“I really can’t stand it.
So stupid, who the hell are you fooling? No matter how much you act as the ‘Marquess Young Lady’, what can you do? It can be seen that the core can’t be changed, so it’s understandable why Duke Sihon Blair doesn’t like you.”

Sihon Blair.

My fiancé, about whom I only know through rumours before I first entered the social circle.                           

Few months ago, I met him for the first time.

Her fiancé, three years older than her, was a young man with silver hair and purple eyes.

Without the title of ‘Duke’, he was a cold-looking man, with a beautiful appearance, tall, slender and muscular.

But it was because of the halo called ‘Duke Blair’ was added that he looked more wonderful.

Once upon a time, I was stupidly excited that I had a fiancé that was too good for me.

Even though I knew very well that the Duke of Blair and the Marquis of Amaranth were sworn enemies.

But if I try, wouldn’t I be able to change his mind?

And I dreamed of a future where one day I could escape this terrible marquis and live happily with him.

Just like a female heroine who is saved by a prince on a white horse.

But it didn’t take long for me to realize how ridiculous my illusion was.

Because the Duke of Sihon Blair had no interest in Lydia at all.

Even when the two of them met alone on the terrace of the imperial palace without knowing each other’s identities at first, he was a nice and caring gentleman.
As she was a newcomer to socialites, he didn’t laugh at her inexperienced behaviour, and first tried to avoid the seat near her, fearing that she would be uncomfortable with a stranger.

However, after finding out her identity, he turned away coldly.
And he acted indifferently, considering her only as a young lady of the Marquis of Amaranth.

It seemed to him that his fiancée from the enemy’s family was worse than others.

I would have been calm if I had mistakenly thought that he was just being indifferent to all women.
But since I had seen his cautious and caring side, even though it was for a moment, I was even more heartbroken and hurt by his sudden change of attitude.

After discovering a bruise on Lydia’s wrist, and seeing her staggering, pale and tired face, he didn’t respond.
As if it had nothing to do with him.

The last time I met the Duke of Sihon Blair was two months ago at the imperial ball.

At the time, Lydia had not had anything except water for a week.

The Marquis of Amaranth refused to feed Lydia on the pretext of ‘must have a body that fits the dress for the ball’.

It was natural for Lydia to be out of strength after dancing the entire time without any food for a week.

Just before her dance was about to end, she clings to her fiancé, as she was dizzy and feared that she would die if she continued.

“I’m dizzy because of not eating for several days.
Please help.”

But the only thing that came back from Sihon was the cold gaze that seemed to say, ‘pathetic’.

Sihon believed that the wealthy aristocratic young lady starving herself in order to maintain her slim figure.

After escorting Lydia to the Marquis of Amaranth’s carriage, Sihon uttered a single word.

‘If you’re sick, see a doctor, Marquess Amaranth.’

Without even saying ‘take care of yourself,’ or ‘get home safely.’

It may be overthinking, but those words to Lydia sounded like ‘don’t bother me’.

Stella accidentally witnessed the scene and ridiculed her, adding her hatred towards Lydia.

A cold smirk appeared on Stella’s lips and she said:

“Even when a lady says she needs help, he will turn a blind eye to it.
He felt it instinctively, that you’re not a ‘real’ noble lady, and that you’re doing cheap tricks.
You don’t know how much I was itching to expose you in front of Duke Blair.
After all, isn’t it quite obvious that you’re a fake? Actually, I’m going through a lot of trouble because of getting involved in this scam.”

Lydia clasped her trembling hands and spoke coldly.

“You’d better watch your language, Stella.
Like you said, I’m acting as a substitute for ‘Young Lady of Arwen Amaranth’.
But if you expose me like now, there are other people involved.
Then your aunt, the Marchioness, will be in trouble as well.
You might think that you can play perfectly outside, but well.
The inside is really…….”

At that moment,


 Her head turned to the side with the sound.

Stella slapped Lydia on the cheek.

But it wasn’t over.


The slapping noise continued over and over.

“What? You can’t even lift your head in front of me!”

“You’ve been pretending to be Arwen, but now you dare to talk about my aunt.
Do you think you’ve become a real noble lady? Is it?”

” You dare to put on my sister’s shell and compare yourself to me, the count’s young lady?”

Lydia tried to resist by pushing Stella away, but the maid who was waiting caught Lydia.

On the surface, she pretended to stop the fight between the two girls, but in reality, they just let Stella beat Lydia.

Theord and Vincent also only said ‘Stop’ and ‘Don’t make a fuss’ with their mouths, but they didn’t really stop Stella.

Meanwhile, another maid left the drawing room to summon the Marchioness of Amaranth.

With the acquiescence of those around them, the violence stopped when Stella’s hands began to tingle.

Stella snorted and was out of breath.

Maybe it was out of anger at receiving a harsh criticism, or maybe it’s because she was out of breath from hitting.

Not long after the commotion, a sophisticated lady with rosy hair and sky-blue eyes arrived at the drawing room.

The ‘real’ Arwen’s mother, Marchioness Maeve Amaranth.

Maeve’s eyes glanced at Lydia carelessly.

Tousled blonde hair, bruised cheeks, bleeding lips…….

The look in her eyes was just dull, without a trace of pity.

It was only natural, because she was an illegitimate child of her husband.

However, a little tension was reflected in the cold sky-blue eyes.

It was because Lydia had to attend a garden party next week pretending as Arwen.

Well, it would have been resolved if they give money to the doctor and ask him to heal any visible wounds.

Maeve passed by Lydia and walked over to Stella.

The maid had told that ‘the illegitimate child, and the niece were quarrelling’.

Maeve looked at her niece.

As expected, she couldn’t find any scratches on Stella.

The hand that hit Lydia was just a little red.

Maeve sighed and rebuked Stella.

“What’s wrong with you, Stella? I can’t believe you’re hurting her face a week before the garden party.”

“I’m sorry, Aunt.
I was reckless.
Even if she criticised me, I should have endured it.”

“Well, that’s fine, it happened inside the house.
But in public, you can’t make the same mistake as today before any ‘official occasions.”

“Yes, I will keep that in mind.”

There were only criticisms and apologies for ‘carelessness’ between aunt and niece.

Naturally, the apology for Lydia, who was beaten, was not mentioned at all and was left out.

If the Marchioness of Amaranth had decided to finish this issue like this then, that would be it.

Lydia resigned as usual.

Because, she didn’t expect to be treated fairly at the first place.

* * *

The next day.

Lydia looked at herself in the mirror and sighed softly.

No matter how much ice packs and makeup she put on, her bare, swollen cheeks could not be covered.
It looks like it’s been squeezed by someone without mercy.

If Lydia were to go out or an outside guest visited the marquis’ residence, the marchioness would have called the doctor to heal her.

But Maeve didn’t.

She hoped that the illegitimate child would suffer the pain for a little longer. 

Probably, before few days of the garden party they will get her scars healed.

This tactic was brilliant and smart but not from the point of view of the person who was being beaten.

Just because you get used to it doesn’t mean you can’t feel pain.

Most of all, it was hopeless as no one cared about her situation.

Even his biological father, Marquis Kyle Amaranth, felt no affection or compassion for Lydia.
Rather, he gladly gave up Lydia so that his wife could express her anger to her heart’s content.
Then, the marchioness won’t complain to her husband.

As long as Lydia is breathing, it doesn’t matter.

Her biological father doesn’t pay attention to her in the house.
It was hard to expect someone else to step forward for Lydia.

Didn’t her fiancé, Duke Sihon Blair, ignored her indirect request for help?

If so, I come to the conclusion that I have to get out of the marquis on my own.

But in what way?

The corners of my eyes fluttered in embarrassment.

However, this place is not a place where you can comfortably show your tears.

Because if the marquis lady or employees found out I was crying, she would only get criticized.

Lydia roughly wiped her eyes, took a few deep breaths to make up her mind.

Put away your stupid expectations and useless self-pity.

How long has it been since she pitied herself like that?

Outside, she could hear the employees rushing and running around.
It seemed that an unexpected visitor had arrived.

Lydia, who had not made any significant connections in the social world yet, had absolutely nothing to do with it.

Probably a guest of the Marquis, the Marchioness, or the eldest son.

She guessed so and ignored the noise outside, but why was the noise getting louder and louder…….

“Is the Marquis of Amaranth not very pleased with my visit?”

“How could that be? However, it’s such a sudden visit, so I wasn’t prepared to welcome the guests…”

It was getting closer.

“Ah, don’t worry about that matter.
As an uninvited guest who visited without earlier notice, I am fully aware of this.
So don’t bother me anymore and get out of the way..”

By the way, the cold and inconsiderate tone seems very familiar.

No way, Lydia turned towards the door with a puzzled face.

At that moment, she snapped out of trance when she met the purple eyes through the open door.

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