-Yi’s stern gaze back to Lee Yeonwoo.


  Frustration welled up within him, but anticipating another scolding from Granny Soon-Yi, Lee Yeonwoo chose the best option of silently eating his food.


  So, Granny Soon-Yi left to feed the dog, and Kang Do-jun sneakily gave Lee Yeonwoo an abalone from his ginseng chicken soup.


  “At least eat a lot of this.”




  Lee Yeonwoo looked at him with teary eyes.
There were already abalones in front of him, but he was touched that Kang Do-jun had given up some of his portion.


  “You have a lot, too.”


  Unhappy with this, Shin Gihyeon picked a fight.


  “Why are you making a fuss when it’s something Hyung gave to him?”


  “Senior, if you keep spoiling him like this, he will develop bad habits… ah.”


  Shin Gihyeon stopped mid-sentence as he realized that what he was about to spit out was exactly what Kang Do-jun, and everyone in the village had been saying to Lee Yeonwoo.


  Damn, Shin Gihyeon was taken aback at the realization that he was unconsciously about to nag, something he would not usually do.


  ‘Annoying kid.
He’s definitely weird.’


  He glared at the innocent Lee Yeonwoo for no reason.
Of course, Lee Yeonwoo, completely uninterested in the glaring Shin Gihyeon, shoveled a mouthful of abalone.


  “You should cut it up before eating.”


  “You have to swallow the abalone whole.”


  “What if you choke on it? It’s a bad habit.”


  Kang Do-jun took the initiative to fetch scissors and meticulously cut up Lee Yeonwoo’s abalones.
His current behavior went beyond that of an older brother, almost reaching the level of motherly care.


  Shin Gihyeon licked his lips and hesitated once again.


  ‘I wonder if the senior realizes what he’s doing? He seems to do it without thinking… I’ll never do that.’


  He made a firm resolve on his own, even without anyone asking him to do so.


  “Wipe your mouth before eating.”


  “Oh, thank you.”


  He said this while handing a tissue to clean the traces around Lee Yeonwoo’s mouth.


  “So, you don’t eat chicken either?”


  “I don’t particularly enjoy it.
My grandmother was a diver, so I grew up eating more seafood than meat.”


  “Oh, is that why you worked on a deep-sea fishing boat?”


  “You worked on a deep-sea fishing boat?”


A long time ago.”


  He often ate seafood and liked it too.
One of the reasons Lee Yeonwoo boarded a deep-sea fishing boat right after high school graduation was because of his grandmother.


  He liked fish, enjoyed fishing, and was curious about the sea that his late grandmother loved.


  Of course, the result of his actions was devastating.
Remembering the past for a moment, a chill ran down his spine.
At the same time, Lee Yeonwoo’s mobile phone vibrated.




  Hey brat, where are you?


  “I’m at Granny Soon-Yi’s.
What’s up?”


  Aren’t you going to the apiary?


  “You had a feast yesterday.
Aren’t you resting?”


  Yesterday was yesterday, today is today! Get here quickly!


  With that, the call ended abruptly.
Lee Yeonwoo, who was eating, wore a dispirited expression.


  “I think I should go.”


  Kang Do-jun, who roughly grasped the situation from the voice over the phone speaker, looked at Lee Yeonwoo’s bowl, still half full, and stopped him.


  “Finish your meal first.”


  “But Uncle Cheolsoo is waiting?”


  “Still, finish your meal first.
I’ll contact the uncle.”


  “I guess that’s better?”


  Lee Yeonwoo, as if wanting to hear that, quickly picked up his spoon which he had put down.
Naturally, Kang Do-jun took his phone and sent a text on his behalf.


  His phone, which didn’t have any lock set up, was accessible to anyone.
After sending a text to Uncle Cheolsoo, Kang Do-jun went into the settings, tapped the screen, and then extended the phone to Lee Yeonwoo.


  “Put your fingerprint here.”


  “Like this?”


I’ve also set a password.
I’ll send it to you via text.”




  Lee Yeonwoo ate, paying little mind to the situation, munching on his food.
Kang Do-jun cast a fleeting glance at him and added.


  “Can I also set my fingerprint?”


  “Do as you like.”


  Shin Gihyeon looked at this scene with a trepidation.
Set his own fingerprint as a lock on someone else’s phone? That seemed a bit excessive.


  Kang Do-jun was toying with Lee Yeonwoo’s phone, wearing a faint, shallow smile.






  “No, never mind.”


  Seeing him still oblivious to his expression in response to Shin Gihyeon’s call, it seemed he was not even aware that he was smiling.


  “I’ve set the lock here.”


  Lee Yeonwoo took his phone offered by Kang Do-jun, stuffed the last spoonful into his mouth, and then stood up from his seat.


  “Okay, hyung.
I’ll be back.”


  “Alright, go carefully.
And keep in touch.”


Gihyeon hyung, I’m leaving.”


  “Who’s your hyung? Don’t trip on your way out.”


  Ignoring Shin Gihyeon’s comment lightly, he opened the refrigerator door and took out a bottle of water.


  “Please tell Granny Soon-Yi that I brought this for her.”


  With that, he left briskly.
Shin Gihyeon kept casting fleeting glances at Kang Do-jun while eating his meal.


  The person who was once his respected senior and idol, was now showing him a side he had never seen before.


  Just who was this Lee Yeonwoo, whom he had only met a few days ago?


  While taking a break to check his camera, Shin Gihyeon decided to ask something a bit direct.


  “Senior, what do you think about Lee Yeonwoo?”




I’m just curious.”


  After thinking for a while, Kang Do-jun opened his mouth.


  “He’s a cute little brother.”


  A cute little brother, was that all? Having observed Kang Do-jun’s past and his current actions, Shin Gihyeon could easily discern a difference in the way he treated Lee Yeonwoo.


  It was distinctly different.
A cute little brother.
A new connection that Kang Do-jun didn’t have before.
Did he show this side of himself to his younger siblings? Was he this friendly?


  If that was the case, would he be treated the same if he became a younger brother?


  After gathering his thoughts, Shin Gihyeon cautiously asked.


  “Can I call you Hyung, like Yeonwoo does?”


  At Shin Gihyeon’s question, Kang Do-jun stared at him.


  ‘Call me Hyung?’


  The word ‘Really?’ came first to his mind.


  Seeing no answer, Shin Gihyeon ventured to ask again.


  “Is that not okay?”


  It wasn’t that it couldn’t be.
It was just that, suddenly, he thought of Lee Yeonwoo.
The scene of him looking up and calling him ‘Hyung’ with his deep, black eyes came to mind.


  It wasn’t that it couldn’t be… but,


It’s not okay.”


  Having one younger sibling who needed a lot of care was more than enough.
It was a clear rejection.




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