C12— Totem

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While communicating with Shen Jiyue, Mu Sichen had already observed the ward in detail without moving.


There were pagers by the patient’s bed and the door of the ward, while some daily work and rest rules were posted on the door.


It was the patient’s meal time, treatment time, and extra notes, every day before 19:55, medical staff, volunteers, and family members must get enough contribution value to leave the hospital, before leaving the ward curtains closed and locking the room door, so that the patients wouldn’t leave the room.


The next day repeated the process of the previous day, and the cycle repeated itself.


Mu Sichen didn’t know how to get the contribution value yet, but he was clear that if he didn’t start the action soon, he would become a part of Shen Jiyue’s medicine today.


He found the doctor’s office with a flashlight in one hand and a false grip in the other, ready to summon the crossaxe.


If the doctor could communicate normally, he would try to communicate and ask for a way to get the contribution value.
If the doctor was unable to communicate, then don’t blame him for not being polite.


He came to the door of the office nearest to the ward, listened, and when he heard a sound, he opened the door directly.


Mu Sichen had been prepared, if the door was locked, he would smash the door with a pickaxe, but then he didn’t know what punishment will be encountered.

Fortunately, the door wasn’t locked, Mu Sichen opened the door very smoothly.


The room was very messy, papers were all over the place, a person wearing a white coat that looked a bit familiar, was rummaging through the room, the room looked like it was robbed.


Mu Sichen immediately recognized that this white coat was the ” 543 ” seen in the square before.


This person was obviously a heretic, he also came to the bright eyes sanatorium, this sanatorium must be related to the fight against the big eye.


When the white coat saw Mu Sichen, a hint of hostility flashed in his eyes.


Mu Sichen keenly noticed this, and in order to dispel the white coat’s hostility, he made a move.



He quickly revealed the flashlight in his hand and pointed it at the white coat and asked, “Doctor, what are you doing?”


The flashlight was an out-of-town item obtained from the owner of the diary, and it had some lethality to the followers.


If ” 543″ was related to Xiangping Town as Mu Sichen expected, the flashlight could help ” 543″ confirm that he was a friend and not an enemy and avoid unnecessary attacks.


If he was wrong, and ” 543″ was a believer of the big-eye, the flashlight also had some killing power, enough to protect himself.


Seeing the flashlight, the killing intent in ‘543’s’ eyes gradually receded, but he still remained vigilant.


He looked Mu Sichen up and down, while Mu Sichen was also observing him.



On the chest plate of the white coat was written “Doctor: Yao Wangping”.



Mu Sichen had seen this name in the register before, and since it was extremely close to his registration time and seemed to be related to Xiangping Town, Mu Sichen took note of this name.



” 543″, also known as Yao Wangping, he looked at Mu Sichen and suddenly said, “When the Sword wakes up under the gaze of the stars, everything will return to chaos.”


Mu Sichen: “……”


He guessed that Yao Wangping was pairing secret signals.


After seeing the strong flashlight that Mushen was holding, Yao Wangping guessed that he was also from Xiangping Town, or was influenced by the people of Xiangping Town and got the flashlight.
But Yao Wangping couldn’t be completely sure of this matter, so he chose the secret language.


However, Mu Sichen didn’t know at all how to pick up the secret language.



But he wasn’t without means.


Mu Sichen looked calm and said to Yao Wangping, “I don’t know how to answer your words, but I will say, Qin Zu Qin Zu Qin Zu Qin Zu Qin Zu Qin Zu ……”



Mu Sichen couldn’t help it either.
The power of Big Eye wasn’t something that a newcomer like him could compete with, and there were no normal people around him.
He didn’t even know how the world worked, so he must find someone to communicate with.



Yao Wangping was the only person Mu Sichen had met who appeared to be able to communicate and had strength, and he wanted to promote cooperation with Yao Wangping as much as possible.


But he didn’t know the secret language, so he could only shout the name that was most likely to touch Yao Wangping.


This time, it was probably because Mu Sichen had said it too many times, and his tone contained deep emotions.
Mu Sichen once again felt that line of sight.


Yao Wangping was already preparing for an attack, but was stopped by the “Qin Zu” from Mu Sichen and looked at him with a puzzled expression.


Mu Sichen felt that there was a chance, and after thinking about it, he decided to name Shen Jiyue to further bridge the relationship with Yao Wangping.


At this time, Mu Sichen suddenly felt that the line of sight that fell on him became less distant, as if it was right next to him, right in front of his eyes.


Only the oppressive feeling of this sight was not as strong.


Mu Sichen had to suspect that Qin Zu himself was here, the specific location was probably Yao Wangping’s left shoulder.


But Yao Wangping’s left shoulder was empty.



Mu Sichen thought about it and reached out to cover his right eye.


Directly after the injury from the big-eye, his eyes underwent some changes.
His right eye could see normally, but his left eye was foggy.
Once the right eye was blindfolded, the left eye could see some images that weren’t seen by ordinary people.



Through the blindfolded right eye, Mu Sichen in a cloud of mist, saw a tiny version of an octopus lying on Yao Wangping’s left shoulder, eyes big and cute, eight tentacles wiggled around, sometimes long or short, a tentacle had come to Mu Sichen, about to touch his face.


Mu Sichen: “……”


Don’t look at this octopus with its big and cute eyes, but its gaze was very serious and focused on Mu Sichen.


This sense of sight was exactly the same as Qin Zu’s.



Seeing that the tentacle was about to stick to his face, Mu Sichen decisively let go of his hand so that his right eye could see, and immediately the image in front of him disappeared.



He raised his finger and pointed at Yao Wangping, puzzled: “Qin Zu …… is on your left shoulder?”


Yao Wangping immediately raised his hand to press his left shoulder and looked at Mu Sichen with a cold face and said, “It seems that you not only know our Admiral Qin’s name, but you are also clear that I have his totem tattoo on my body.
What kind of person are you?”


Admiral Qin! Hearing this name, a hint of emotion rose up in Mushen’s heart.


It was Admiral Qin, a normal human position title, not some great being, pupil of the sky, guardian god or other words.



After crossing to this other world for just five hours, Mu Sichen had been listening to those poetic recitation of preaching words, and then heard such normal words, it felt like a different world!


Mu Sichen raised his hand and said frankly: “I am just a person who is struggling to survive under the rule of the big eye.”



“I have heard the broadcast about Qin Zu, I don’t want to go crazy or become a monster with eyes all over my body, I want to live normally.”


“I have a little special power to be able to see a person’s mental state.
When I saw you in the square before, I felt that you were a trustworthy person and have been following you here.”



Except for concealing the matter about the game system, he didn’t lie.


“Big-eye?” Yao Wangping asked rhetorically.


Mu Sichen pointed to the sky: “It’s Him, the one that the whole Tongzhi Town has been proclaiming.”


“That’s a good nickname for you, isn’t He just a big-eye?”



The corners of Yao Wangping’s mouth hooked up, revealing a standard robot-like smile, but the smile did not reach the bottom of his eyes.


Except vigilance and murderousness, Mu Sichen didn’t feel any human emotions in Yao Wangping.



Yao Wangping took two steps closer and saw that Mu Sichen’s badge said “family” and nodded, “It doesn’t look like a lie, if you are a believer of Big Eye, you won’t be a family member or a patient.”



He quickly followed Mu Sichen and called him “Big Eye”.


Mu Sichen said, “When I entered, the gatekeeper said I was a ‘volunteer’ but my badge said ‘family’.”


“Only big eye devotees will be volunteers; townspeople and heretics with their own ideas will only be classified as ‘family’ and ‘patients’.” Yao Wangping replied.


These words made Mu Sichen take a step backward, looking at the “doctor” on Yao Wangping’s chest, his scalp tingled.



Yao Wangping noticed his line of sight, reached out to support the chest plate, and said lightly: “Volunteers, family members, patients, these three are automatically assigned after entering the sanatorium, people can find a way to become medical staffs.”


“What do I have to do to become a medical staff?” Mu Sichen knew that in the sanatorium, the medical staff had the highest status and the most power.


“I don’t trust you,” Yao Wangping said dryly, “unless you gain my trust, I won’t work with you.”



“How can I gain your trust?” Mu Sichen asked.


Yao Wangping said, “Words and emotions can be faked, but only a common faith will not.
With a tattoo representing Admiral Qin’s totem, we are on the same side.”


His proposal made Mu Sichen temporarily fall into silence.



Yao Wangping was smart, he first acted as if he believed Mu Sichen for the time being, leaked some information about the sanatorium, and told him that he knew how to change his identity.


He gave him hope but refused to give out information, demanding that Mu Sichen must join his side’s camp for further communication.


He understood Yao Wangping’s approach; in a world like this, not trusting anyone easily was the most basic principle.



But this principle also applied to Mu Sichen.


He also didn’t trust Yao Wangping and Qin Zu, and didn’t know whether he should easily tattoo Qin Zu’s totem.



Mu Sichen did a quick calculation in his mind, listing the advantages and disadvantages of cooperation and non-cooperation respectively.


Not cooperating, he was inching forward, his skills were weak, the blue bar (energy) was insufficient, he would soon become a medicine for Shen Jiyue, his body would be full of blistered eyes, and he’d become an ugly madman.


Cooperate, become a person in Qin Zu’s camp, cooperate with Yao Wangping, understand the rules of the sanatorium and seek a way out.


Once this account was calculated, there seemed to be nothing to refuse.


If he didn’t cooperate, he would probably end up becoming a follower of Big Eye and “happily” stay in Tongzhi town forever.



After cooperation, he would probably become a follower of Qin Zu, relatively sober and sensible to live.
Look at Yao Wangping, how smart he was, he knew how to bully and entice.



The answer was obvious, anyway, even if he was marked by Qin Zu, there seemed to be little way back.


Mu Sichen nodded: “I promise.”


“Good, close your eyes, take two steps back and stand by the wall, exposing your left shoulder.” Yao Wangping said.


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