ome flaws because she had an unhappy life.

Either way, from the victim’s point of view, what had already happened couldn’t be helped.

Whether it was the unfair treatment Lydia suffered in the Marquis, or the fact that she hadn’t been properly treated even after being slapped by the Earl’s daughter of Kensington yesterday. 

But what is reliable about a fiancé who doesn’t have the slightest amount of affection or interest in me?

Lydia wanted to make sure whose side Sihon would take.

If you’re going to help, do it right now, and if you’re going to turn away, don’t dig into this problem anymore.

She’s the only one who will be in trouble if they are caught.

Of course, Lydia guessed, that this time too, Sihon would pull himself out of the troublesome affair.

I can’t quite understand what happened a while ago, but let’s say it was just a whim for a while.

However, the earlier actions of her fiancée were not the end.

“Of course, we have to protect the victims and separate them from the perpetrators.
It’s been a while, but if the witness is the victim’s fiancée, it’s not impossible to try.
Even if the incident was domestic violence within the Marquis of Amaranth.
In such a case, I am very fortunate to be able to conveniently use the relationship of a ‘nominal fiancé’.
However, it must be supported by the active cooperation of the victim.”

In other words, if Lydia wants, he can protect her from the marquis as much she wants to.

Even at the risk of creating a gritty conflict with the Marquis Amaranth.

Of course, the relationship between the Marquis Amaranth and the Duke of Blair was not good at first place.

But apart from that, it wouldn’t be any good to him if he dared to pick the hive?

Helping Lydia wouldn’t bring any benefit to Sihon.

If he liked her, there is a chance that he will do it.
Even if he has to suffer from losses.

It was difficult for Lydia to understand his sudden change of attitude.

But Sihon didn’t persuaded Lydia.
He just made suggestions and pushed it to her to choose.

“So, if you’re going to hold my hand, tell me straight away.
Who touched you?”

It was clear that he was trying to do me an unexpected favour.
Far from warm concern or sincere concern.

But there are no such thing as unpaid favours in the world.

By any chance, you don’t know if the other person will give you a genuine favour and then can ask for conditions that you can’t afford?

Even though she was not in a position to choose, Lydia had a hard time trusting him.

They say ‘fiancé’, but in reality, the Duke of Sihon Blair has nothing to do with her.

Lydia hesitated, then took a careful look.

“Is there anything you want from me?”

“What can you give me?”

In an instant, the cold purple eyes were interested.
It was the first positive reaction he had seen since they met today.

But it’s a little strange his head was slightly tilted as if puzzled…… he did it.

How can he put it? It was not a mean satisfaction that the opponent fell for his temptation, but a feeling of luck by chance, thought Sihon.

Rather, Lydia, who said it was intending to suggest it as a ‘deal’, as she would accept it as much as possible under realistic conditions, was very embarrassed by his reaction like this.


Sihon was one of the wealthiest people in the Ilios Empire.

The vast estates owned by the Duke of Blair, mines, castles and mansions, works of art, and liquid funds worth hundreds of millions of golds that can be used right now… ….

Rumour has it that the Duke of Blair has all kinds of rare items, such as an hourglass with the power to turn back time, a cloak that hides a person, and a phoenix feather that is said to bring back youth when rubbed on the body.

There are so many nonsensical stories.

On the other hand, Lydia was superficially in the status of a ‘young marquess Amaranth’, but she had nothing.

All the clothes and accessories Lydia wore while pretending to be Arwen were the property of the Marquis Amaranth, not hers.

If even one necklace was lost, the marquis would argue that Lydia must have stolen it.

‘I have nothing, so I can’t give anything.’

That was Lydia’s conclusion.
At least, as far as ‘wealth’ is concerned.

If so, is there anything that is not material that it might tempt him by?

She was groaning in her heart, but she wondered if the long silence was boring?

Sihon broke the silence with a bored face.

I didn’t expect that in the first place.”

There was even a bit of pity in the man’s voice, which seemed to be a bit subsided.
But Lydia had no time to care about him.

“Are you trying to do me a favour when you didn’t really expect to get anything?”


It was too unrealistic that the ‘real’ he was trying to do a favour without payment.

Sihon’s attitude was plain, without particular earnestness to gain the trust of the other person.
He seemed willing to reject the proposal without regret if she didn’t hold his hand.
In fact, he has nothing to lose.

Lydia now understood that he had offered to help without any trickery.

Yes, she can understand it by ‘mind’… … but it didn’t make sense in ‘heart’.

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