Cardinal Eloise and Dr.
Deluxe used a magic tool to photograph the few scars remaining on Lydia’s body and then recorded the treatment.

And they each attempted to heal serious injuries using divine power and medical knowledge.

Lydia, who was generally obedient, hesitated and stopped them.

“I don’t think this should be treated…”

“Yes? And leave this alone?”

“You must still have peeling skin and blisters, so what exactly do you mean?”

Lydia was obediently treated for minor abrasions or bruises.
However, she refuses to be treated for major injuries.

Eloise and Veronica were not easily persuaded.

However, bitter reasons soon followed.

“Because it’s such a severe injury.” It’s strange if I improve in a day.
They will undoubtedly find out.”

The two women exchanged a sigh.

If the second-degree burns were totally healed the next day, there was no choice but to suspect that she had been treated by a priest higher than the high priest.

And the Marquis of Amaranth was aware that Lydia was paying a visit to the Duke of Blair today.

“Actually, I’m a little wary of the Marchioness these days, because I’ve been visiting the Duke of Blair a lot.”

It was because of this that the Marchioness shackled Lydia and tortured her thighs with hot tea.

Torture was used when questioning the reason for the sudden increase in interaction with Duke Blair and asking her to say the right thing if he had other plans.

Torture was used when questioning the reason for the sudden increase in interaction with Duke Blair and asking her to say the right thing if he had other plans.

The fact that he didn’t hurt her face or hands appeared to set him apart from the Blairs she was visiting today.

It’s difficult for others to detect any injuries you sustain as long as you don’t expose your thighs on purpose.

Lydia explained her predicament cautiously.

“Of course, I am appreciative of the compassion shown to me by the Duke.” I never have any feelings of resentment or blaming.
Please do not misinterpret if you are offended.

Also, the Marchioness is someone who will trouble me with everything about me….
Even if it wasn’t ‘the reason,’ she would have touched me according to her mood.”


Beyond the canopy, it’s impossible to tell what expression he’s making.

Still, no, that’s why I couldn’t figure out Sihon’s motives, which made me even more worried.

After a while, Sihon broke the silence.

“It’s certainly weird when people do things they wouldn’t typically do.
Even if the Marquis is sceptical, they are merely acting on their emotions.
However, it is preferable to do the task as soon as possible because long tails can lead it to be stepped on.
We now have an adequate number of medical records.”

“How does that relate to medical records?”

Lydia, who had been silently listening to his words, opened her eyes startled when the words appeared out of nowhere.
But that wasn’t unexpected.

“Of course, evidence is required to charge domestic violence criminals.” Of course, I’m not going to complain about it.
Still, if you’re going to threaten, be real.”

“yes? what are you…?”

“Didn’t I tell you?”

“Yes, this is the first time I’ve heard of it!” I have no idea what you’re up to!”

Lydia, terrified, unconsciously yelled.
But then she snapped back to reality and stopped her mouth.
She was concerned that her high-pitched voice might irritate him.

Surprisingly, Sihon was willing to provide further clarifications, despite his annoyance.

“If they don’t let you go, I’ll report the domestic violence case in the marquisoft to the Higourt and threaten to make it public.” My request will never be denied by the Marquis of Amaranth.
They don’t want to be loud because they are self-conscious hypocrites.”

In the sarcastic voice, there was a laugh.
It appears to be a delight to have the opportunity to screw an enemy with whom you have been at conflict for hundreds of years.

Lydia was taken aback when she learned about Sihon’s intentions.
I had no idea he’d be doing this while calling and treating me at the Duke’s mansion.
I didn’t expect it, and I couldn’t imagine it.

I thought it was because clinics and priests were required to leave medical records.
To the extent of documenting the treated patient’s condition and providing proof that the guardian was to be charged for the cost based on this.

It can, however, be used to intimidate the marquis and probe their crimes.

But I was concerned that things might not go as planned.

“Of course, the Marquis and Marchioness would be wary of making a fuss.” “However, if they reply, ‘I’ve never done that,’ wouldn’t they be able to get away with it till the end?”

“Where was the assault if a young marquess who is not active outside lives with a wound on her body?” Is there anything else outside the house? Of course, once in a while, you may believe you’ve been caught by someone unlucky for you.
However, the medical document demonstrates that you have been frequently abused and treated.”

“What if they say that the medical records were tampered with?”

“Dare they suspect Cardinal Eloise and Dr.
Deluxe of bribing me?” It’s extremely offensive and disrespectful to both of them.
That would be a foolish thing to do.
Both are well-known figures, but if you don’t want to make the temple and the medical group to which they belong rivals.”

Sihon denied it gently, despite Lydia’s worried expression.

Sihon had not invited the two of them for nothing.

Of course, if the duke’s doctor had to treat Lydia, it would be dishonest.

It’s a different situation if you don’t know the Duke of Blair and instead entrust the task to a reputable outsider.

Eloise, the Count of Belua’s daughter, rose through the ranks to become the youngest cardinal.
It was now worshipped as a ‘saint,’ and the post was the second most esteemed after the king.

Veronica was born into a family of distinguished scholars, the most of them were professors, doctors, and lawyers.

Veronica, despite being a woman, worked as the head of the Schufeld Medical Center and an emeritus professor at the Ilios Royal Academy after graduating as a top student.

The women, who were very wealthy, well-off, and from a good family, came to aid because they were aware of Lydia’s difficult circumstances.

Rather, if he had tried to bribe them with money to keep them from marrying, they would not have entered the duke’s palace.

Lydia thanked the two women once more, except her mysterious fiance.
At best, I’d get treatment, but I felt they’d given me valuable time to myself.

On the other hand, it was a little bitter that things that were challenging for me were too easy for Sihon.

Lydia would not have been able to contact them if the two women were not conscientious and willing to aid the vulnerable.

Lydia will not be able to avoid the Marquis of Amaranth’s scrutiny, whether she visits them directly or contacts them discreetly.

She would never have envisioned her standing up to the Marquis and Marchioness of Amaranth alone and walking out on her own feet.

Rather than taking a step out of the Marquis, the instant she proclaims her intention to leave, she will be beaten.

When people learn about my condition, they think it’s pitiful, asking, ‘Can’t you accomplish anything alone?’

But Lydia’s reality was different.
A doll’s existence in which she can’t help but be swayed by a marquis.

Right now, I can only rely on the whims of my uncaring fiancé, but I hope to be able to stand on my own one day.

“I owe a lot to the Duke.” Thank you very much.
Thank you for your efforts.
I shall never forget this grace.”

Eloise and Veronica waved their hands sheepishly after hesitantly saying thank you.

They claimed that they were simply doing their jobs as a priest and a doctor, and that there was no need to give grace for insignificant assistance.

Sihon beyond the canopy made no instant response.

What type of grace are you seeking in a professional relationship? It’s over if you don’t pay the price you pledged later.
Perhaps he is considering saying that.

Lydia guessed so, but Sihon responded quietly after a while.

“You’re not a human if you forget.”

His voice appeared to be calm, yet there was a chill in it.

‘Why do you look upset?’

Lydia was startled by the sword-like cold and piercing atmosphere.
Eloise and Veronica furrowed their brows, perplexed.
Lydia didn’t appear to have misinterpreted anything.

But only for a short time.

Sihon quickly returned to his typical dry speed.

“Then get the ‘everything’ treatment, and then come to the dining room when you’re finished.” I’ll go ahead and await your arrival.”

Sihon, who had abruptly informed her, then exited the room.

* * *

The Duke of Blair’s instruction to arrange dinner with Lady Arwen caused a commotion among his butlers and staff.

Who is eating with whom?

Also, because they aren’t sure what his partner will appreciate, they provide a variety of different types?

Rachel, the duchess who had first received the news from the maid, was sceptical.

But when she saw the frantic employees, she recognised that the nonsense was taking place right now.

‘Why the hell? When was this?’

Rachel couldn’t comprehend Sihon right now, as if he had transformed overnight.

Arwen Amaranth was, indeed, a member of the despised Marquis of Amaranth.

The old Sihon pretended that it didn’t matter who she was.

Perhaps it will be the first wedding day for the Duke of Blair’s potential daughter-in-law, Arwen Amaranth.

Rachel guessed correctly.

As a result, Sihon and Arwen had minimal contact.
Sihon would only unwillingly accompany her betrothed to appointments when her partner was required to be accompanied.

However, Sihon invited Arwen to the duke’s mansion on occasion, and it is now stated that they even provide meals.

Meanwhile, Rachel has put up with Sihon’s surprising manoeuvres.
She let it go because my son is an adult.

I’m not sure what the goal was, but I’d have my own opinions.

The vassals and servants were similarly careful not to portray Sihon’s words and deeds as subordinates, so they did not oppose him.

But just because they didn’t say anything didn’t make Sihon’s whims any less perplexing.

Rachel was lately asked by the vassals and employees to divulge his unintelligible goal.

Rachel agreed to accompany her son for supper this time to learn more about his plans.

Because there were wishes from her employees, and she was interested in it as well.

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