My disciples are all players

Chapter 2: 88 players

Cangxuan Continent.

There were tens of thousands of races and hundreds of roaming demons here. Every now and then, the aliens would invade. There were also countless heavenly artifacts and mortal treasures scattered everywhere.

Anyone could continuously grow stronger through cultivation, to the extent that they could move mountains and fill seas. They could even become omnipotent!

In the Northern Spirit Realm, the most desolate wasteland in the continent, two figures, one old and one young, stood facing the other in the Great Hall of the sect.

”He Yiming, are you sure this is where you want to establish your sect?

”This sect was annihilated a hundred years ago! Its also known as the ”Realm of Extreme Desolation ” due to its inhospitable nature. Human cultivators have deserted this place for over a hundred years, ” the elderly man said.

”Yes, Im very certain! ” The youth, He Yiming, nodded, his eyes firm.

”Thats good. Henceforth, this is your sect! Now put the first rank sect seal into your lood essence and imprint it in the Great Hall of the sect. Your registration will then be complete, ” the Old man, Wang Ping, reminded him.

The first rank was the lowest. Next was the second rank, up to the sixth rank. Above the sixth rank came the legendary Sacred Land!

The Northern Spirit Realm only had one Sacred Land, which was also the most powerful faction in the realm.

With the first rank sect seal in his possession, one could search for a prosperous land, set up a sect, and establish a first rank sect. It was akin to obtaining the approval of the whole of the Northern Spirit Realm.

On the other hand, if a person set up a sect without approval-unless the person had heaven-defying strength-the sect would be surrounded and be mercilessly annihilated by all other sects!

He Yiming nodded and retrieved the golden first rank sect seal. He dropped his lood essence on it and imprinted it onto the formation in the Great Hall of the sect.

As the light spread and suffused, the registration ceremony was completed.

This meant that He Yiming had now become the official incumbent Master of this sect.

”Yan Huang Sect! ”

He Yiming imprinted the name he had

long thought of onto the formation.

Simultaneously, the words ”Yan Huang

Sect ” slowly appeared on the stone

tablet outside the newly established sect.

”Congratulations, Sect Master of the Yan Huang Sect, He Yiming! After a month, this old man will pick you up for the first round of the academys examination! ” Wang Ping, reminded him once again.

The old man was a notary of Haotian Academy. His mission was to take charge of the assessment and supervision.

Nonetheless, He Yiming was one of the first graduates of Haotian Academy.

Haotian Academy mainly instructed in all kinds of cultivation disciplines and theories, including studies on sect management. At the same time, it also trained and taught successors and outstanding talents from all major powers!

His reputation in the Northern Spirit Realm was zilch. No one really knew of him or even had heard of him.

Just like He Yiming, the top ten graduates of Haotian Academy had all obtained the grand seal of a first rank sect bestowed by Haotian Academy and were granted the qualification to establish a sect.

He Yiming and the others then had to undergo a year of examinations. Only by passing through the rounds of examinations and tests would they be qualified to become the leader of the sect.

If they failed the assessment, then they were naturally denied the sect seal and would lose their identity as sect masters.

He Yiming suddenly smiled as he watched Wang Ping leave.

After four years, a familiar sound finally sounded in his mind!


[Host has met the activation conditions by becoming a Sect Master!

[The Strongest Sect System is now activated!)

”Finally… ” He Yiming almost shed tears hearing the voice.

He Yiming wasn native to this world. He was a transmigrator.

About four years ago, He Yiming had traveled to this world of cultivation.

He Yiming had awakened the system on the very first day of his journey, but the catch was that he needed to become a sect master to activate the system.

In this world of cultivation, acquiring the qualifications to become a sect master wasn an easy task.

One either had to have heaven-defying strength or he must come from a powerful background.

Unfortunately, He Yiming didn have both.

That was why He Yiming had fixated on a third path, which was entering the most powerful academy in the Northern Spirit Realm, Haotian Taoism Academy.

He Yiming had spent a total of four years in the academy and learned how to be an overlord. After all these years of hardships, he finally graduated and had obtained the qualifications to establish a sect.

”Let me see how strong the ”Strongest Sect System ” is… ” He Yiming closed his eyes and began listening.

In his head, the systems notifications continued to chime incessantly.

[Binding to the host…]

[System binding the sect…]


[Activation successful!)


[Successfully bound the Yan Huang


[Activating sign-in system!]

[Activating mission system!

[Releasing a sect mission!)

[Time limit for recruiting fifty disciples: 3 days]

[Duration of mission completion will affect the mission evaluation. The higher the evaluation, the richer the reward.]

After listening carefully, He Yiming began to contemplate the given mission.

He Yiming could upgrade the ”Strongest Sect System ” as he continued to develop his sect, thus increasing the latters strength! Along with it, he could also unlock more of the systems functions and get stronger through it.

But for now, everything else took little priority than signing in and collecting the day-1 sign-in reward.

This was the reason why He Yiming chose to establish his sect in this god forsaken place, where no one dwelled in a radius of a thousand miles!

He wanted to locate a place with a sparse populace, keep a low profile, and peacefully develop his sect. He would sign-in every day and receive rewards. Wasn he smart?

What was the most dangerous aspect of the cultivation world?

It wasn the presence of the ferocious demonic beasts-not to mention the dangerous environment-but the human heart how could he yiming not understand this?


[Sign-in successful!)

[Sing-in reward: Disciple Recruitment



[Failed to detect anyone in a thousand miles.)

[Disciple Recruitment System has been upgraded into Multi-dimensional Disciple Recruitment System!

[With the aid of the Disciple Recruitment System, the host can summon living people from his home world. Their souls can pass through realms. The host can recreate the body of the summoned, establish a contract with them, and accept them as the sects disciple]

He Yiming was startled by the systems revelation.


The system upgraded? Can summon living souls from my home world?

He Yiming had to think about it a bit before coming to an understanding.

The ”Multi-dimensional Disciple Recruitment System ” is equivalent to a login device!

After receiving the VR helmet sent by the system, the friends from his home planet could log in and travel to this world with their souls and enter the new body created by the system.

For these companions from his home planet, He Yimings cultivation world was like an online game!

The companions would be the fourth calamity…[mfn] They are called so because players are said to bring disaster to the game[/mfn] players!

even if they die, they wouldn truly die their souls would return to the system and not go to heaven or the underworld.

”Fourth calamity… thats great! ” He Yiming was delighted.

It was only the first day of his system sign-in and he was already given such an awesome function.

Not only could the players fool around casually, but he could also summon them and scam them into signing a super unequal contract!

Henceforth, he could seize control of the players fates (their life and death) with but a single thought. He didn need to worry about them betraying. They were simply the best tools… ahem, they were the best disciples.

”System, start summoning! ”

The summoning process began.

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