Sihon was not reluctant to allow his mother to join.
She merely looked at him, a little astonished.

Arwen is still in the hospital and has not returned to the dining room.

Meanwhile, Rachel got right to the point.

“What exactly are you thinking?”

It wasn’t a surprising question.
He was doing things that no one would do, and he was expecting people around him to be perplexed.

Sihon took a moment to glance around, then spoke quietly.

“You know I invited Lady Arwen and another person.
Cardinal Eloise is one, and Dr.
Veronica Deluxe is another.”

“I did.
It appeared odd.
Why are you meeting a woman who is a priest? You are not religious.
But one person…..
Doctor? “What kind of combo is this?”

Deluxe is also the hospital’s director.” “Can you see the picture now?”

“What? Oh, no.”

Rachel was truly impressed that a young lady in her mid-30s was serving as the ‘Hospital Director,’ but then she paused.

The priest’s primary responsibilities included organising religious events, overseeing each parish, managing members, and performing missionary operations and services.
Only a few of them possessed the ability to heal the sick.

Cardinal Eloise was a prime example of a young cardinal who gained extraordinary healing abilities.

Not only Eloise, but also the hospital’s director-level doctors, were summoned.
Is anyone truly ill?

That would not be a mildly laid-back son in front of her.
In addition, if Sihon was ill, she would go to the family doctor rather than hiring an outsider.

The patient was, as expected, the son’s fiancee.

“At the Marquis of Amaranth, Lady Arwen is subjected to maltreatment.” 

It’s similar to starving, walking on the stomach, and occasionally stabbing the body with needles.
They used hot water on her thighs the day before.
The instigator was the Marchioness of Amaranth.
The Marquis, her biological father, is watching from the sidelines.”

“Oh my gosh…… no, why?” She is not an adoptive child.

Rachel was taken aback by the unexpected story.
The Marquis and Marchioness of Amaranth were well-known members of the aristocracy.

The Marquis of Amaranth, in particular, was well-known for their compassion for children and many good deeds.
Most importantly, they adore children.

But how could they deceive a fragile girl with such a nice face? There was also a biological daughter who was known for being unwell from a young age.

Even if her relationship with her husband was strained, Rachel, who adored her kid, could not comprehend it.

“There is no reason why crazy lovers should bother an innocent person.” Many parents adopt children and raise them with affection, so this must be unusual.”

You are not required to understand crazy people.

Even when she attempts to reach that conclusion and move on…

“No, why didn’t they look after such a lovely child?” “I truly don’t get it.”

Rachel couldn’t help but sigh in frustration.

A poor woman was hurt and treated, and she was hungry, so all she had to do was take care of her dinner.

There is no point in disagreeing about helping when an ordinary person can help the weak.

Sihon expected her mother to be persuaded by her story.

The mother, on the other hand, had known her son for decades.

Rachel was perplexed with sadness for her son’s fiancée for a moment before asking calmly.

“Do you sympathise with her?”

A woman with a dark yet elegant face had already expressed her certainty.
I know you aren’t.

There was no reason to conceal it.

Sihon quickly denied it.


Rachel exhaled a sigh.

“That’s why I’m perplexed.
I feel bad for Arwen.
I’m sorry, and I’d like to assist you.
To be honest, I was married to the Duke of Blair, but my relationship with the Marquis of Amaranth at my home, the Marquis of Silane, wasn’t all that horrible.
However, you are not.
You don’t feel sorry for her, and you don’t want to help her, but I’m shocked that you do.”

“There’s nothing I can’t do.” The opponent was a helpless child, not a noble girl with the privileges of a marquis.
Also, ‘she’ has not yet harmed me or my family.”

“Perhaps you…”

Rachel’s eyes widened at the meaningful words.

As a hostess, she was aware that the Duke of Blair possessed a unique inheritance.
However, she has yet to hear the phrase “Resetting Hour” used in this age.

Reset Hour cannot be utilised endlessly, but only when it is absolutely necessary.

But if Sihon used the heirloom to go back in time, something dreadful would have occurred to him and his family in a future she didn’t know about.

And the subject is a girl I used to think of as a young and pitiful person.

Sihon gave hints to her mother, but he had no intention of telling her the complete story.

His mother died at the age of 22 from severe pneumonia before he returned.
Despite the fact that he obtained and took all of the bronchial tube-friendly medications and was treated by the empire’s top doctors.

If the scenario had played out exactly as it had before his return, the time allotted to him and his mother would have been only around a year.

So, while he respected her family’s right to know, he didn’t want her mother to be concerned for the rest of her life.

As a result, he chose to reveal the facts at this level.
Declare that ‘that woman’ may one day hurt me, but I’ll keep the truth that he was poisoned by her hidden.

Sihon kept speaking quietly, as if it were nothing.

“So I struck a deal with Lady Arwen.
I’ll assist her in leaving the Marquis, and we’ll work together to end our marriage gracefully.
I recently provided Lady Arwen with some convenience, which can be viewed as a form of service.”

“Well, not everyone who grew up in an adverse environment goes down the wrong path, but there is a tremendous difference between having people who are appreciative for helping them get out of the mud and having people who are resentful for helping them get out of the mud.
I thought you had your own ideas.”

“Please keep it a secret from your subordinates for the time being.” I’m already a member of the Marquis of Amaranth, so the recognition isn’t great, but if their flaws are exposed, people may look down on them.
Furthermore, they will be people who will be irrelevant to me in any case.”

“I’ll do everything you want.”

Lydia, who had finished treatment, was escorted and arrived at the dining room entry when the mother and son were talking.

She was in the company of Cardinal Eloise and Dr.

Lydia’s face lit up as she went, conversing with the two women.
Despite the fact that I was frightened and uncomfortable when I met my fiance, I had an instinctual sense of how people perceived me as I was not loved and noticed a lot.

Lydia shrank again the instant she parted ways with the two women and entered the dining area.

She wasn’t comfortable with merely the fiancée, with whom she had a distant relationship, because there was also the fiancée’s mother, who didn’t see me favourably.

Lydia greeted with a dazed expression.

“I noticed the duchess.”

“Lady Arwen, take a seat.”

Rachel, on the other hand, greeted Lydia with a friendly grin.

Lydia’s eyes widened, as if she was perplexed.
But she soon changed her expression and sat down.

Lydia sat down, and the dinner began in earnest.

Because Sihon ordered a variety of foods, the food followed the basic form, but they gave quite a few items.

Normally, there are two or three amuse-bouche, but at one dinner, there were a staggering five.

Freshly baked soft bread and butter, tangerine and fruit salad, tomato soup, crackers topped with cheese and fish, and ground duck tarts.

Does the Duke of Blair distinguish itself from other families when feeding visitors now that he is so powerful?

Lydia nodded and inclined her head.

The curiosity rose as the next level of food was introduced.

Is it actually telling them to eat it all? Is it possible to eat it all, no matter how nicely you eat it?

When Rachel saw Lydia like that, a warm smile came across her lips.

Rachel, who had been socialising for a long time, understood her thoughts.
Especially since Lydia’s attitudes, moods, and emotions were still visible on her face.

What kind of expression would the female in front of you have? If you knew that the dinner scale was not just because the Duke of Blair was hosting it, but because it was meticulously prepared.
I was feeling a little mischievous.

“Do you enjoy the food?”

“Ah yes.
I’ve never had such great meals, believe it or not.
Thank you for the delicious dinner.”

If a female, who is normally a marquess, gave such a compliment, she would think she could match her opponent and demonstrate the virtue of humility.

But Sihon and Rachel were aware.
A female who is thin enough to display her wrist bones doesn’t just say hello for the sake of making a social statement.

Sihon nibbled his food as if he hadn’t heard anything, while Rachel got sympathetic and bit her lip.

‘Perhaps I did something wrong.’

Lydia was taken aback by the two’s strange reactions.

Looking back, I believe the greeting was a little too much.
They intended to be nice and humble because their opponents were higher than themselves, yet depending on what they perceive, they may appear rude.

Viscount Maiya Joen, Lydia’s politeness teacher, pointed this out to her.

Lady Arwen’s strong point is that she has little room to form enemies because of her sweet and soft demeanour, but she must exercise caution since she occasionally bends too far and others may look down on her.

But it was impossible to repeat what had already been spoken.
All I can do is promise to be more cautious next time.

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