Mu Sichen received an email.


——Dear player, your honest and outstanding performance has stood out in the construction of the town.
My Ideal Town sincerely invites you to participate in the game’s internal test.
If you are willing to help us build the best town, please fill in your personal information, mailing address and contact information at the link below the email.


Mu Sichen, a sophomore this year, had just turned 20.
On the premise of not affecting his study, he would do some part-time job of game practice to earn some living expenses.



A few days ago he found “my ideal town”, the game wasn’t yet on the market, seeing that the official website was recruiting internal test players, he took a test with a small game scene, his test results were good, soon he received the internal test invitation email.


The game now required real names, and Mu Sichen didn’t think much of it, so he filled in the relevant information in the link.


After submitting his information, he browsed the game’s official website to see the game’s introduction.


The official claim was that this game adopted the new VR technology, which really reached the holographic standard and would change the whole era.


[TN: VR — Virtual Reality.]


Mu Sichen didn’t believe it.


Nowadays, VR games were prevalent, and VR glasses brought a realistic sense of game experience, and Mu Sichen played many of these games.
But the more he understood, the more he knew how difficult it was to overcome the technology of brain-machine interface, holographic games were not possible in the foreseeable future.


The official website of this game was grey, the test game scene looked cheap, the official poster wasn’t a picture of a warm town, but a seemingly apocalyptic ruin.



However, by participating in the internal test, he could get more invitation codes.
After the game was officially launched, both invitation codes and accounts could be sold for money.
Mu Sichen wouldn’t miss this internal test opportunity.



He was studying the game introduction when his phone rang.


When he picked up the phone, it was the courier boy who asked Mu Sichen to go to the doorman to pick up the courier, saying that it was a big package and needed to be handed over in person.


When Mu Sichen arrived at the gate, he found that the express delivery wasn’t so big, and the outer package looked like a single bed.


“When did I buy such a big package?” Mu Sichen looked at the express bill in doubt, and saw that the sender was actually the sales department of My Ideal Town, and the game’s name was written on the game cabin.


It took him less than two hours to fill in his address, but such a large game pod was delivered, Mu Sichen suddenly had confidence in the holographic online game advertised by the game.


In front of the gate keeper, Mu Sichen repeatedly assured that he had bought neither a treadmill nor a sofa, nor a massage chair.
After making sure that it wouldn’t affect the management of the school dormitory, Mu Sichen carried the express box back to the dormitory.


Fortunately, it was the National Day holiday, and all his roommates were away.
Only Mu Sichen stayed in the dormitory.
There was enough space on the floor for the game room.


To his surprise, although the box was large, it was light, as if it was filled with foam.
Mu Sichen suspected that the so-called game cabin was a plastic shell.


However, when he opened the package, the silvery gray game pod with metallic texture inside was very impressive.


He didn’t know what kind of black technology was used to make such a beautiful, sturdy and light game pod.


With such an advanced game, after the game was officially launched, the internal test account and the game’s accessories would definitely sell for a sky-high price.


The more he thought about it, the more excited he was, so he quickly followed the instructions to install the game pod and laid in it.


He was 180cm tall, but the space inside the game pod was exactly the same as his figure, not too big or too small.


Mu Sichen closed the door, wore the VR glasses inside the game pod, and couldn’t wait to click to start the game.


The moment the game pod started up, Mu Sichen felt a whirlwind in front of his eyes and his brain went blank, as if he had lost control of his body.


But he didn’t panic, as it was mentioned in the manual of the game pod that this was a normal reaction of the brain-computer connection, which wouldn’t exceed one second.


He closed his eyes instinctively and waited for the dizziness to end before slowly opening his eyes.


When he opened his eyes, he was shocked.


He was no longer in the dormitory, but in a single apartment of about 20 square meters, the curtains were drawn, the interior lights weren’t on, only the four walls emitted a faint white light, providing a little light in the gloomy environment.


Mu Sichen couldn’t care less about the somewhat gloomy environment, this experience was too amazing, he only cared to marvel at the authenticity of the game.



He tried running, jumping, kicking and other actions, and found that the control of his body was exactly the same as in normal times, as if he was really using his body do actions, pinching his face still caused pain.



If not for the light screen of the game system popping up in front of him, confirming that he was in the game, Mu Sichen almost thought that he had really transmigrated.


The system light screen was floating in the air, like a virtual video screen, and at the top was a countdown.


[Newbie protection period: 00:09:27.]

It looked like the newbie would have a 10-minute protection period, and he had already wasted more than 30 seconds.


Mu Sichen had a lot of experience in the game, and he knew that in this new game, some special treatment for new players was important and couldn’t be wasted easily.


He immediately stopped his gymnastic-like stretching and kicking movements and concentrated on the prompt on the system light screen.


[The initial tools are important tools and weapons that determine the player’s preference of attributes, so please choose them carefully.
Scythe/Sledgehammer/Rope/Six-shot G-un/Cross Demolition Machine/Folding Shovel/Trolley ……]



There were quite a lot of initial tools to choose from, except for the weird gu-n, the rest were like farming tools.



Mu Sichen guessed that the initial props should be related to the player’s initial attributes.
Choosing scythe should favor attack power, rope was control power, gu-n was speed ……


He needed to choose the right initial props, but also needed to combine the game’s own characteristics.


The problem was that Mu Sichen hadn’t been able to figure out what type of game “My Ideal Town” actually was.



The test mini-game he participated in the internal test was somewhat similar to “Plants vs Zombies”, but the two sides were reversed, in which he manipulated a small cluster of grass to turn the zombies guarding the house into fertilizer, the more fertilizer, the larger the lawn area, and eventually he shoveled the zombies to take back the house.


After retrieving the house, he had to collect materials and gain physical strength to clean and trim the lawn he planted before, rebuild the house and plant flowers and fields.


The first half of the game was like a strategy puzzle game, and the second half was like an infrastructure farming game.



The fact that this kind of mini-game was used as the selection criteria for internal test players meant that there were similarities between the test mini-game and the official game.



But this similarity seemed to be too small.
Mu Sichen looked at the realistic furniture around and thought back to the puzzle game during the test, only to feel that it was very different.

But there was always a reference value.


Mu Sichen guessed that the official game should follow the strategic duel mode of territory fighting and the infrastructure defense mode of consolidating the territory, in short, fighting and defending the world.


In this way, the advantages and disadvantages of each initial tool would be clear at a glance.


The advantage of a weapon like a g-un was that it was strong and fast in the early stages of the battle, but it could only k-ill a limited number of enemies and was obviously not useful in the later stages of the infrastructure mode.
The sledgehammer was also on the attack rather than construction, the scythe was more light and balanced, but in the infrastructure layer, it could only play a very small role.
The cart was useless in the initial battle.



The demolisher was a steel tool used for quarrying, paving, and mining.
The demolisher was sharp on one side and flat on the other side, and the sharp part could be used for attacking, while the flat part was suitable for planing.
The folding shovel was also a similar tool, but the folding shovel was lighter and less powerful than the cross demolition, but the advantage was that it was easy to carry.


Faced with a new game, Mu Sichen was a bit conservative in his choice and chose the Demolition machine.



After making his choice, Mu Sichen saw a Demolition machine in the corner of the room, standing quietly against the wall, as if it had been in the room from the beginning.



Mu Sichen felt that the room was a bit cold, and a cold air was slowly eroding his limbs.


This game was really dark, and it always gave him an ominous feeling.



The demolition machine was placed by the window, and Mu Sichen could vaguely see the faint light coming from behind the curtain, so it looked like the outside was bright and the interior was so dark because the curtain was too dark.



Mu Sichen’s hand moved to the curtain, he wanted to pull open the curtain to see the world outside the window.


This time the light screen flashed a touch of red, novice protection period countdown showed only 3 minutes left, the system light screen issued a warning red light.


Mu Sichen pressed down the thought of opening the curtain, returned to the light screen and checked the next system introduction.


After selecting his initial tool, his personal attribute values appeared in front of him.



As expected, the upper limit of physical strength and defense value was higher than speed and attack strength, and a new skill had been added.



[Congratulations to the player for obtaining the initial tool [Cross Demolition] and gaining the skill [Digging].


Seeing this skill name, Mu Sichen felt that the game mode and skill description of “My Ideal Town” were a bit too grounded compared to the high-end luxury game cabin, and he didn’t know if it would be upgraded in the future.


[As the name implies, digging up the lower part of the wall to destroy the whole wall.
In modern society, there is also the meaning of digging out the competitor’s related personnel and technology.]


At present, [Digging] only had a simple digging function, and the skill level was Level 1.
However, Mu Sichen analyzed that after the skill upgrade in the future, it may evolve to the ability to capture the other side’s pawns or skills.




The white light on the wall was getting fainter and fainter, and Mu Sichen quickly clicked on the system panel to quickly understand the game content.


The next system panel didn’t let Mu Sichen choose props or identity, nor did it let him modify his character’s appearance, but explained the initial task of the game and released a game map.


The initial task was to find the “pillar” in the current town and find a way to build the first safe house to protect the player’s life.


Seeing this, Mu Sichen vaguely felt something wrong, why did the game mention life safety? The reminder should also be to prevent addiction and make sure people go offline in time, so as to prevent players from being addicted to games and harming their health.


He didn’t have time to think about this matter, when the countdown was only 1 minute left, ta map appeared on he light screen switch boundary.



Mu Sichen felt that this map was very important and looked at it with care.
He found that this wasn’t a small town map, but a large area of the map, there were many small towns on the map, most of the small town icons were gray.
Only one of the largest towns had a bright town icon.



Mu Sichen didn’t have time to remember everything on the map, the countdown was only 10 seconds left.


He took time to record, and the white light on the wall flashed.



At the last second, Mu Sichen finally wrote down all the maps, reached out and touched the light screen, clicked the next page, and the “Exit Game” button at the lower right corner of the light screen flashed.


Mu Sichen had just relaxed, then the countdown went to zero.
The “Exit Game” button disappeared from the light screen, and the white light on the surrounding walls disappeared.



The whole house was dark, and only the faint light of the game light screen was left, which could only illuminate his face.


The game screen was only able to illuminate his face.
Mu Sichen inexplicably felt as if there were countless eyes in the darkness, quietly peering at him.


He clicked on the bottom right corner of the light screen, but the “quit game” button didn’t appear.

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